d blade–a chakram.
I had never encountered such an ancient weapon before.





You keep coming up with unusual weapons, are you a weapons enthusiast? I'm a firearms fanatic.
We seem to get along well.






I knocked down the second chakram that flew at me.





Having stopped my footsteps like this, I can no longer shake off the chain.
The distance between me and Yufan closes in.




 –At that moment, I saw Titania about to make a move.




 I send a waiting gesture toward her.





Perhaps I appear to be outmatched but I can handle this one on my own.
Nevertheless, I should consider the possibility that there are others lurking around the corner and targeting us. 





 Now, I'm far enough.
Let the counterattack begin.





 I grip the butcher knife with both hands.





Yufan sees this and, with a grin on her face, charges directly into my range.
She accelerates tremendously, leaving the gust of wind behind her.




I bit my teeth as I timed the moment.





Immediately, the surges forth.
Most living creatures will be unable to move if exposed to it.





 This should slow Yufan down.





If she stops, she is a fish on the chopping block.
I could cook her any way I wanted.





However, my hopes were easily shattered.




 Yufan came charging through the miasma, swinging her Dao sword.
The momentum of her charge does not falter.





Somewhat surprised that the miasma had no effect on her, I took the blow of the Dao sword with my butcher knife.





 A violent metallic sound rises, and electric shocks run through my arms and shoulders.








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 It was like being hit with a rock.
She was built like a normal girl, yet she hit me with an impact comparable to that of the giant centipede, No.5





Amidst the miasma, Yufan continued to strike freely with a series of blows with an indifferent expression on her face.





 All of her attacks were heavy blows.




 –It seemed that the miasma was having no effect on her.




I've never encountered anything like this before.




 Is this the elite of the aliens?





Taking advantage of the split second of the barrage of sword strikes, I kicked the Jiangshi woman out of the way.




Then, I exhaled a from my mouth.
I could see the marbled vapor enveloping her.




It's open space, so it's not going to kill her instantly, but it will do some damage.
Or so I thought.




 –But then.




 Yufan ignored this and slashed at me with the Dao in one hand.
It didn't work at all.










In order not to let her know how shocked I was inside, I slashed at her while shouting.





 We glared at each other while our blades collide.






『――Not bad, Butcher!!』






 The talisman girl flashed her sharp teeth.






Her attack was heavy.
It was like having a fistfight with a hydraulic excavator.






I kick the ground and push Yufan back with my whole body.





She did not resist but ducked and jumped backward.
However, she does not retreat.
She came forward again and tried to get into my chest.





 –She must think that because of my size, close-quarters combat is advantageous.





Indeed, when I am forced to defend myself, I can't swing my knife freely.
It's a masterful move that puts the opponent at a continual disadvantage and keeps the flow of the battle in your hands.




 I see.
This Jiangshi woman was physically strong.
With a brave heart, she is adept at handling a wide variety of weapons and has the tactical knowledge and experience to execute them.
She is a true professional.




I was a little bit skeptical at first because she looks so weak.





 But you know what?





 I'm a professional too!




For the third time, I pushed her back with my arm, and in the brief opening I created, I held my butcher knife high in the air.




 It was a blatant pose of a hard-hitting attack.




Yufan's eyes narrowed for a moment when she saw such an opening, but she immediately dropped to her haunches and raised her Dao sword above her head.






She was ready to take on the butcher's wood-chopping strike.




 Her eyes, half-hidden behind the talisman, showed no hesitation or fear.
She must be very confident in her physical strength.




She looks a little like a cute Asian girl, but she's a serious opponent for a butcher.





But my goal was to make her feel overconfident.




–She has been treating me like I'm inferior to her for a while now, and she keeps showing off her moves.




It would have been better to avoid such a big attack and counter, but she went out of her way to try to block it.





I guess her intention was to show off her power by crushing the butcher, an all muscle with no brain monster head-on.




Well, that's not going to happen.
I'll make you regret it.






Seeing Yufan's feet stop, I let go of the knife on top of my head.






