it was so natural.”




“Indeed! So this is the bloodline of the Great Yokai!! Surely a worthy recruits target!”




“Yufan……” Nordens raised his eyebrows “You not even guard it in time.”




“Ugh, shut up! That was a surprise attack!”





“If it had been on the battlefield, you would have been sent back to your grave without time to complain.
Put away the weapon in your hand for now.
You're in town.
If not, Orlando will give you a good beating later.”





 With that, the place suddenly became lively again.





The crowd was suddenly excited, and the people around them were chatting and yelling, Likely to place a bet.





 All of the parties involved who had been swept up in the atmosphere are now sighed in unison, discouraged from fighting. 






“……You remember, little fox.”






“Next time I hear you say something funny, I'll bury you back under the grave and turn you into a dog pissing hole.”





After exchanging fiery gazes, Yufan gave a small snort and then turned on her heel.




“Nodens! Hurry up and go to Orlando's place!”




“Yeah, I'll take the sausages first.
Dupont, Send the bill to the inn.
Papameyan, we're going frist.”





 With these words, Nodens had the female vampire carry the bundle of blood sausages and left Minosland with Yufan.






“–Moooooooo! That's really got on my nerve!!!”




Ferris made a fist and shouted with her adorable voice into the winter sky.








“Huh? –ha, yes!”




“I'm going to Jibodan's place!”




“Yeah! …… Eh!?”


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Lydia's cheeks were tightened and she looked up.




“Hey, but Lydia is under house arrest.”





Dupont chides her, but Ferris doesn't listen.




“I'm not breaking my house arrest.
Because I'm getting kidnapped.”









“Kakakakakakkak! If the prodigy of the Nine-Tailed insists, How can Lilith's favored daughter can ever resist.”












Ferris steps up to him, grabbing him and continuing.






“I need your help with something!”






“Oh, you want a favor from me? I would normally charge an exorbitant price, but it's an investment for you in the future owe me then…”




“No don't, don't do it,” said Dupont, waving his hand in front of his face.





“You're going to get yourself in trouble if you get involved with these rascals”




“Hohoho! If I refuse after being disrespected this much, I would rather weep for the name of Highland Zephyr! Say your request,  heir of the most beautiful fox in the land!”





“And Mr.
Dupont too!”





“Oh? Me too??”





 Ferris began to talk with a lively voice.





 Watching this scene, Arshella was a little disappointed that she couldn't go on a rampage, but she let out a sigh of relief.






“–She finally detonates and lets out the highest level of stress in her life.
All thanks to that Jiangshi woman.”





 Then Tiriel added. 




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“Then how about send her a thank-you note like 'thank you for making Ferris let it all out, You made us all laugh, and it cheered her up' oh, and maybe send her some snacks too.”




“That's a no no, Tiriel”





Arshella looked at her with half-opened eyes.




“It won't only make her embarrassed……
but it'll also get on that Jiangshi woman's nerves.
Don't do it.”




“Oh, no good?”




“It's stirring up the pot.
It's almost like a declaration of war.
And the next time we meet, we're going to fight for sure if we send that.
Although you're really smart, sometimes you're really clumsy …….”




 Arshella had already grasped Tiriel's somewhat screw-loose traits.




“Is that so?” Tiriel mumbled and tilted her head.





“Is there anyone in this world who get angry when they get sweets?





Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks and stared into the air with a stern look in her eyes.









“What's wrong?”





Arshella was a little taken back by Tiriel's strange behavior.





“I think I just overheard something amazing…….”





 The two of them looked at each other, blinking their eyes.




On the other side, Papameyan, who was listening to Ferris's conversation, look at the sun on the horizon.




I would like to hear more about it, but I have to get to Orlando soon.
I will hear the rest of the story when I get back.”





“Are you seriously going to help me?”





“Of course.
Of course.
This is very interesting.”





Valkyrie only furrowed her brow, but then she raises an important question.





“– So ….
Who is this Jibodan?”





When he was asked about the crucial point, Dupont just shrugged his shoulders and did not say anything.

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