Chapter 203 Abigail's Belief

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◇◆◇ (Gevaudan's point of view)







Yufan stared at me without changing her expression as I thrust her from below.




Inside the small room of the ant-hill castle.
Yufan, stripped naked, was hanging in the air with spider threads wrapped around her body in the middle of the room.




 Yufan was being restrained and tortured.
The purpose was to extract information about the destroyer.




Since she was dead anyway, I had neatly chopped off all the limbs that were in the way, and now she was looking like a Daruma doll.




 Her earthy-colored naked body hung by a white thread.
Shoulders and thighs showing cut-off bits.
Her chest gaped with a large hole, below was her torn belly.
Blue internal organs protrude and spill out.




Having created an unparalleled level of freakishness in this way, I tried to rape her at first as torture, but it was boring.




 She had a vagina and anus, but they were cold.
freezing cold.




She hardly felt any stimulation, and she didn't respond to my thrusts at all, like I was dealing with a eunuch.
Ferris told me that Jiangshi is made of dirt, and I understood now.




To top it all off, in the middle of it she asked, “Do you enjoy jerking off with a corpse?” And so on, the disposition makes me feel a little disappointed.




In the end, after two rounds of creampies and one cum shower, I got bored.




Don't tell anyone, But I was somewhat aroused by the thought of shaking my hips while being disdainfully looked down upon by a beautiful Asian girl.





 It is not fun to masturbate with a corpse, but it is fun to masturbate with a talking corpse while being taunted by it, to see the little twitching reaction when I ejaculated inside, to make the corpse say “nn” when I sprayed it on her face.





As for her mouth, well, it was dangerous.




Normally, I would have told anyone who want to bite me off to bring a great white shark, but seriously, her teeth are literally shark teeth, and her jaws seem to be stronger than a great white shark's.
I was afraid that even a butcher lance with a spear would be in danger.
I was still shivering right now.





She being in a Daruma state was not good either.
I made a mistake.
I realized that holding down the woman with flailing limbs and spreading them apart was an extremely essential part of the act.
Now it's just like I'm using a cold fleshlight with some verbal abuse function.




I avoid doing anal.
This is because I learned from the Tiriel incident that anal shots can give the opponent magic power.
Anal sex is dangerous when dealing with an alien enemy.








『You are such a boring bitch, Yufan.』




『Too bad.』




Yufan sneered at me as I showed her how fed up I was and shook my head.




 The only interesting part was the large amount of weapons that came out in the process of tearing through her clothes.




 An impossible amount of weapons came out in terms of volume.
So this is why alien mystery techs are so …….




However, most of the weapons had rusted away and became useless.
They are now piled up in a corner of the room like garbage.






However, I managed to borrow a weapon from Yufan's collection as a trophy.




 It was the huge hammer that had beaten me.
It had been left on the ground, so it was spared from the damage of my Rusty Contamination.




 It is a metal sledgehammer, a 100-ton hammer.
An aggressive one with a jagged striking surface.





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The shape of this hammer immediately caught my attention.




It's like a meat mallet.




What an appropriate hammer for me.
Let's call it a butcher hammer.




So, I seized a new partner, a butcher hammer.
Yay! Butchery work will be a lot easier.




–Now, how am I going to get information out of this imperturbable woman.




While I was thinking about this, Titania, who had been watching in the corner of the room and quietly observing the rape, stepped out and stood next to me.




She looked into Yufan's face with a hard stare ……
and then spun around.
She looked back at me, her expression excited!




–It seems that as long as we don't destroy all of her physical body, she'll be fine.




I held up my palm, and Titania slapped her hand on it.




She swiftly summons up a bunch of bugs from the hem of her white dress…




『h-hey ……
What is ……what is she doing?』




Yufan asked, wincing.
I also drew back a little.



『Is that ………
Carrion beetle?』




『Carrion beetle?』




Yufan narrowed her eyes with a quizzical look on her face.




 She stares at a rampant black, shiny, venomous striped beetle.
They are all over Titania's arms.
*bzzz, bzzz, bzzz*




『These beetles feed on the flesh of carcasses and lay eggs on them.』








Yufan turned her face away when a finger covered in bugs came close to her.
She screamed for the first time.
It's working, it's working.




『I thought you don't feel that much pain?』




『This is just gross, disgusting!!』




 Oh, I know that feeling.




『Calling them disgusting is a terrible thing to say.
They are one of the most important decomposers in nature, and I heard that they are extremely affectionate insects with parents taking care of their larvae.
In dead flesh, though.』




『Who cares!! Ewwww!! I'm getting goosebumps!!』




The corpse can get goosebumps.




『Then tell me more about the Highland Zephyr』




『Don't underestimate ……me……hey insects!! Come on!! my brain is delicious!! eat up!! eat up until my skull is empty!!』




She's got guts.





“Nuooooooooo!!” While listening to the screaming of Yufan, who was being eaten alive.
I try to negotiate.




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『Well then, can you be an interpreter between me and Titania?』




『a-an interpreter, oooooooh hahahahaha!?』








 Suddenly Yufan starts laughing, which surprises me.



『T-That tickled……Ahahahahahahahahahahah!! No, no, don't bite my diaphragm and small intestine at the same time!! Ahahahahaha!!』




 How to say it, It's turned into a different kind of torture.




『Can you interpret for me?』




『Ehehehehehehe! a-about that!! He-hey make her stop! quickly! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!』








 Titania's next-level torture is amazing.





And Yufan's ability to laugh while having her guts gnawed out of her mouth is also amazing.





『Nonono! Yufan, that is prohibited by Dantalion』




 Arshella's voice.





