Chapter 214 Fort 89

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◇◆◇ (Abigail's point of view)




The place is excellent, whatever of taste, service, and price.



And when all the waitresses are dressed in revealing outfits, there is virtually no way to stop their growing popularity.



Usually, Valhalla is packed with rugged soldiers during lunchtime, but after midday, the crowds subside and the place is transformed into a casual café.




In the corner of the room, Abigail and Eugene are whispering to each other.
Several papers and magazines are spread out on the table.
They are articles from the past that Abigail asked him to fetch for her.



“I have no idea how these things remain……..”



She rests her cheeks on her hand and flips through the magazine, bemused.



“Surprisingly, information lasts longer on paper than digital.
With digital, the storage life is ten years at best.
Because of that, you have to make a copy multiple times, it can be wiped out by electromagnetic or pressing the wrong button, and anyone can tamper with it.
On the other hand, paper can last for a thousand years as long as you store it well.
For important information, paper is the best option.”



“I guess you can't underestimate the library.”




“That's right, Big-sis.
Paper and pen is the wisdom of mankind.”




Not even glancing at Eugene, Abigail continued to look down at the scattered pre-Fort 89 defense articles.




These were things she had Eugene gather for her in exchange for letting him interview her about the recent attack.





 The articles he had gathered were mainly rumors tabloids about 89 and 88, but there was more coverage there than Abigail had expected.







(I guess this can't be helped…)



The scope of the scoop is growing to the way how Penrose controls 88.
No way that this is legit, there's no way that this information could have appeared in a general magazine.
I already knew this, but still…




“And by the way, Eugene.
How many papers do you have on hand? This is quite a feat.”



 Abigail looked up and said admiringly.



To make an appointment last night and come out with this much today, it's not just about how quick he is.
It means that he is regularly updating and maintaining his collection.



“Well, it's our way to make a living so….
If you want to know about 89, you should have said so from the beginning.
Then I wouldn't have to hurt my back to carry all these here.”




Eugene's face scrunched up as he pressed his back.




“What do you mean?”



“I used to be a reporter at 89 before the defense battle, and I moved here when it happened.”




“……Eh, really?”




Abigail is surprised.





So, just tell me what you want to know, and I can search it directly from my personal database 'here'.
Free of charge.”




Eugene tapped his temple with his finger.

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–But this is still going to cost a fortune.



Asking a question is, in and of itself, informative.
Asking Eugene was equivalent to giving him the perfect information to speculate on Abigail's objectives.




then ……”




With that said, it was a risky move.
Abigail, knowing the risks, decided to use the biological database that was smiling excitedly in front of her.




She asked him if he knew of any major events that might indicate the relationship between 89 and 88 at that time.



“Hmm, 89 and 88.”



 Eugene leaned forward as his voice trailed off.




at that time, it is said that 89 was like a front-line branch of 88.”




With that, Eugene began a story that really piqued Abigail's interest.




At that time, it seems that 88 and 89 had a closer relationship than Abigail had expected.



Beginning with collaborative research on weaponry, there was a lot of exchange programs, including engineer secondments.
Visits from 88 were frequent.
It is said that there was also many military personnel getting transferred at times.



There was a very famous incident where a powerful team sent from 88 destroyed the enemy's air defense equipment and pushed back the front line when 89 was invaded by aliens before it fell.




“The members of that team were amazing, All of them are very famous, starting with Eriksen the , who still serves as one of the 88 captains, and other famous names of the 88.”




“I know that.
InoRyder told me about it.”




“Oh, yeah.
I heard that mad dog InoRyder was acting like Nigel's dog when they working together, she was called  (Grave Dog) for the  (Gloden grim)”




“Oh, really? I never heard that.”




“She changed the name herself.
She said that if she wasn't accompanied by the Grim Reaper, She'd be just a mad dog.
Probably some kind of self-mockery.”







Abigail recalled her tears on the night of their first skin-to-skin encounter.





“Do you know Nigel?”




I don't know her directly.
What a pity.
She was a great person that I still hear her name mentioned from time to time when I interview people, moreover, I think we could get along.




 Eugene sighed.




“You don't seem like the kind of guy she wants to talk to.”



It is hard to believe that Gevaudan and Eugene would ever get along.



“Oh, you sound like you know Nigel…”





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Abigail accidentally slipped up and bit her lip.
The man in front of her is even more obtrusive than she thought.





“Well, whatever.
I heard that the golden goddess of death Nigel had some unusual hobbies.
She was famous for catching weird insects from alien worlds every time she came back from the frontline, decorating her room with them, or hunting down weird magical beasts or UMAs and cooking them.
Nigel must really love UMAs stuff.”




“–Eugene, are you 89 native?”




 At her question, Eugene shook his head.




“I'm from the countryside.
I came to 89 because I wanted to.”




“All the way to the front lines?”




I'm telling this to you because you're Big-sis, not anyone else……….”



Abigail gave Eugene a suspicious look.




“89 is ……
a treasure trove of UMAs!”




