Chapter 195 Yufan

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『Did you say your name is Yufan?』





I asked her, and Yufan eyes widen.





Then followed by a cheeky grin.





『Wow! Butcher, you can actually talk!』




『If you get down on your knees naked and apologize right now, I'll let you go home in one piece.』




At least I want to restore my pride, even just a little bit after getting humiliated like that.




don't you know your place? Do you have a pea brain after all?”』




Yufan pulled the chain that was wrapped around me with one hand and smiled with her sharp teeth.






Then……..without a noise, another Dao sword slipped through the gap in her clothes and settled in her other hand.




Are you a magician? Size-wise it doesn't make any sense for her to have that many stuff under your clothes.
Is it alien mystery magic again or…….





『I actually don't have any direct connection to Coronzon.
but I do owe Nordens a debt.
Butcher, I'm going to take your head.』




『I don't dislike someone who is committed to the task.
I rightfully killed this Coronzon guy on the battlefield, Isn't that wrong to hold a grudge against me because of that?』




『If a rumor starts that a subhuman has taken the lives of the hero of Maghrekanar, then it will be bad for business for us Nocturnes!』




『Hiding the truth is not cool.』




『……You, you were a subhuman right?』





Yufan raised her eyebrows and continued with a sarcastic tone in her voice.




『 It must be hard to live in that disgusting body.
Now, give up and give me your head.』




『I'm getting used to being a butcher now.  I enjoy fucking women and eating them.
If you want, I can fuck you before I eat you too.
Oh, but would that be necrophilia?』








Yufan pulls the chain harder.





 I took advantage of this moment and grabbed the chain back.




Immediately, the chain that was wrapped around my body changed color, and shattered, crumbling into pieces.









The sudden loss of tension in the chain caused Yufan to lose her balance and stumble on the spot.





 Even if the butcher's power does not work on her, it works on the weapon.




At this, even she could not hide her surprise.
Perhaps it was the shock of having one of her proud weapons destroyed.







She then shows an opening, and I hit her with Butcher's howl with all my might.









Yufan fell to her knees powerlessly, caught in a deafening roar that could have easily shattered the rock.




She held her head, unable to move as if she were suffering from anemia.



―― The souls that had been marked will cower at the mere sound of the Butcher's murderous roar, and accept death.




All I have to do is eat the prey that has lost the will to resist.




“—- Kukkaaakk‼!”




Yufan shouted, her spirit defeated.





Then, an invisible wave of energy radiated from her.

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 Yufan gritted her teeth and stood up, thrusting her Dao sword to the ground.






It looks like she's somehow managed to break free from the on her own.
Can she do that? That's honestly amazing.





But in a fight with the Butcher, even a momentary pause can be fatal.




 When she got up, I was already kicking the ground and running.




I saw Yufan hurriedly readying her Dao sword, but it was too late.





I ran past her then swung my claw at her, and I felt a light touch.







Her arm, which was still holding the Dao sword, twirled and flew up in the blue sky.












She lost an arm and yet she did not fall.





Blue blood spurted from her shoulder, and she turned to face me, her body shaking unsteadily.
The eyes behind the paper were burning with hatred.





 I, on the other hand, made a U-turn.
I pounced on Yufan without mercy, pushed her down, and mounted her.




 –This woman has unimaginable strength.
It would be impossible to restrain her by force so I decided to kill her.
No need to go easy on her




 I bit her shoulder with my lip-less mouth.





Munching, crunching.
The texture of flesh and bone is soothing.




 I bit off her shoulder and her clothes, and the blue blood gushed out.





 But then….




『Don't lick me!!!!』




Despite the fact that her shoulder was so badly injured that the bone was visible, Yufan shoved her nearly severed arm into her pocket, pulled out a dagger from inside, and prepared to continue the fight.




『I'm gonna blast your heart out with my incendiary explosive blade!!』




Impressive nerve.
Normally, when something like this happens, the pain and shock would make them stop moving.




『――W-……what what is this!?』





However, the incendiary explosive sword that she had taken out was now rusted and tattered.





This was the moment when Jiangshi, who had remained calm even after losing her arm, finally looked shaken.



My is infectious.
That time, the chain had extended from under her clothes.
By now, all of her hidden weapons were probably rotting away.




