Chapter 211 Repay by Milk

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Suspended in the air face-up by spider webs, Tiriel wailed desperately.




She struggled back, her flaxen hair flailing in the air.





I grabbed her head and mercilessly forced it into her mouth.








『Stop, please.
gentle Please be gentle.
I won't resist……』





As a sign of surrender, Tiriel opened her jaws wide to receive me.





Slowly, I rub her oral mucous membranes and smear her saliva on my veiny flesh.
Jup, jup, jup, the sensation of the butcher's crude rod pushing against the elf's soft lips was heavenly.




The Butcher violated the elf's sovereign dignity by nuzzling and toying with her pointed ears with his fingers.





“O …
goh …
goh …”




When I pull back, her lips are also drawn out with it a bit, revealing my saliva-soaked stallion.
When I push in the other direction, she arches her throat to escape the pain and swallows down my thick length.
It was so lewd to watch her larynx busily moved up and down her slim throat.




With each repeat, her deep-throating technique was getting better, closer and closer to the way I was looking for.








After teasing here and there.
Tiriel seems to be moving her tongue around in her mouth on her own.




To test it, I pull out my cock and puts it on her face.





Then she stretched out her cute tongue and licked the underside of it, Alternating between licking the kissing it aggressively.




 When I pressed the glans against her cheek, Tiriel seemed to understand my intention and opened her mouth wide to swallow it again.
Nice job.




『Tiriel, have you been practicing?』




『Lydia taught me some self defense techniques before I came here』




『Self defense?』




『Men are sometimes gentler if you drain them with your mouth ……
and ……
that's embarrassing …….』





 Maybe if they're normal guys.
But I'm a butcher, so it doesn't apply here.




  I see.
So she is prepared and ready to be my prey on her own.
She's got some guts, as expected of an honor student.
I think it's cute when a girl studies hard for a blow job.




『Enough said.
Tiriel, do you want me to cum in your mouth first? Or should I keep continue?』




『Yes……..give it to me in the mouth, please.
I want it in my mouth.
I want it all in my mouth.』




Tiriel replied with a slurp.




 When I looked into her face, I saw that her face was red, her eyes moistened, and the corners were drooping.
She is drunk.
I remember that Ferris was also like this with just a little bit of pre-cum.




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『Then, as a warm-up, I'm going to release it into your mouth so drink all of it.』




『Driink? no~ drink……dick…milk…… no~』




 No~ no~ is my favorite part.
I quickened the movement of my hips.




 I held her head with both hands and repeatedly thrust the butcher lance down her throat.
Each time I pushed in, I could see the glan reach up to around her collarbone.








Doesn't it feel good to have your mouth violently fucked?』




『My mouth…..numb ……
m-my head……white …….
my brother is …….
over there ………..on another side…..




 It seemed like she was running out of oxygen, and her mind was dazed and foggy.
It seems that if I don't finish soon, Tiriel is going to cross the river.




The area around her throat felt nice and tender.
As I rubbed around there and violated the back of her throat, my testicles started to tingle.







 Grinding and screwing cock head deep inside her, I discharged all my cum.








A murky white stream of cum erupted vigorously.
The stimulation caused her throat to reflexively tighten, and the sperm instantly flowed backward and overflowed Tiriel's mouth and nose.




Still, I didn't stop ejaculating, so her face was getting covered in more and more white spunk.








『Drink it, Tiriel.
If you don't you will die.』




  I urge her in a serious tone, I know that should pull it out, but I really wanted to make her drink it.
To make the elf drink all of my cum.








『don't worry.
Everyone is fine after drinking』








『A humble thanks for the lovely home-cooked meal I just had.
Please accept it』




 I said softly, and I finally saw Tiriel's throat starts to move….








『Yes, like that.
It's easier if you swallow at the right timing.』








 The sensation of being sucked by the brand new elven sucker was exceptional.
After all, if you're going to feed her sperm, it's best to have her lie on her back.
I could see the sperm going down her throat as it.
It's like nursing a baby.
Very happy.




 – No, I'm not kidding.
When I'm letting a girl drink my cum, it makes my heart flutter.
So cute.
Is this my motherhood instinct? No, no, no, where in the world would a parent raise a child with semen? That's abuse! I guess it is just because I am a butcher that makes me feel comfortable having them drink mine.




