aid InoRyder.




“How could a mere hitman from the central make that shot?”




 And then Agatha chimes in.




“Then it must be Fox who did it.” she interrupted.




This brought an ugly mood.




You bitch, even bullshit has some limits.”




 InoRyder stands up with an aggressive growl.




“I was just speaking for what everyone thinks.
There's no need to be offended.”




“Stop it, Agatha.”




Dominic corrects her, and Agatha steps back and clacks her shoes.




“You shouldn't have said that to the soldiers who gave their lives on the front lines without any proof.
Let me apologize on her behalf.”





 Abigail was amused by Dominic's surprisingly honest apology.




“You're more of a talker than I thought, Commander.”




Concrete evidence is important for everything.
You're a scientist so you should  know that, right?……hm?”




For a moment, she didn't miss the wicked shadow on Dominic's face.





An unspeakable unease stirred in the depths of Abigail's chest.




(What is it?)





 But she could not see through it.




The captain's interrogation continued.





 Eventually, Natsuki and Vani and the others, who had been waiting in the camper outside, heard something unusual and came into the Valhalla.





“Abby, what's going on?”




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“InoRyder, you're late.
Where's Caramel macchiato?”




Thus, Abigail's table is now crowded with more allies, but the uneasiness she felt earlier does not disappear, but only grows and grows.



Dominic's easygoing attitude was eerie.



“–By the way, Captain, did you find any unusual blade in Wake's belongings?”







 Mclaren's face turned curious at Abigail's question.



A strange-shaped black blade.
He said it was stuck in Nigel's chest.”





“The remains were taken away by the Military Police, but ……
the black blade that stabbed Nigel?”



 Mclaren could not hide his surprise.
Eugene, who had been silently taking his notes with his mind, opened his narrow eyes and said.
“Oh, t-“





“According to the report, Nigel was last seen fighting a black-armored knight, and there was evidence of a fight.
I'm guessing this is the knife the alien used in that encounter.”




 Dominic interrupted.




 At that moment, a light flashed in Abigail's eyes.




“I never said it was a knife.”








She continues, carefully studying Dominic's face.




“It's a weird shaped black blade.
I didn't recognize it as a knife.
It could have been a sword, an axe, or part of a spear, but how could you tell it was a knife?”




“If it was a blade that the Second Lieutenant could have been carrying secretly, it would not be a sword, an axe, or a spear, it would be a knife because of its size.
It's a simple deduction.”





“Yes, it is.
A knife would be the obvious choice.
Then again, let me check it out more closely.
Especially if it's alien equipment.
I've been analyzing enemy equipment, you know.
As a member of 88 researcher team, I'd like to take a closer look at that knife.
If you give it to me, I'm sure I can make a contribution to the 88.”




 At that moment, Dominic raised the volume of his voice as if he was waiting for it.



“–Oh, yes.
It's time for you to contribute to the 88.
Because you're an important witness.”




 The tone of the statement set off a flutter of alarm in Abigail's chest.




“Abigail, actually, the military decided earlier this morning to raise the level of your protection program.
From now on, we, the alphas, will be responsible for protecting you directly.”





“We still don't even know who the attackers were the other day, and we're definitely not going to let them get away with it.
I am much safer with InoRyder and the others.”




 Abigail immediately refused.




That would be a sign that you don't trust the 88, though, wouldn't it?”




“Yes, I don't trust them.
I don't know what they would do to me if I were locked up, I don't trust an organization that would mistreat a journalist.”






 Eugene nodded his head in agreement.




 Dominic looked at the two of them and chuckled, “I see.”




“Then I'll have to rephrase it ……– hey!!”



 He raised one hand and shouted out, and a large group of soldiers broke into Valhalla.
All of them with guns in their hands.




“Arrest this woman!”


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“Hey, hey! What's going on!?”




Suddenly, InoRyder and Vani stood up.





 Before they have time to respond, the soldiers rush straight to the table and surround them.




 Agatha, too, had a look of confusion on her face and was unable to move from her spot.
She, too, did not seem to have been told of this development beforehand.





“If you detain me in front of journalists without any evidence, the central human rights committee will not remain silent.
I still have connections over there, too.”





 At Abigail's threat, Dominic calmly rummaged in his pocket.





“–I have it, I do have a proof, Abigail.”




“There is ……
you say?”




“We have reasonable grounds to arrest you–“




 Dominic pulled out a terminal and held its screen up to Abigail and said.




“This is what we referring to as 'Concrete evidence'.”






 An image appeared on the screen.









She did the miraculous feat of suppressing her heart, which was about to jump out of her chest, by sheer force of will.




 Abigail tried to remain calm.




 Everyone eyes in the room were glued to the display.




 It began with an image of several men hurriedly rushing to the scene with guns out.
What was shown on the screen was probably the video of a surveillance camera installed inside some facility.
There was no audio.





 The men backed away with their guns pointed at the door.





 Immediately after, the door was blown open.




A gaping hole of blackness filled the broken door.




 Then a huge man wearing a paper bag and an apron slid in from the other side.







 InoRyder blurted out.




 In the video, the men were slaughtered by the Butcher one after another.




 Eventually, the monster disappeared into the back of the facility.




“This is footage from a few minutes before this incident.”





 The camera footage from the same facility was played.




It showed a blonde woman disguised as a man being invited into the facility.

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