ck in a straight line to her collarbone, chest, belly, and navel, staining the dragoness's body.









 After several minutes of bukkake were over, I let go, Arshella opened her mouth and let out a heated breath.
Her beautiful face was stained white and glossy.




『Your first bukkake of the day, how's it?』




Arshella looks down in stunned, disbelief at her filthy naked body.




『My head ……
is spining……』




  She looked up at me – my hard son – with unfocused eyes.




『Well then, let's play a knight in distress.』




 I snapped my fingers.




 Immediately, Arshella's arms pulled up.



『Ah? when did you do that!??』




 While she was being sprayed, Arshella's hands were tied by Diamond.
I'm sorry for all this, Diamond.




『Arshella is so ugly right now.』








The dragon girl frustratedly barred her fangs.
Her face is covered in cum.
Her hands are hung up to the air, her tits and belly button are sticky with the butcher sperm.




 As she is unable to move, I walk up to her.



The proud Exmut is just another woman when it comes to this, huh.』




『Ugh ……




Arshella wriggles weakly, falling on her ass on the wooden floor.
The spider threads are stretchy, so it's not really a very strong restraint for her, but she knows her role.
Arshella was now a captive knight.




 I leaned over her body and opened her legs.
She is very wet, even though we didn't do much foreplay. 




『You've been gang-raped all night by dozen of men, and you're still going strong, as expected of a dragon.』




『T-That much.』




I saw Arshella's face twisted at the setting I described.
I think I hit the point.




『I've driven more than a hundred women crazy, and I'm going to destroy your sense of pride with this.』




With a jerk, I show off my butcher lance.



『Ku…Kill me! Butcher! I'd rather die than be defiled by such a filthy thing!』

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 Oh, you're learning.




Quit a performer I would say, but her face is contorted with pleasure at the thought of what is about to happen to her.
She doesn't even try to close her legs.
If I were a porn director, I would have to cut the scene right now.
I have to teach her how to act later.





 —- Hmm?




Suddenly, I felt a strange smell that woke me from my thought.




eh, what? You're going to stop here? Isn't that too cruel?』




 A sad-looking dragon lady.
But it's not the time.




The smell of blood and the distinctive smell of animals.
Also, the sound of footsteps coming from the ground is very clear and numerous.




『–Is it…magical beast?』








『Tiriel, can you look out of the window?』




At my request, Tiriel put down her cup and rushed to the window.




ah, there are quite a few.
What is that? I'm not sure what it is, but it looks like a human with moth wings.
Is there a magical beast like this?』




『Moth-like? I don't recognize it.
Did it come from the sky?』




『Hey, Gevaudan.
Stop, Get off me.
Get me out of these restraints.』








–I hate interruptions, I don't want to stop.




 I hate it so much.




 It's like the phone rings just before penetration, anyone would throw the phone away if their boss called or something.  I am left in such a state of helplessness, it is dangerous for Arshella and Tiriel if I just continue like this.




So I decided—-.




“—? Gevaudan?”




 I leaned over Arshella and dug my fingernails into my own belly.




『Wha-! what are you- ooooooooooh!?』




 Splash!! Butcher's blood splattered onto Arshella's body and face.




As I dug my fingers into my stomach, feeling that this should be enough.
I grab my flesh and pull it out.
Ow, that hurt.




 The spray of blood that splattered out turned Arshella's whole body even redder.
She was covered in blood and stared dumbfounded at my own gut that I had gouged out.




『Arshella, what's wrong ……!? Wait, Gevaudan!?』




Tiriel turned around and saw this strange scene.





 I gesture for her to step aside.




She moved out of the way, bewildered.




Then I tossed my belly meat out the window, where it could see it.




With a cracking sound, the window shattered and the belly flew out.




『……All good』




『That's not good at all! What was that!??』




Arshella asks, her mouth agape.




『That will take care of the monsters outside for now.
Let's continue.』




『What do you mean —- Guuahhh!?』





I interrupted her with a sudden thrust into her vagina.




