Chapter 212 At the Ruin

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After that, I injected the elf's impure hole with butcher's milk about six more times, and the training ended for the day when Tiriel went 'hara hara haee~~~' …….
She passed out and I cleaned her up properly.
Well done, Butcher.




The next day, I had to carry Tiriel around in my arms.
She was still drunk and unable to walk, but I deserved it.





After overcoming these minor setbacks, we arrived at our destination before noon, the colony.




A butcher, a female dragonkin, and a hung-over elf girl stand proudly in the middle of a human city.




『This is …….』




The colony is empty.




Ruin would be a better word to describe it.
The town is now deserted and quiet.




Arshella kept a watchful eye on the surroundings, but not a single human was in sight.
Instead, all that was left were the trace of fierce fighting and scattered pieces of flesh.
Then there were a few dead giant insects gathered together.




I guess this is where they got the stuff for the meals.』




So, there was a large-scale hunting operation around the Ant Hill Castle




『- I see.
That's why Titania didn't seem concerned when she heard you were going here.
I didn't realize she had already conquered it.』




 Arshella muttered to herself as she picked up the broken pieces of a gun.




 It is no doubt that this colony was attacked by the Titans.
That saved us the trouble of infiltrating and eradicating them, but it hurt that I couldn't get a face skin for the next 88 infiltration




The city had fallen.




Fortunately, some buildings and facilities were still standing.
At least there would be no problem getting it online.
Judging from the fallen pieces of meat and burnt ruins, it must have been less than a week since the city fell.
In other words, we might run into human scouts if we took too long.
We must hurry.




『Arshella, I have a favor to ask.』








『When you go back, can you tell Titania not to act too rashly? If this continues to happen, the people of Earth will not remain silent.
If they start making serious moves, it will become troublesome.'』




『All right, if that's what you want.
By the way, there are no more subhumans left here, but there are some traces that the scent of blood has attracted magical beasts.
It looks like they've already left, but be careful.』




『Got it.』




We looked for a house that was not too badly damaged and went inside.




It was a typical colony residence, a wooden structure, weak, and cheaply built.
When I walked inside, the whole house shook, which was not encouraging.



 First, I laid Tiriel on the living room sofa.
She was conscious but in a state of “ah-ah-ah-ah”.
It seems that the barrage of shots to her rectum really got the best of her.
But her eyes became clear and her complexion improved, so I guessed that her magic power had been restored.
The injection was a success.
hm hm.




At the end of last night, Tiriel received a very deep blow to the ass and became a slutty elf girl, moaning “it feels so good” I was personally very satisfied with the results even if it was just a superficial one.
Thus, the effect of hypnosis cannot be ignored.
Next time I want to fuck her slowly and deliberately all night long and make her say, “More milk, More cock milk.” The future of her sitting on the anal-queen throne is now in my sight.



–First, I need to prepare myself and get ready for dinner




I cook up some frozen food, take a hot shower, and enjoy some snacks and juice.
All three of us were refreshed by the help of civilization.
The food and showers is great.
Thanks to this, Tiriel seems to recover a little, she is sitting on the sofa, drinking a cup of tea.
Her skin seemed to glow a bit.





Maybe I can open a butcher beauty salon.
One that can make you healthy from the inside out.
Maybe that would work?




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–Now, quit fooling around.
Let's get to work.




The telecom equipment was still working.
It's good that the city's infrastructure wasn't among the targets of the insects' destruction.




 I turned on the laptop in the living room and connected to the Internet.
The landlord was one of those low-tech people who write down passwords on a piece of paper and puts them in a drawer.
It's no laughing matter since I'm also a low-tech wimp.




I installed the software that Abigail showed me.  click-clack-click…….
My fingers are too thick to type on a keyboard.




『What are you doing?』




Arshella peered at it with interest.




『I'm going to use this to talk to Abigail at the 88.』




『Oh, this is the subhuman magic device for communication?…… Oh! Hey, something just popped up!』




 Arshella points to a message that reads “Summer Tree-san has entered the room.”




『Jibotan, you well?』




『I'm fine, How's it going over there?』




『It's like this—』




 Our chat begins.





 Arshella looks at the screen and my face alternately, then pouted.




are you talking to a woman called Abigail right now?』




『No, this is Natsuki.』








『Abigail is busy with something, so she's just checking the computer in her place.』




I then explain about Natsuki and Yakumo.
That she's a prostitute and I bought her along with her brother and about our contract.




『Another new friend ……』





 The dragon girl stared at the screen, her cheek puffed out.




『Arshella, you're one step higher as my local wife, you know?』




 She gave me a look at my comment.




『You said I am your local wife, but you haven't come to see me since then.』




『You're waiting for me?』




『I'm not.』




『Because… see, I don't think I can go to Faymbaum anymore』

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『That's true, but…』




Arshella told me that the security at Faymbaum has been more strict since then.




『So, Is the reason you wanted to come along on this trip because you wanted to be embraced by me so badly that you couldn't stand it anymore?』




 I said teasingly, and Arshella's expression turned serious.




『There aren't many opportunities to speak to you without Titania.
I want you to go back to Faymbaum.
If everything goes well, we'll be able to work things out with Titania. That's what we're trying to convince you to do』




She was thinking such a grandiose thing.




I feel like I'm going to puke because of the sickening nature of my thought process.




