ou and Titania talking about during the day?』




『Talking about sex.』




She really wants to say sex.




 Whenever the word sex comes out of her little mouth, my stomach churns.




『Gevaudan is not his real name, Don't act like you own him.
I told her.』








『If you can't handle Jibodan at night, we'll take care of him for you, and you can breakup with him.』




 That's aggressive.




 You are not that kind of character before, right?




 I was puzzled.




Then Ferris looked at me and suddenly lost her expression.





will you break up with Titania and marry me?』




She said.




 I couldn't believe my ears.




 What is going on?





To begin with, I was the one who broke up with you,  I thought I had the courage to say goodbye…….





Is your marriage that casual?』




『The is one of the most powerful and important of all the contracts, so everyone is very careful about it.
In other words, it is an incorporation of the bloodline.
It has a different meaning than simply having a child』



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『But Jibodan is different, You're originally a subhuman.
But it doesn't matter』




really? I'm not interested in bloodlines or anything like that but…




『So, I thought I'd better hurry up and do the deed.』





–I just heard some unsettling words.





『I came here today as a surprise fox bride』




『Fox bride?』




I look and see Ferris holding a piece of plank between her fingers and waving it fluttery.




It is a wooden tag with a picture of a white fox with many tails and unreadable words.
The fox's face resembled the design of the masks Arshella and her friends wore during the day.




『Here are my name and Gevaudan's name.
If we perform the rituals prescribed by each clan using the other's party deity, the marriage contract will be consummated.
Jibodan probably didn't know all the details, so I attacked him quickly, and he fell for it, but..』








『Wait, I was already fell for it?』




You ate the grass, didn't you?』




Ferris said, without a trace of apology.








『The marriage between me and Jibodan supposedly took place when you received the bridegroom's gift that I brought, That was my family's ceremony.』








  It's like I signed an irrelevant document and found a marriage certificate hidden underneath.








Is that what you meant by that smug look on your face?




『But it failed.』




I'm glad it failed–




I was unconsciously avoiding the divine forcing me a wife.





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 I could feel the tension drain from my shoulders.
I had been unknowingly stiffening my whole body.




『Jibodan, you and Titania had already consummated your marriage.』




What's that? I haven't heard anything of it.








『Yes, But it seems that it was broken when Titania died.
The bond is broken upon death.』




『Titania died?』




Titania died that day.
But I brought her back to life with Resurrection, the mastermind, Tulyal, is already dead.
Everything is already resolved.
Jibodan doesn't need to be angry about it anymore.』




  Ferris held my finger and gave me a concerned look.





 –Panic surged from Ferris, But there was no time to get angry because it was too sudden …….




Oh well, Titania did die after all.





Well, sort of…….





I had a strange feeling about the conversation between the four girls that night I went to return Ferris.
But I let it slide, thinking that there was no way a dead person could come back to life.




 I had no idea that the power to bring back the dead really existed.





Ferris, by any chance, are you a really powerful girl?




 –Ah, I get it.





That's why Ferris was so relentlessly targeted by the human side.




It would be unbearable if the aliens, whom we went to a lot of trouble to kill, were to be resurrected one after another.
That's why the human side would be so desperate if they knew of its existence.




『–You mean, I'm a divorcee?』




Ferris raised her eyebrows apologetically in response to my question.




『Yes, Jibodan is a divorced widower.
So he can't marry anyone for a while.
There is a special cooldown on marriage contracts, and you have to wait about a year before you can get married again.
I guess to prevent people from trying to cheat others. 』




I looked up at the moon, not knowing what to say.




–I was unknowingly married and unknowingly divorced.




 I and Titania are a couple yay, and while I don't care about your life resume or whatever, I sincerely hope that at least that is something you can choose.
You've been pushed around too much.


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