『wait, there is magical beasts outside ……
this is not the time!』




Arshella began to resist rather seriously because of the situation, but the spider web of Titan is not easy to break, no matter how much they stretch and contract, and the dragoness who was being penetrated lost all her strength.
Suddenly this felt like rape again.




『It's all right.
Everything is fine now.』









I grabbed Arshella by the waist and concentrated on grinding her pussy.





 Then, Tiriel, who had been peering fearfully out the window said 『….What is that?』and looked at me incredulously.

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『Tiriel! What's happening outside? Aaah!』




Arshella asked in pain as she was subjected to my forceful action.




『……Ummm……Is that Gevaudan's skill? Is that even possible……?』




 It was now that I remembered that Titania had told me not to use my power.
I wonder if she would be angry with me when I go back.
But I can't help what I've already done.




From outside the window, the creepy sound of a magical beast started to arrive.
Then it quickly changed to confusion and turned into a scream.




 Arshella storms out with my son tightly in her.




『Hey hey ……
the monster is ……
Gevaudan!!  I'm going to play knight thingy with you again later, so let go of me, I'm getting mad.』




Pushing her back with a yelp, her upper body rose up.




Then Arshella's naked body, covered in cum and blood, was fully displayed to me.




『 ……
You look amazing, Arshella.』




  I can't help but admire it.
It had everything I love in it.
It's been a long time since I've fuck a bloody woman.








the hottest.』




『h-hot……? No, no, I'm not that nnnnnnhaa!?』




 She was a little noisy, so I penetrated her cervix to shut her up.




 Arshella's eyes peeled back into her head and her body went rigid.
I hugged her and held her close, and this time, I clenched her two horns with both hands and locked her in place.
I held her so that she could only see my fearful face.




I looked at Arshella, who was startled with her mouth agape, and violently violated the womb of the sturdy dragon girl, with the libido that had welled up at the sight of blood.




“Ha, hah, ha, haa, ha, ha, ha ♡ ha ♡ ha ♡ aa♡!”




Once she experiences the real butcher sex, she immediately feels for this brutal mating, the sound of her breathing was mixed with the mating sound.




『Arshella, you are so beautiful.
I don't want to let go.
Can I fuck you until you break?』








『It's okay.
Let the pleasure spread in.
Let me hear more of your lovely voice.』




『Uuu ……
I don't…..
get it……』




The noise around us is getting louder.
It was mainly the sound of the beasts.
Tiriel is so glued to the scene outside the window that she doesn't have time to pay attention to our sex, saying things like 『Uwaa~』.




I stick my tongue into Arshella's mouth, rubbing our mucous membrane against each other, and flooding her brain with pleasure, as she is still unable to fully focus on our mating.




『Look, trust me.
I'll take care of all the monsters, now let's have sex together in this realistic battlefield atmosphere.』




 Mothman is just an extra.








“Nn……♡ nn……♡  mnnnn……♡”





Arshella looked at me in a daze as she let out a muffled high-pitched gasp.




『Really ……? Is it alright ……?』




『I'm very strong.
You know that, right?』




『……Y-yes Ge~vaudan, strong.』




『Do you like me?』








 Arshella hugged me tightly and wrapped her legs around my back.




『I'm going to ejaculate in your womb.』




『Aa, you can't ♡! N-♡ Nooooo♡!!』








 — the sounds of battle outside became quiet.




I made love to Arshella until she turned into a love-love, give me baby right now mode, and then I held her until the sun went down, leaving her on the floor in a sloppy mess to create a post-gangbang scene, and enjoyed baking with Tiriel in the evening.




I joked that if she needed milk for her pastries, she could squeeze mine, and she scolded me for it seriously.
I had no choice but to bow down to Tiriel's dedication to baking.
It seems that she is a serious cook too.




 By the way, the soufflé cheesecake that I didn't put any hope on it was quite delicious. What a surprise.




I thought it was strange because a pastry should be more difficult to make than a stew.
I sniffed the smell that wafted through my nose happily as I savored the cheesecake.

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