e straw doll for a while, Titania regained her composure, pulled me by the arm, and we headed towards the Ant Hill Castle.




 The castle was covered in white snow and perfectly camouflaged.
At first glance, it looked like just another mountain.
I was relieved.




However, when I entered the castle, I found that the interior had been greatly expanded.
the tunnels were larger, deeper, and wider, the number of rooms had increased, and the infrastructure inside had become more advanced.
The number and variety of insects had also increased.




Their obsessive desire to build was not heading for the sky, but for the underground.





The room that caught my attention was the one with many amber-colored balls hanging from the ceiling.




I observed them closely and found that they were the stomachs of ants, The belly of an ant clinging to the ceiling was filled with a large amount of nectar and swelled up to resemble a ball.






 Titania took one of them from me as I looked up at her with interest.
She picked it up with a hand as if she was plucking an apple.  





 She poked a hole in its belly, and thick nectar overflowed from inside.
The image of the amber-colored slime sticking to her fingers like a string of white fluid was just as erotic as the model from the magazine.




I licked her alluring finger and found myself in a state of heavenly delight.






 Delicious!! Not even Royal Jelly can match this!! This is also Nutritious!! Even my son down there is getting a little twitchy!!




While we both enjoyed ourselves, I followed her through the upgraded Ant Hill Castle.



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 We eventually arrived at a familiar room deep underground.






It was a room with a golden fountain and an egg-shaped object in the center.
It is the bathing room.





 The color of the egg seems to be getting darker…….





 When I entered the room, there were two men standing near the fountain.
Both are spartan ugly men.





–Seriously, it seems that these Spartan Ugly Men are soldiers that Titania has stationed there.






“Spriggan, Spriggan.”





 She called them both Spriggans, respectively.
Maybe that's the kind of troops they belong to.





But a forbidden love between the Imperial Guard and the queen is so iconic, isn't it? I can't let my guard down.
If anything happens, I'll shoot you all to death with a 20mm.




 As I was sending such murderous intent in all directions, Titania stood by the fountain and threw the straw doll into the fountain.






 She followed after it and stepped into the fountain herself.





 And what she picked up from the bottom of the fountain were a golden straw doll and a silver straw doll.





 –A golden axe and a silver axe, right?





The golden straw doll and the silver straw doll were in Titania's hands.






They stand up stiffly as I stare at them.










Each of them stomped on Titania's palms, doing various warm-up exercises.





Forward bending, stretching, bending.
Finally, they both held hands and bowed like a curtain call.
Even confetti flew out of nowhere.





Clap, clap, clap.





 Spriggan clapped in unison.




 – Wow …….




I clapped my hands, but my feelings are mixed.
What is this?





I was looking at it with a little bit of a blank look on my face.





 Titania seemed to notice that, and handed me the gold doll and said to the silver doll in her hand “◇●#ー※!”




 At the same time, I heard the same voice from the gold doll in my hand, “◇●#ー※!”




Oh, …….So is this like a telephone call?







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 Pointing at Gold-san and Silver-san, Titania proudly puffed out her chest.








Unable to resist her bouncing, swaying breasts under her dress, I pushed her down on the spot.











 We spent the next few days peacefully and uneventfully.




 Titania was exhausted.




She had dark circles under her eyes and was looking a little worn out.




I was a little excited.
I couldn't stop ejaculating thanks to the fact that she immediately responded to my request and prepared the gold and silver kodama.
Also, the honey was very effective.




 I had been playing with it for a long time after I discovered the code that when Titania said “Ravios” I whispered “Al” in her ear and she got all wet with “♡♡”.
Then I use it endlessly.




 Today is a rest day.





 I was out alone on the terrace enjoying the winter scenery.
Somewhat in a wise man's mode.





This terrace was so high up that I could look over the whitened landscape.





The icicles covering the surface of the ground reflected the flickering light, and the wind blowing through the withered trees caused a quaint blizzard.
I never tire of watching the backs of the white rabbits, which leave defenseless footprints on the ground, thinking no one is watching.





 My footprints which I had left the other day when I returned home from Fort, were already gone.
The snow in the vicinity of the ant-hill castle is as smooth as evened-out cream.





The snow is a good indicator of the presence of a scout.
If an intruder were to come, I would know immediately.
The visibility is also improved, and winter is an advantageous season for the defenders.




Looking down from this position, I also noticed something else.




The snow was thick from the Ant Hill Castle to Fort 88, but not so thick in the opposite direction towards Feymbaum, where the soil could be seen on the surface of the distant alien lands.
It was a bizarre snowfall as if it was aimed at the Fort.
It smelled like fantasy stuff was in play again.





As I was thinking about this, suddenly, With a tingle, the scent of prey emerged in my mind.




What is that?




I looked in the direction where I felt it, and saw two lines of lights from the distant Faymbaum, growing toward me.
If I were to use an analogy, it would be similar to the streetlights on both sides of the road lighting up one after the other in sequence as they approached closer.








A drop of water hit my cheek.





 When I looked up, the sky was clear.
Not a single cloud in the sky.





No matter how much sudden the weather change, Rain simply can't occur in such a clear sky…….





However, raindrops hit my face continuously.








 Titania came out onto the terrace as well.




 Standing next to me, she stared at the line of lights approaching from the distance with sharp eyes.
She, too, seemed to sense something was wrong.





Then, let's counterattack them.

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