『I'm sorry, but I don't think you have much left in your weapons collection.』




『Damn it!! You fucker!!』




Yufan became enraged and began to flail wildly under me.




Her shoulder had been destroyed, but her monstrous strength was very much present.
 Each time she violently attacked me, my body was almost knocked off.
Jiangshi is amazing.




Even though I had done this much, she didn't lose her will to fight.




 I wanted to ask her many questions, and I wanted to fuck her, but….
I guess it was inevitable







When Yufan, who had been forced to the ground, was hit with a butcher's cry from point-blank range, her entire body was once again weakened.



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Then I swung the down on Yufan's unprotected chest.








With a quiet thud, it skewered her chest and pierced it through, stop bt the ground behind it.




–It was cold, and her heart wasn't beating.





 As I thought about this and tried to pull my hand out, I felt a sharp pain in my arm.




I looked and saw that I had got bitten.








In retaliation, Yufan's sharp teeth dug into the flesh of my arm.





Butcher's blood splattered and wet her murderous face red.
Her face was still filled with the will to fight and a cruel smile.





The expression was soon distorted into a vexed smirk.




『What? can't get enough of my hex!?』




『This Woman ….』




  It hurts.
I am getting pissed.




 Actually, it hurt a lot when I was hit with a hammer earlier.
I was getting really angry.





 I swung my claws horizontally and several streaks of light ran through them.




The front of Yufan's clothes ripped open, and the flesh underneath also ripped and peeled open.
A few claw marks etched into the pale skin.
the purple guts that twisted in her body now exposed.




Yet she does not stop moving.
She continued to resist, biting off as much of my flesh as her mouth could.
She was like a stray rabid dog.




 I, on the other hand, was a beast, but a well-trained beast.






 I turned my body around and took Yufan's leg.




Snap! I heard a nice sound.




I decided on a one-legged sprain hickey as I dropped down my weight and went on to destroy her ankle joint with all my might, snapping it in half.








 I ignored her swearing, got up, and stomped on her back.





In a very fluid motion, I grabbed Yufan's remaining arm and pulled it out from her shoulder.




With a sickening sound, her arm was ripped off.
The thick tendons pulled out from her shoulders stretched out like rubber.




 Now, the suppression is complete.
Yufan now had only one leg left.
Both arms are gone, and one leg is bent in the opposite direction.
Even in such a state, she was still able to talk, zombie is really something.





 I kicked the loser Jiangshi woman and turned her on her back.




As a declaration of victory, I eat her freshly ripped arm.




 To show it off to her, Munch, munch, munch




Munch, munch, munch








You don't taste as good as you look…….What is this, dirt?』




  It's that or rotten old meat.
I'm disappointed, even though she looks like a rather beautiful girl.
It's like going to bed with that person you've always dreamed of, only to be shocked to find out has a horrible body smell.




『Gu……what a freak monster ……
you are!』




Yufan utters a gurgling, foaming mouthful of blood.

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『Why does everything I attack with a hex repel every time? And what was that skill you just used? How can you inflict a negative status on me if it's not ? Are you really a butcher?』




Her heart was crushed.




The abdomen was split open, internal organs splattered, and both arms were gone.
One leg was destroyed.
Yet she is still conscious.
This is beyond the level of being tough.
What the hell is this thing? You are the one who is a freak.






–So, can she survive without her head intact?





I lifted my leg to stomp on Yufan's head with the sole of my foot.




『Wait, Jibodan』




Ferris stopped me.




『You better not destroy Yufan's talisman.』




 She holds my arm and heals my wound.
It's warm.
I've been thinking about it for a while, but this healing magic of Ferris is very calming.




『She can't be helped anymore.
If you don't want to see it, Ferris can go over there』




『No, that's not what I meant.』




 Shaking her head, Ferris continues.




『Jiangshi's “soul” is divided into two, the anima and the spirit, the anima resides in the tomb in and the other half, the spirit, resides in the flesh.  The talisman is the magical vessel that binds the soul.』




『Y-You smelly brat!!』




Hmmm, I have no idea…….




It sounds like it was important information, but I don't understand the significance of it.




『Canyou please make it a little simple enough for a child to understand?』




『Well…….  if this Yufan's physical body stops working altogether, or if the talisman is destroyed, a new Yufan will be resurrected from a grave somewhere far away.』




『Hey!! I've been thinking about it for a while now, Why are you siding with the butcher!!』





Resurrecting from the grave?