He smiled brightly.




 Abigail realized that Eugene's love of the occult was real.




“They sometimes appear outside the city, and even inside the city.
Even an ordinary person like me can directly see a UMA in a flesh, which is -“




“A magical beast in the city?”




Abigail asked with a doubtful expression.





“Oh.  It's because it's close to alien territory or something like that.
It's not that dangerous, mostly it's something like a Tsuchinoko.
Well, I heard that dangerous magical beasts do appear from time to time.
But the interesting thing is…”




 After making a pause, Eugene said with a pompous smile.



“There was a rumor that the magical beast of 89 would drop a mysterious ring when it was defeated, which tickled the hearts of many enthusiasts………….
And here.”



Eugene showed Abigail the ring-shaped object he secretly pulled out of his pocket.
It looks like a strange man-made object.



“–And this is the stuff.
My trophy.
The rumor is true.”



“I've never heard of such a thing.”




 The central FORCOM had not received such information.
Even AASPINT, who had an ear for any trivial rumor, should not overlook such an unusual event from 89.




When Abigail reached for the ring Eugene held, he quickly withdrew his hand and tucked it into his pocket.








“You have no idea how hard I worked to obtain this …….”




 Snorting with pride, he continues.



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“It was just a rumor among occult enthusiasts.
And they don't appear very often, I only saw them once or twice.
It is also important to note that there are many humanoid UMAs around 89, such as Mothman, Skinwalker, Grays, and so on.
People get creeped out by those humanoids, and that's why they get more attention.”




“Humanoid …….”




 Abigail pondered.



“Next, I don't know if this is really an 89-specific topic but do you know Diabolical from November? I believe he came to 89 and spent a couple of years working there.”








“No, the old man, he and Yasmin used to work together at 89 all the time.
Even back then, he was a famous weapons engineer.
He was all over the headlines – look, this page.”



 Eugene turned to a page with a picture of Benedict walking alongside Yasmin.



“Even Yasmin.”




“Surprisingly unknown to 88, Yasmin was an outsider(Alien) research advisor at 89.
89 also funded the development of the successor to the heavy mechanized infantry and other projects.”








“Benedict on the other hand is famous for the slow tortoise, yellow crab, Berserker, and the Orison, a self-propelled artillery gun.
All of 89's firearms are based on Benedictine designs.”




(88 was deeply involved in 89's management…….)




Abigail groaned in her chest.




Any other rumors that stand out to you?”





“And ……
oh, I heard that Rutherford, who is the talk of the town right now was originally from 89—- here.”




 The article Eugene showed was headlined “Perfect Heart Transplant Success in 89.”



According to the article, Rutherford, a young boy at the time, suffered from serious heart disease and was expected to only have a few days to live, but Yasmin was able to grow and transplant a synthetic heart at 89.



“Heh, grow a synthetic heart ……and surgery …….”



 Abigail was told that Yasmin specializes in biology and robotics.
Nevertheless, she found Yasmin's expertise to be quite versatile, especially considering that she could even perform surgical procedures.




“That is a miracle, and also big news.
I was told that this was possible because of a major investment in 89's medical system, which was still in its early stages thanks to the Lieutenant General's decision.
Rutherford was so indebted to it that he volunteered to join 88 himself, and there he is today, acting like this.”




“So he feels indebted to the lieutenant general, but he's also criticizing the system.”




“I wonder about that.
I don't know if it's because of the admiration or gratitude he feels for him ……
by the way.”




 Eugene's narrow eyes narrow even more and he pulls his face closer.



“Big-sis, why do you want to know about 89? I want some to know it too~!”



Abigail tapped the table her thump as Eugene begs.



“—-Are you willing to put your life on the line?”




“Oh……bad omen go away, bad omen go away.”(Kuwabara kuwabara)[1]

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 His shoulders deliberately, but his eyes still glowed with curiosity.




“Well, I'm a hardcore rumor enthusiast myself.
Since I've cooperated with you, can I ask you a few questions? I'll cover my ears if it sounds bad.”







 Abigail hesitated.



Should I use Eugene or not?




“-do you want a golden egg?”




“I want, I want!”




“Actually, we're going to meet Garnier.”




“Garnier, you mean the former Fox captain?”




We're going to talk to him, and you're going to interview him.




“Big-sis, don't you know?”




Eugene said with a perplexed look on his face.




“Yeah? about what?”




 Abigail asked back, and Eugene scratched the back of his head.




“Gilles Garnier.
He appeared on the official gazette recently…….”








“He passed away.”








 Abigail couldn't believe her ears.




“He died in prison, a few days ago.
The day big-sis  and the others were attacked.”




I could hear the sound of the last remaining thin thread that led back to the past snapped.




 I still clearly remember Garnier's face at that moment.
He was in perfect health and did not look sick at all.
He was in solitary confinement so there was no way he had been killed by an accident.




Sudden cardiac death or….




“…..Impossible!!! this is too fast!!!”




 Abigail pounded the table with her fist.

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