sound like a joke when Gevaudan says it.』





 I'm not joking, though, it didn't go over well.




『So, Gevaudan.
Let's go on a trip together sometime!』




 A sudden invitation to travel.




 No way, a date alone with Lydia? Will the day finally come when gal vs.
butcher will be on stage at a hot spring inn? It's exciting.




『Well, it seems that it's systematically very troublesome for me to take Abigail out.
So, you know, I heard that Gevaudan took Abigail on an expedition before. That gave me an idea.』




Oh, that's too bad.




『Ferris has an errand to run in Mifosis, and you'll be her escort.
If I accompany you as a friend, you can take Abigail with you, right? ……
Oh, so Mifosis is our planet.』




 Another world……
I wonder what it's like.




 I'm sure Abigail will be in a better mood once we get out there.
The reason she's been so curt lately is because she's a little stressed out.
I'm sure.




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 You're dealing with the Butcher, so why don't you just take me out, no questions asked? I love that you came all this way to ask me.




『Yay! Then I'll tell Ferris about it! By the way』




 Lydia smiled and struck a gut pose, then looked around my prison and continued curiously.




『No girls today?』




There is no rest day for me.
In my spare time, I have to be a stallion and breed captive girls.
But today, the prison was quiet.




 I don't know the specifics of the situation, but it does happen sometimes.
I don't know the specifics,  I guess it could be the woman's physical condition, or the aliens' convenience, or whatever.




『I'm alone today.
It happens sometimes.
It's quiet and weird.』




 It was indeed awkward to be standing there naked and alone, and today I had just put on a paper bag and an apron and was lost in thought in a corner of the room.




 『Hmmm……so let's go on a date.』








『Today, Ferris couldn't play because She was preparing for the trip, and school was closed, so I am free.
Is there somewhere you want to go, Gevaudan? I'll take you there.』




 『Seriously? I'd love to go to your room.』





『Oh, but you can't do anything naughty.
I don't want Ferris to hate me for doing that when she' not around.』



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 My throat rumbled unconsciously.
Lydia saw this and giggled.





 There was nothing special to do, so I go on a date with Lydia.




 We went to the theater.
Lydia seems to have a deep knowledge of the arts.
It was too unexpected.
I love the gaps.




 As a result of taking a seat in the front row, the Butcher was sitting right in front of the stage.




 At first, all the performers were surprised, but it was interesting to see how they immediately continued their performance as if nothing had happened.
They are professionals, aren't they? I feel empathy for them.




 By the way, I don't understand a single micron of the alien language, so it wasn't interesting at all.
According to Lydia, it was a story about a hero and a demon king.
It's a pity because it looked much more interesting than a human drama in terms of pictures.




but still, it was somewhat uplifting to be taken around town by a gal.
It was also nice to be able to have a conversation with her, as opposed to being dragged around by Ferris.




『I've never talked so much in one day.
It's fun.』




 I was impressed by the look on Lydia's face when she looked back at my casual remark while she was holding my finger.




 I was also very satisfied with the way she explained the structure of the city to me.




 The general stores and lingerie stores were very interesting, but I really liked the weapon shops.
Being a former soldier.




 Now I won't have to worry about weapons when I attack this town.




 I chuckled to myself as Lydia and I enjoyed a cup of tea at an outdoor cafe the cheesecake is delicious!

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