With these thoughts in my mind, I spewed every drop into the elf's stomach.



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 When I pulled it out of Tiriel's mouth with a slurping sound, my grotesque mara stick was fully coated with frothy saliva and cum.
Now it was ready to get to the next stage.




“G-……Gohg! Cough……Cough……”




Because she was on her back while receiving my massive ejaculation, the white fluid overflowing from her mouth and staining the face of the elf cruelly.
This is the moment I'm so glad I'm a butcher.



“Ha, ha, hah ……han, ah……”




Tiriel's eyes are blurry as she gurgles, no semen left in her mouth so that her airway is unclocked, and her face is completely flushed red.
The effects of the Butcher Beverage were evidently effective.




When I wiped the gooey cum that spilled on her face with my finger and pressed it into her mouth, she reflexively gulped it down, indicating that she was a good wife.
Even if she's a disaster cook, if she's good on the bed, then everything will be all right in our married life.








I'm so full.
My tummy is full already.
So please release me already.
Please, Jebodan…….』




『Well done.』








When I pat her head and thank her for her hard work for drinking my sperm, despite her dazed state, she giggles and smiles.
Although she looks terrible with semen spilling out of her nose and mouth, she is more than happy to be praised by a dominant male. I was moved by her slutty reaction, so I decided to give it to her bottom mouth as well.





While she is letting her guard down, I go around toward her lower body side.




I unfasten the belt of her trousers and remove them, taking care not to scratch her skin with my fingernails.
Tiriel's smooth ass is like a hard-boiled egg.
Her panty, which stuck in the gap between her cheeks, were slightly wet.




After sliding them off, a long-sticky thread was drawn from her redden labia.




『Tiriel, did you get this wet from just sucking me? You're so sensitive.
I envy your future husband who can have you every night』




『Hus-band …..
did not think……』




『Ah, What a waste.
But if you are in trouble, let me know.
I can eat all your home-cooked food without leaving any leftovers, and I can work on developing your pussy.
Now let's have relaxing sex.』




 I placed the tip of my butcher lance, still full of energy, against Tiriel's back hole.




『Thank you very much?』




 I didn't know about what she was thanking me for, and she probably didn't know herself.
I thrust myself into Tiriel, who was in such a drunken state








I shoved my hips forward thrusting against the folds of her rectum, and almost immediately the base of my penis was squashed against her tailbone.




『See, I can't believe you can already take so much of my cock into your delicious mouth.
You're amazing.
Seriously Tiriel, we're so compatible, aren't we?』




『A-Ass……pa-inful……plese ghet it ou- Hyaaaaaaan♡!』




I stretched out my tongue and licked Tiriel's pussy.




I carefully licked around the vagina and clitoris, and carefully tickled the virgin membrane near the opening.
My masterful use of tongue had evolved to this level.




『Nhooo! Nhot that place!』




『Don't worry.
I won't rip it.』

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I get the love juice out of her well-moistened honey pot and let it flow into her asshole.
After getting enough lubrication in this way, I sent her one big long stroke.



Slap! and Tiriel's body, suspended by spider webs, shook violently.




“Nho ……gu!?”




『This is Anal sex, does it feel good?”』




『Not good! Not good at all! Pull it out! This is not relaxing sex at all! sex is about two people, loving each other, and……』




『Anal sex is an ancient and proper form of sexual intercourse.
I am sure that your Mifosis is the same.
This is something you need to learn more about history.』




Tiriel's lack of obedience ignited my spirit of professionalism.





I accelerated the movement of my hips, hitting her buttocks hard as a result, and Tiriel, suspended by spider silk, swayed back and forth like a swing.




When she returns, I send a hard blow and fling her forward again.
This sort of rhythm was repeated back and forth through the elf's ass hole.




“Aaah! –Aaah! –Aaah! –Aaah!”




 In this way, I was able to give Tiriel the maximum amount of strokes with the minimum amount of movement.
What's this? so comfortable.
Isn't this an invention? Pendulum sex.
It's a sexual technique that can only be performed by those with a long and hard penis.




『lie, lie! Jiboodan lying! Shooo good! so please――!Nnhyaaaa⁉  Agguuuuuu!!』




Catching the flying elf's ass with both hands.
I used the momentum to screw it into her deepest part and ejaculated.