『I've heard that many people consider the soul transference to the butcher to be a blasphemous act to the soul.
I don't feel comfortable hearing about that approach either.
But not everyone would agree with me.
I mean, most people don't even know how to make a butcher.
They think they're a downright monster within.
So, if they knew that there was a soul trapped inside, and can talk, even if you were originally a subhuman, there would be a certain demographic that would accept you.』




『You're kidding, With this appearance?』




A bloated body.
Gray skin.
Spots all over the body.
A mouth with bare gums.
A hollowed-out nose.
Red eyeballs without eyelids.
What kind of a person would want to live around me?




『We don't care much about appearances.
We have so many different species in our Miforis that we wouldn't make it this far if we cared about that.
It's what's on the inside that matters.
The people who are scared of the butcher are not scared of what they look like,  they are scared of what's inside, scared of the violence that could explode at any moment.』




What the heck.
Aliens are way ahead of humans on the racial issue.




『Not that I know that much about it, but–』




Arshella starts to tell her story.




『But I heard that a butcher can only do what we say if we transfer a soul into it.
Therefore, your soul must have been transference from your original body into the body of the butcher』




『soul transference?』




『It's a skill to transfer souls.
It's one of the large-scale skills type called .』




So that's how humans are converted into butchers.




『So, in order to revert back, I just have to transfer my soul back into another body?』




 Arshella's brow wrinkled at my question.
She has a stern look on her face.




『I'm sorry …….but the soul transference is limited to one time only.
The soul and the body are originally connected together like a string, but the soul transference cuts it off.
So now you are unstable in that sense, and the next transference ritual will only lead to .』




『soul departure.』




『That means death.』




Then, if you want to kill me, you just have to perform this transference ritual』




『Theoretically yes.
So be careful.
If you're kept in the same place for a long time like last time, you might be in serious danger.
Since you are so oblivious, it's very easy for you to fall for it…….』




 Finally, Arshella looked at me and sighed deeply.




『–Well, a soul transference takes about half a day, so I'm sure you'll notice it.
And then, by the same logic, You are also vulnerable to type skills, so be careful with that.
Although with Tiriel's enchantment at the moment, you should be fine.』

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『You worry about me.』




『Don't get me wrong alright? If you die, Ferris will be sad and there will be no one left to control Titania, and that is what I'm worried about.』




『I know that.』




Arshella snorted, and now she looked troubled.




『Umu……if Yakumo is leaving with them then…… ……




『What's with Yakumo?』




『Ah? Ah, I'm talking about this…..
Never mind.
I just wanted to take a look at your friend.
Natsuki, right? She has weird eyes, doesn't she?』




『She's pretty.
But not as pretty as Arshella』




『What a cheap mouth.
What kind of a guy were you, really?』




 Arshella slapped me lightly on the cheek.




『Oh, by the way, I remember Abigail having one of those too.』








『Pictures of me when I was human.』








  Arshella yelled, tugging at my apron.
She was so excited with her fangs peeking out.
Her eyes sparkled brightly with curiosity.



『I want to see it! Hey, Tiriel, did you hear!? There's a picture of Gevaudan when he was a subhuman!!』




『want to see….don't want to see……』




It's like a girl talking about an album showing her friend's childhood




 While we were talking about this, the chat between me and Natsuki ended.




We talked about Ferris and the group, the invitation to participate in the 88 joint attacks, the Highland Zephyr, the Demon King stuff, the doppelganger, and other new information we heard yesterday and today.
All of it.
I'll just throw it all out and let them think about it.
I'll leave the rest to you.
Forgive me, Abigail.




Natsuki was in hurry on the other side of the screen because it seemed that the chats are not logged, and she need to takes notes.




Apparently, the girls are currently in the R&D center at November, living in camper for indoor-outdoor activities.





I don't understand it.




I envy them that they seem to be enjoying their holidays, camping together, but it doesn't make sense in many ways.
I wonder what happened to them…….




 Next, I wanted to hear their stories, but the chat was cut off in a hurry as if something had happened on the other side.




 Well, I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well.




–Natsuki and Yakumo are now fully involved in my and Abigail's plan, is that really ok? well, If Abigail decided it was a good idea, maybe it's fine.

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With a pang of small concern in my heart, I closed the laptop.




『All done.
Then, Arshella, let's start mating.』




Arshella's shoulders slumped at this abrupt development.




『—-But I don't want to』




 There was a pause, and Arshella turned her head to the side.




『If you want to convince me to join you, honey traps are very effective.』




『The dragon tribe's women don't initiate it.
If you want it, come and get me』




Come and get me.
Now that was cool.
It made my heart throb.
That's the best kind of invitation for me.





『I'll take your word for it.』




I took both of Arshella's hands and pressed her against the wall.
There was no noticeable resistance.




『–You didn't seek me out yesterday after Tiriel…….』




She refuses to make eye contact with me.





 –Hmmm, is she jealous?




 So cute!




『No, I just don't want to break your armor.』




There was also the consideration of whether she still wanted it after I stick it to someone else butt.








 Then Arshella raised her eyebrow and glanced at me.
Maybe complimenting her armor is the right move.
Exmut, you're so easy.




『Okay, as an apology, let's play a “female knight who was defeated on the battlefield and became a plaything to the enemy soldiers” today.』




『Ku!』Arshella widen her eyes in surprise and looked away, her voice trembling, 『Such ……
play is……』but I didn't miss that her mouth was drooping.




Umm?  what exactly do we do in that play?』




 She couldn't resist and bite it.





for example, how about stripping off the armor, leaving only the arm and leg parts, and lying your whole body like Tiriel, and then some soft SM?』




『Nnnn, ku!』




How's that.




The humiliation of being violated while wearing your favorite armor, that inherited from your daddy must have struck something with this proud, masochist dragoness who has a desire to be raped.

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