at happened to be open.




“Hoho, you're quite good! There are some fantasy drawings too …
Oh, isn't this a drawing of a Bigfoot? Oh, I see you like this kind of thing! I'm also collecting a lot of stuff on this kind of topic.
Let's show each other our stuff next time…….
Wow, what's this? Erotic drawings!? How much do you want for this piece?”





Eugene flipped through the pages and was very excited.
He immediately started negotiating to buy it, but all were ignored by Yakumo.
He is an immovable wall.





 Then Abigail returns.





“Okay, that's it.
Let's go home.
Nice to meet you, Natsuki-chan, Yakumo-kun.
The woman over here is InoRyder.
She's my girlfriend.
This one is Rudra.
He's my friend.
You can ignore that shady guy over there.”





“Oh wai-.”





 Leaving Eugene, Abigail and the others headed home.





 On the way, InoRyder spoke as if she just recalled something.





“Oh, right.
Abby, I think I can make an appointment with former captain Garnier.”





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“Thank you InoRyder.
as expected, I can count on you.”





“hmmm, that's ….
Hehehe …”





“Hey, what's that?”





Rudra poked at the spider that Yakumo was holding.






“It's a well-made figurine, right? The texture and hairs are just amazing.
Do you like insects?”






 InoRyder also poked and prodded it.




 Abigail watches on with a sense of relief.
As someone who knows what it really was, she is not at all at ease.
Secretly, She sent Niblo a small wave and a wink.





 Let Captain McLaren continue to pursue the shadow of the fictional Bigfoot instead of Gevaudan.
He also has to continue his investigation of the multiple cases of disappearances.
As a matter of fact, Abigail is also interested in this case.





— The connection with Eugene may be of more use than I anticipated.
If I can get him to write an article at the right time, he will be more than willing to help.






— There will come a time when I will have to talk with InoRyder and the others.





Gevaudan said that someone betrayed him, but InoRyder is definitely innocent.
It is unthinkable that she would harm Nigel.




 Rudra and Vani are also safe.
They have no contact with Nigel at the time.




I want to explain the situation to InoRyder as soon as possible.




 But it would be dangerous to do it too soon.
If rumors spread that I could speak with the Butcher, my position would be in danger.





–I will have to rely on Logan to help me with Natsuki and Yakumo.
He is the only connection I have now that can get them a place in the central.





–And the matter of Yakumo's ability.
It must never, ever be revealed to anyone.





Natsuki now knows that Gevaudan was once called Nigel, but she has no idea about the relationship between Nigel and Abigail.
She hopes that she will never find out in the future.
The girls would be safer if they went to the central office without getting involved.





It is becoming a very complicated situation, but I must do it.
Abigail bit her in determination.




 What did Nigel, the golden grim reaper, see at Fort 89 and how did she end up there?




 Who betrayed her?





 Time was running out.
and I was worried about Gevaudan's mental state.





 If I were to describe Gevaudan's current state in a few words, it would be a wildfire in a deep, secluded forest.





The fire is still smoldering, and there is plenty of fuel around it.
Once the wind blows and the fire starts to spread, everything nearby will be consumed by it in the blink of an eye, and the fire will spread to a devastating catastrophe that will eradicate any living creature that it swallows.





 Once that happens, no one will be able to stop it, and in the end, it would turn all other areas into scorched earth and eventually end itself.
Abigail had a premonition that was approaching.





The most effective way to extinguish a fire of this magnitude was to destroy the place around it.





While the fire is still small, cut down the surrounding trees in order to cut off the path for the fire to spread, then allow the flames to burn down to the point where not even a trace of embers remain and wait for the temperature to slowly cool down.

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That secluded forest is Fort 88.




For that reason, minimal sacrifice was necessary.





Abigail also has a nagging feeling about this place.
It may be killing two birds with one stone to squeeze the pus out of the most important alliance of the entire human race.





 That is Abigail's current perception.





I want to get it over with and then snuggle up next to him as soon as possible.





 If possible, we can go somewhere far away —- just the two of us.





“–Now, what do you want to eat tonight?”





 Abigail turned around.





 Yakumo's notebook was already open.





“…….Hamburger hm?”






“I also want to try Valhalla's pound hamburger.”






 Immediately, Rudra was on board with Yakumo's idea.






“Oh, that sounds good! It's been a while since I've had a proper meat dish!”





“Natsuki-chan, do you have something in mind?”





“Yes, I like ……
spicy food.”






“Then why don't you try Pepper Paradise? Heh heh heh.”





“Pepper Paradise? What's that?”





Natsuki, who had been keeping her distance from InoRyder, who she had just met for the first time, took the bait.




“It is a taco stuffed with spicy salsa.
Made with a variety of chili peppers from all over the world. Habanero and Jolokia are the base ingredients and there're also bell pepper, paprika, hawk claw, jalapeno, serrano, and more.  It is said that if you eat it, you will ascend and be taken to the real heaven, Valhalla.”




“That's amazing!”





“It is also known as a Tear gas taco.
If you can finish it, you'll definitely become famous in Valhalla.”





Rudra added without showing any expression as Natsuki's eyes lit up with sparkles.





Abigail looked at the scene and said with a wry smile.




“Well then, Valhalla it is.”





The snow had finally stopped falling, and the cramped sky of the Fort was covered with stars after a long absence.


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