『Ah …! Ah …! Ahnn …! 』




Tiriel climaxed, her eyes rolling back in her head.
Panting, she stretched out her tongue and gasped for breath.
Her face was burning and burning red as she felt her insides being invaded by the ferocious sperm that the butcher was pumping out into her.




『Hot……shoo hot……』












『Oh, you're still conscious, let's go for a second round.』




 Butcher's sex doesn't end with a single ejaculation.
I went back to carving out Tiriel's ass.




“Nghooo ……!”




I scrapped at different angles as if I were sculpting Tiriel's body from the inside out, going back and forth over and over again.
With so much cum, the friction was perfect.




My belly is big.
So when I have anal sex with Tiriel in the normal position, my lower abdominal muscles will press against her crotch.
This moderate stimulation of the clitoris gave Tiriel a certain amount of pleasure.





As the pace of the sex increased, the elf's cries of pleasure became louder and louder, and her face turned slack-jawed and contorted.




『Tiriel, what kind of man is your type?』




 I asked her about her love life as I shook her hips.


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『c-can……h-hugging ……having fun together …….
making sweets and other things!?……
a-and very helpful …………』




Tiriel went on her heartfelt love talk even though she was in the middle of anal sex.
Her tongue and drool spilled out of her mouth, and she had a drunken look on her face.
His eyes were starting to spin, too.
Maybe her brain is bugged out right now.
So I'll improperly implant my charms into her vulnerable brain.




『I can cook too.』




『Really? Ah, Ghuu!?』




I can give your favorite milk anytime, and this is going to be a permanent commitment.
We have sex in the morning when we wake up, cook breakfast together, drink milk after eating then have sex, cook lunch together then have afternoon sex, drink tea in the afternoon, cook and eat dinner together then have sex in the bath together, drink hot milk before going to bed, and then have sex until you lose consciousness.
and then we wake up in the morning and have morning sex, and repeated.
How fun would it be to live like this every day?』




『I-I'll die………』




Tiriel reverted to her serious face for a moment at the ideal newlywed life I said




She hesitated and looked at me, saying with difficulty, 『B-bhut….』




『Shorry, I prefer more hands-eeeeeeheee!?』




Since it was incriminating to bring up my appearance, I ejaculated and silenced her.




Tiriel has her eyes rolled back and her teeth clenched at the sudden stimulation.








The continuous ejaculation caused Tiriel's asshole to flood with sperm, and the white stream of cum that trickled down was forming a white puddle on the ground.




『What's important is physical chemistry, I've had my fair share of experience, and I've found that couples who have sex and harmoniously communicate with each other last longer than couples who don't.
you understand?』




 This is true.




“Hi, hi, hi, ha …
hahi …!”




『Ji, Jibodan……at……at least……at least tell me when you're cuhmming……』




『Women feel good when they are suddenly hit by cum.
They get excited because they feel like they are being fucked by a dominant male.
Are you feeling anal pleasure by now?』




『No……I,  because I'm womhan……』




『Then, let's do it again.
I'll give you plenty of lessons until you awaken.
We have all the time in the world.』




『No it feels ghood it feels really good sho! I get it now……Jiiibodan、I love it when it makes my belly slippery! I love when you fucked me Jibodan, I love big dick!! S-so that's why…..enough of dick milk today……….Asheeeellaaa』




With tears on her cum-covered face, Tiriel called her friend's name, seeking help.




But I ignore it and start swinging the spider strings again.
Squish, squish, bump, bump.
I feel like I can shoot as many times as I want tonight.
Maybe that soup really got my energy pumping.
I don't know what she fed me, but she has to take responsibility.




Speaking of which, Arshella didn't come in to stop me.
She is sensible enough to protect Yufan from being tortured.
So what is she doing when her friend Tiriel is crying out for help?




When I glanced at her, I saw Arshella standing with her spear in her hand and her face downcast, biting her lower lip and staring at the ground.
I cannot see her expression.




It's not that she can't stop me.
It was probably more of her dragon pride to not let Tiriel realize that she is in heat because she was being shown the scene of her friend's anal development by the butcher.
Her ears are all red.





 Even girls get horny when they watch porn.
I'm going to go all out tonight since it's the first time in a while that I've had an audience.



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