ike moths to a flame.』




『Wha-what's that? subhuman woman going into battle with that kind of equipment?』




『I heard that the survival rate is surprisingly higher than normal equipment because dirty men who see the bikini armor try to capture women alive without hurting them.
Even if they are caught, they will be kept and used as a sex toy instead of a slave, so they won't die.』




Of course, this is all based on my imagination.




『Bikini armor ……
such effects ……』




Arshella began to seriously wonder as she looked down at her armor. I feel a sense of guilt for planting another strange piece of knowledge in her head.




 As I was having such a silly conversation while looking at Tiriel's food, something occurred to me and I asked her a question.




『Can I ask you something? there's something I've been wanting to ask you for a while』




『Mm? what is it?』




『Why are you guys attacking Earth? Ferris took me to Miforsis once before, and the air was much cleaner there than it is here.
What do you want by coming all the way to this dirty planet? Do you want resources or something? But there aren't many resources left on Earth either.』




At least they didn't seem to be struggling with environmental problems over there.
Even in towns like Dean, it didn't look like they were suffering from food shortages, nor did they seem to be suffering from overpopulation.





Miforsis looked much richer and more beautiful than Earth, where the resources are almost depleted, overpopulation, and the air is filled with toxic substances.



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What is it that they want from us that makes them go to the trouble of barging into this dying planet?




『Well, the thing is……』




『It's the for the





 Arshella was reluctant to say it, but Tiriel answered.




She continued, stirring the simmering pot like a little witch.



『In Miforsis, Changeling is periodically born, and in order to end the dangerous existence of the heroes who arise as a result, the Demon Lord stood up to destroy the subhuman race on our planet.』




『What's a changeling?』




a changeling is a child born from the souls that got swapped and birth between Earth and Miforsis.
ow ow……”』




Tiriel grimaces at the splattered soup.




『Swapped birth?』







『It means that the soul that was supposed to be born in Miforsis becomes the child on Earth, and the soul that was on Earth becomes the child on Miforsis.』




『Ho ho ho』




『Subhumans that have no magic powers are sometimes born with very rare elite skills. This is also thought to be a result of the changeling's influence.
A “hero” is one of those subhumans who are sometimes born with those outstanding skills. 』





 Tiriel huffed and puffed as she tasted the soup.




『Among the subhuman ……
you mean there are subhumans in Miforsis?'』




『You don't know anything, do you?』




Arshella looked stunned.




I was a little offended and retorted.


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『I was born and raised on Earth.
I don't know what's going on in Miforsis.』




『Even though, there must be changelings on Earth too.』








I was honestly surprised by this unexpected fact.




『If there is one over here, there must be one over there too.
If all of a sudden someone is born with powers that you don't understand, it's going to be a hot topic right?』




『”Hmmm…..?』 I hesitate.




 …..A person that is born with powers that we don't understand?




『You mean a psychic?』








People who can read cards in an envelope, produce sand from their hands, and bend spoons by their will are very popular topics.』




『read cards in an envelope, produce sand from their hands, and bend spoons?』




Arshella's expression turned confused.




『These people are called psychic or esper, and they're being treated as con artists.
A scam.』




『Mm…..changelings are scammers ……?』




She was dumbfounded.





 Tiriel heard this and thought for a while.『Oh, that's right…….』




『There are many people who are not aware of the existence of the power that resides within them and has never trained or used it.
Even we have to study, train, and use our magic tools to finally be able to use our skills in a meaningful way.
Besides, It's even worse when the body belongs to a subhuman that cannot handle magic well, no matter if the soul is from Miforsis.』




『Is that so? Although they could use such a rare elite skill, such a waste….




 Arshella said sadly.

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