I saw her big eyes shining from behind the talisman contorted in surprise for a moment.





I take that opportunity to grab her.




My plan was to strike her down with a kumite.




I'm going to break your joints!




I had set up a double trap, Yufan would probably jump backward and escape, and then I would attack her with my claws and chop her.






 But Yufan did not run away.
To my surprise, she also let go of her Dao sword and reached out with both hands.




『――Fu grrr!!』






Both of us dropped our weapons and put our hands together.
We are in a position in which our foreheads are pressed together in a contest of strength.




Yufan, with blue veins popping on her face, challenges my strength head-on.




It's frustrating, but it's the correct response.
If she had chosen to use a weapon, she would have been torn to shreds by my claws.



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But once we pair up, the game is mine now.
Let's use Butcher's arm strength and my Ground techniques to hold her down and publicly violate her.





And just when I was licking my lips in anticipation.




The view suddenly turned upside down.










A hovering sensation hit me in my flowing field of vision.





Immediately, I felt a shock on my back.






I think I had slipped on the ground, breaking trees, and my face was smeared with mud.











 I tried to crush Yufan with the monstrous strength of a butcher, but I got thrown backward.





 I can't believe it.
My pride was hurt.
Even a butcher has self-respect.
even if it's an abysmal amount.




『Aww too bad!! I have a stronger arm than you!!』




I lifted my head at the sound of her voice.





What I saw was Yufan, swinging a huge hammer and leaping at me with glee.





 –What is that? Where did you get that from!?




 In the nick of time, I jumped to the side to avoid the hammer's downward swing.
Right after that, there was an earthquake, the ground exploded, and mud splattered all over the place.






 It was obviously a big hammer, bigger than Yufan's body, and it looked like it weighed 100 tons.
Where on earth did she keep it? I didn't feel any sense that someone had handed it to her either.





 I grabbed a log lying nearby and threw it at her.






However, she did not even avoid it, but instead swung a hammer head-on, smashed through the log, and rushed toward me in a straight line, along with the wood chips.






 I could not avoid the next hammer blow.





 The hammer struck me horizontally, and a devastating force of blow went through my body.






 The butcher's huge body was easily blown away and rolled on the ground.





I immediately tried to stand up, but I felt stiff all over my body and couldn't move properly.






When I stuck my hands out and raised up, a large number of chains were already wrapped around my entire body.





I looked at the source of the chains and saw Yufan with a proud look on her face.





『I caught you, smart butcher.』





 I've never been beaten so badly by an alien since I became a Butcher.
It hurts and it's frustrating …….




I suppressed the Butcher's ferocity that was rising up with frustration.





I get up and engage Yufan in a tug-of-war situation with the chain.
Amazingly, she didn't even flinch when I pulled with all my might.




『Jiangshi is one of the strongest in Miforsis in terms of arm strength alone! Be on your guard! And most of the debuffs won't work on her because her body is dead! Fight with your skills!』




Arshella's too-late advice rang out.
Alongside Ferris and the others, she formed a megaphone with her hands and went into audience mode.




–How awesome is that, A body that is already dead? So she's a zombie then? She got some serious arms for a zombie.





『Jiangshi has no magic skills! They are all melee! You just have to be patient while you deal with it! Beat up that rotten woman Jibodan!』





『Why do you tell him!?』




 Jiangshi woman glared at them accusingly.





『Damn it ……
I'll remember this!! Wait until when we get back!!』





 She pulled the chain with all her might, and my big body was dragged away.
My heels were pulling up dirt, but Yufan didn't care and kept on pulling.





 –I'm not going to let her get the better of me.





But it is impossible to subdue her by going easy on her.





What a ridiculous power.





I should just kill her.






Yufan is still on guard as she turns her attention to Ferris and the others.
The beast's killing intent slammed into her.





 The next moment, I suddenly felt a small pleasant response that suddenly scratched my soul.





 –I see.





So this one works.





 I chuckled to myself.


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