When I turned around, Arshella was standing at the entrance to the room, leaning on her spear, looking stunned.



At her feet, Crab-kun is standing there on the floor.
He must have guided her all the way here.
It is impossible to navigate the castle of Anthill, which is becoming a great labyrinth, without the guidance of Insect-kun and the others.




『Arshella, what's up?』



 When I called out to her, she entered the room cautiously.
The fox mask on her head gave off a somewhat festival-like atmosphere, and I couldn't sense any tension.



 It's supposed to be an item that can counter Titania's power, but it looks so cheerful and fun.
Everyone is wearing them.
They look like students at festival and I'm jealous.
I wish I could be one of them.




 –I wonder if these masks really work?




『Well, I'm going to tell you that Lydia has contacted me.
And to check on a few other things too.』





『Arshella, you can talk to it?』




I asked, pointing to the crab-kun at her feet.




『I was standing at the entrance of the cave and didn't know what to do…and then.』




 Arshella lifted the crab up and showed it to me.
his mouth bubbling …….




『–This guy guided me through it like he knew what I want.
He's a pretty smart guy.』




This boy, he's a clever one, always showing me to places where Titania is so he is used to it, I think.




『So? Did Lydia say anything?』




『Mmmm, Well, the thing is…』




 Arshella told me about the situation at Faymbaum.
Meanwhile, Yufan's screams (laughs) continued.





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Arshella raised an eyebrow.




『If you are a warrior, you should behave more like one.
You even shed tears』




Arshella, who had been squealing  'lovelove♡' while being fucked by me, put herself on a pedestal.




『Hi Hi……
you should try having your insides eaten little by little !! ……….
then you'll know!!….No! not the brain!! fffufffufufu.』




『…….I don't want to know.』




 Arshella looked at the Jiangshi woman, whose guts were being thoroughly explored by a swarm of bugs, and asked me in a sympathetic tone.




『–Gevaudan, what are you trying to get out of her?』




『I'm trying to get her to tell me about the details of that destroyer squad』




『Stop it, If it's just that then I can tell you.
Yufan is technically on our side now.』





Arshella easily explained to me the details of the destroyer team.




She also told me the rough structure and the names of the captains.
Apparently, he's a skilled professional but I can't imagine the visual of a masked man, anyway, vampires are actually real.
When I was a human, I had always wanted to meet one.
I was incredibly prepared for the day I met one.




 Thus, Arshella was able to tell me what I wanted to hear.



Then I gave a signal, Titania looked like she wasn't having enough fun, and she retrieved the bugs.




Yufan was released from the punishment of having her organs eaten, and she slumped down weakly as if she were exhausted.
My cum was spilling out of her crotch, and it finally became like a scene of torture.




『So, when are we going to this eighteight fort?』




『First, I'm going to contact Abigail and notify her of our situation…….
Hey, Arshella, I'm going to go to the nearby colony.
I'm going to go to the nearby colony now, so could you tell Titania about it? It's about two days each way』








So colony was the human-only word.




『Let's see ……It's like a subhuman village that isn't surrounded by high walls.』




『Ooh, they must be those subhuman villages marked as a potential raid site somewhere over the mountain, I remember that. 』




“Titania, Gevaudan 〆◇〓村〆§〓▽◎●△◎〒&”





“■〒§※☆〓〒……&△■★&●◇◇。△△◎、Arshella ■★&●。◇◇△ Gevaudan △◇〓Tiriel#〆§〓▽◎※–“



After that, Arshella exchanged words with Titania for a while.




 She turns to me.





『I told her as you asked, but I also have a message from Titania.』




『Oh, that's unusual for you to tell me.』




『Well ……
she said not to use your skills too much outside.』




『Skill? My skills?』




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『It seems so.
The various skills that she applied to you have been replaced by Tiriel's enchantments, and therefore it's not good for you to use Butcher's skills too much away from Titania.』








『I don't know, Titania doesn't tell me about that part.』




『Okay, I get that.




 I thanked Arshella and stroked Titania's black hair.




Titania took my hand in hers and rubbed it on her cheek.
When we look at each other, our hearts are connected.
Let's have sex.





 Arshella looked at me with a complicated look on her face.





『……I'm sorry, Gevaudan.』




『Hm? What is it?』




The sudden apology caught me off guard.





『I'm not trying to be mean ……
but I can't give you the telepathic magic stone right now.』




『That's okay.  I'll just keep proceeding forward in my own way.
This kind of conversing is kind of fun once you get used to it.』




you're a former subhuman and now a butcher, but deep down, you have a very good personality…..
Even though a little bit cruel.』




 Arshella said, looking sideways at Yufan.




『In the eyes of the subhumans, you are also brutal, and yet you guys actually have a good heart.』





This is my conclusion after having observed alien daily life closely.
To be honest, they are not so different from human beings.
The only difference is the cuisine.




『Hmm, is it really? 』




『The important thing is not the species, but whether they are friends or not.
If they live together, they can become a family, whether it is with a dog, a cat, or even an insect.』




『In other words, We're friends.』




『Yes, we are.
we mingle a lot.』




『That simple huh?』




『It's easier to just live simply.』




–Let me surprise her a little bit.




“Raksha, Eto, Al, Titania, Arahibim”




 Arshella rolled her eyes when she heard my mechanical voice.



 It means, “I love Titania's hair.”




 Titania closed her eyes and leaned into me.




Our evening conversation class was progressing nicely.





 Arshella clears her throat with a strange look on her face.
I left the torture chamber with Titania, leaving Arshella in the room.

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