d me on the cheek.




“――Libaren ・ Pyrosmaragda――”





 With that whisper, her tongue crawls around my neck with hot breath, licks my nipples, licks my navel, and then drops back down to my lower abdomen.




 The quiet cell was filled with the lustful sound of flapping and spluttering.








 I told Abigail of my travel plans, as well as my final plan to remove the self-destruct mechanism lodged in the side of my head.




 I need to get her to help me.




 Or rather, her work is going to be quite important.
I can't do it alone.




 Abigail listened to me with a grim expression at first, but in the end she nodded her head in agreement.




–Leave it to me.–




–I'll leave it to you.–




 I told her, and she pressed her lips to my bared gums.
So I opened my mouth to stretch my tongue.


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 Abigail's vagina squeaked and tightened.




 Seeing No.5 up close had quite a visual impact, I think.
I could hear a menacing ticking sound coming from inside my mouth.
Abigail glared at No.5 and caught my outstretched tongue.




Stop that.–




That was not intentional…….




 The conversation about the plan was over.




 That day, I held Abigail quietly in my arms.
In my arms, all she could talk about was what would happen after the plan succeeded.




–So where are we going?–




 Anywhere, I replied, though I felt like killing every last one of them.




–Shall we go to the ocean? I would like to see the ocean ……
Or, better yet, let's go to another world.
It's called Mifosis, right? I know it's a lot of effort, but it would be exciting to start all over again.–




 Abigail looked very calm as she adjusted her movements.
It was the most fun I'd ever seen her have.
I move as slowly as I can so that she can concentrate on her story.









–Gevaudan knows a lot about nature, doesn't he? You must have lived in nature for a long time.
With you, I don't have to worry about where I' m going.–








–Aren't you afraid, Abigail?–




 She stopped moving and looked at me.




–If I screw up and I die, you'll be in this jail until the end of your life.–




 Not just in jail, but in the worst possible future.




 Abigail's expression faltered cheerfully.

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–Then I'll die, too.
There's no point in living any longer.
You' ll do what you have to do, and if you fail, I'll tear off my collar and die with Gevaudan.
I told you we were meant to be ……
partners, didn't I?–








–You don't mind if Titania goes with us, do you?–




 Abigail's brow furrowed quietly at my words.




–So her name is Titania.–




 I confessed Titania's name.




 Abigail's lips quivered for a moment as if she wanted to say something, but she quickly closed her mouth and swallowed it all.




–Of course……but I'm with you, aren't I? Let's go somewhere far away together.–




 Somewhere far away…….




 If we go far enough, there will be no revenge, no killing.




 With Titania and Abigail there, I wonder if the magma of resentment boiling in the depths of my stomach will eventually cool down.




 I'll think about it again after I go somewhere far away.




 Even so, it may be okay.




 I carefully conquered Abigail's white body.




 I loosened her body as if I were a masseuse, and then gently coated every part of her body, from the space between her toes to the tips of her hair, with my white liquid as if I were replacing all of her cells, and fucked her long and slow until she was on the verge of losing consciousness.




 Instead of being intense, the slow and relentless pumping motion continued unrelentingly even as Abigail was on the verge of orgasm.




 I made Abigail drink every last drop of my ejaculate, and then I stood up.




 In the mirror, the Butcher's red eyeballs were glowing with the dark-red light.

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