――Aha, I see.




That's why she came all by herself Because she doesn't care if she dies.
How convenient.




『Then how do I kill her?』




I asked.
Ferris looked down at Yufan at her feet and said.




『By destroying the tomb.
And since she is half dead, to begin with, it might be better to call Buddha.
That creepy body is also made of clay…….
Oh, but Evernight is very far from here.
I don't even know the exact location of the grave…….』




『Oh, what a pain in the ass.』




『Yep, It's quite a hassle, so let's just bury her deep in the ground and leave her there.
If we let the microorganisms decompose it slowly, she'll be quiet during that time.』








 The Jiangshi woman screamed with a hint of impatience at the bottom of my feet.
It's working, it's working.




『Hey that Dragon over there, help me!!』




Then Arshella waved her hands dismissively.




『No, you just attacked us on your own and they return the favor.
We are the official ambassadors of Faymbaum.
We can't get involved in a personal battle.
Besides, we are strictly forbidden by Dantalion to engage in battle with the Titania camp.
We don't want any trouble here.』




Yufan groaned at Arshella's surprisingly noble response.




『Hey, Gevaudan.
If you kill her and she goes back to Elysium, you'll be in trouble.
If she gets angry and says that the negotiations were unsuccessful or that we betrayed her, or whatever, we don't want her to say anything.
Just lock her up.』




『……– you idiot!』




 Yufan sneered.



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『You're not going to get away with this, This talisman is special, If I don't renew it for a certain period of time, it will burn up on its own! When I get back, I'm going to report you guys to the demon king! Prepare yourselves!!』




『Tsk, this woman……』




 Arshella clicked her tongue and looked bitter.




You sound like a big deal, but inside you're just a whiny little girl.
You're a little bit cute, Yufan, all smug and full of the attitude like a little guy.





 Suddenly …….a white hand reached out from the side.





 It was Titania.




 She was standing next to me, escorted by Spriggan.
She was still in a foul mood from her argument with Ferris and was spilling the crackling anger from her curled horns.





 She raised her right hand above her ……
and chanted something in her mouth.




With that hand, she catches hold of the empty air.




Then her fist burst into flames.
It was a very unusual black flame.




The lightning and the flames …..



If she can cause an earthquake, it would be earthquake, thunder, fire, and Titania[1].
While I was thinking of such a silly pun, she held out her burning palm toward Yufan.





As I watched to see what was going to happen, a black circle spread out in the air with a buzzing sound at the tip of her hand.
There, something like a pattern or a letter was being drawn on it.
A magic circle.








Titania said something and gave a very wicked grin.





 Then, to my surprise, a letter shot out of the magic circle and was sucked into Yufan's talisman.





『――Wha-What is this!?』




Yufan's face was filled with horror, as if sensing something.





 The red letters on the paper were overwritten by the pitch-black letters of Titania, which settled with a puff of smoke.




Speechless, Yufan peered at the talisman, leaning back and stunned.




Titania looks down at her and snorts with satisfaction.




Ferris comes forward with a funny look on her face.




『Kufufufu, So unsightly ……
Jibodan, because that Jiangshi woman can't even go back to Evernight on her own anymore.
It doesn't matter what you do to her as long as you don't destroy her completely.
She is dead anyway, so make remember for the rest of her time.』




Ferris, you are strangely spiteful toward this Jiangshi woman, aren't you? I wonder what relationship they had.




『Well, I guess it all turns out okay?』




Arshella scratched the back of her head with a subtle look on her face.





『Hey, what did Titania say earlier?』





I'm really curious about what she said with that sadistic look on her face.








 Arshella hesitated and looked sideways at Titania.




『――-What a fool, reveal all of your cards like that.』





Oh, that makes sense.
I wondered if Titania always talked like that.





『I've never heard of such a power to forcefully override magic.
there's a ritual but to complete it instantly without any preparation is a power I've never heard of.
Titania is indeed very skilled with magic.』




 Arshella explained in a voice that contained a hint of nervousness, but I could not understand what she was saying at all, so I simply ignored her explanation.





 I was more than happy to imagine her way of speaking, which I still couldn't understand.


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