Chapter 187 Some kind of string

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Dupont leaned over the counter and looked around.




“I was not expecting you guys to come all the way to the subhuman world already.
What happened to the rest?”





“We were in the process of suppressing a massive 'stampede' that occurred on the north.
We were going to refuse at first because we can't let it run loose, and-“





Papameyan shifted the eyeballs of his mask to look around and saw several figures walking toward him from across the street.



“Nn! Seriously …….”




Arshella straightened her neck and stared in that direction.





The first figure was a man with skin as white as a wax doll, with a black cloak draped over his body as he walked.
Next to him were two women dressed as maids and holding umbrellas over them, both of their skin also similarly white as him.





Next to them walked a woman in a strange outfit, with a piece of paper stuck to her face.
She was wearing a cloak too.





“That person at the front must be a vampire!”





“Vampire …….”





 Tiriel exclaimed at Ferris's remark.






The figure casually raised his hand as he came to the front of the butcher shop and called out.










And you are…..Yufan? you've changed your equipment.”




“Yo, Uncle!”




The girl called Yufan looks easygoing.
When she opened her mouth, she had a shark-like set of teeth with a talisman stuck to her face.




Nodens speaks teasingly.




“How long has it been since I've seen you? Has your face sagged a bit?”




“Both you and Papameyan…….I still have enough energy to shove my horns to your heart you know?”




“Looks like it…….
one bratwurst (blood sausage) please.”

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Nordens pointed to the store's shelf, and Dupont snorted at him.




“Only Elysium gold coin, you can't use Evernight gem here.”




“Of course I brought them.”




As they began their conversation peacefully, Tiriel pointed a finger at them.





“Hey, that woman next to the vampire, the one that has a talisman on her face, do you think she's….”





“Jiangshi(geung-si, Kyon-shi),  , I've never seen one before!”




 Ferris said.





“So that's Jiangshi…….”





Arshella continued as Tiriel muttered.





“The Highland Zephyr has some ,  the natives from   with them. And I'm pretty sure both of those guys are”




 are not true undead.
True undead is those whose bodies have died and been transformed, refusing to perish.
but the Nocturnes are different, they have undergone some sort of ritual to suspend their bodies before they die.





Because of their longing for immortality, they have a very different way of thinking about “material things” from the general people, resulting in many disagreements and conflicts.  So they live in a place called where the sun never shines without being associated with regular races, which is also under the control of the Demon King.




Papameyan was munching on a meat skewer (the jaws of his mask were moving by some mysterious principle) and conversing with Dupont.





“So I was officially given the task of defeating Titania.
And the reason for Nodens and his team is…”




“I read the report.
Our target, the Butcher, was that subhuman who killed Coronzon.”




 Nodens said, interrupting Papameyan.





“I thought I destroyed the corpse that time until it was beyond revival and threw the soul into the butcher, but I didn't expect it to still have a vestige of its soul left.
If I don't get rid of it this time, I will ruin the name of Maghrekanar and Coronzon.”




“That's why.
I'm going to avenge him.”





Hearing Papameyan's words, Arshella's mind began to spin.


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“Nordens and Yufan are former members of the Maghrekanar.
I see ……
Highland Zephyr has come to avenge Coronzon.
Gevaudan, it's going to be tough for you to deal with all of them by yourself…….”




 Ferris said to Arshella, who groaned.




“Don't worry about Jibodan! He's very strong!”




 But the dragon girl's expression did not brighten.




“I don't deny it, but these ……
people are professionals at killing monsters, If they all group up, it will be six against one.
If they're all planning and attacking him, it doesn't matter how much they know, he's in danger–“




Arshella has witnessed the scene where Gevaudan was restrained by the ritual and nearly beheaded by Dantalion.
Gevaudan is strong, but he is not invincible.








Arshella's shoulders jolted as she suddenly heard a voice from behind her.





When she turned around, she saw that the jiangshi girl called Yufan was somehow standing behind the bench, peeking in on the three of them.





Her unique hairstyle was eye-catching, with her hair in a curly bun and her pigtails wrapped like rings on either side, but most of all, it was her Talisman.
The Talisman on her forehead was the strangest thing She's ever seen.




 Her clothes have long sleeves and only the tips of her hands are visible.
She wears a cloak over her overall uniquely loose-fitting attire.




“This fox girl, isn't that the kid in the report who had a butcher as a pet?”




“Yeah, looks like it.”




 A female vampire seeps out of Ferris's shadow and stands up.
She was the one who was standing next to Nodens.




“I thought you might be more powerful for those who had a butcher as a pet, but it looks like you're just a little kid.”









 Ferris' head was being held down by Yufan.
The female vampire laughed amusedly when she saw that.





But I think you're quite special, in a kinky kind of way…….
I know a bed-crazed vampire a long time ago, She tried to make a butcher into her pet, failed, and disappeared after being devoured without a piece of meat left.
Isn't that funny?”




“Hey, how did you play with your butcher? Were you guys playing together too?”




Ferris was at the mercy of Yufan, who roughly grabbed her head, but she kept quiet and let her do what she wanted.




 Lydia saw this and came running toward them in a panic.

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 Tiriel also stood up from the bench and shouted.




“Hey! You–“




“Nn, what is it?”





Her saw-like teeth peeked out, and the eyes behind the talisman stared at her.
It was eerie that her face was not only pale but also has earthy, chalky color.










 Tiriel flinched involuntarily.
She was not good at picking fights.




“Hey, don't touch it.”




 Arshella stopped Tiriel.
Meanwhile, Ferris was being left on her own with Yufan.





“Why!? Arshella! Don't you frustrated that they speak to Ferris that way!? I'm so pissed!! are you scared!? I know you teach her with your fists! Get 'em!!”




“That person doesn't know what she's dealing with”




A somewhat stunned voice slipped out of Tiriel.




“Well, just be quiet and watch.”




 Arshella's gaze remains fixed on Ferris.



Ferris's head is held down from above by Yufan, she is slumped over, her expression is not visible, but she is not scared, and she is certainly not enduring it either.
she is simply clenching her fists silently in her lap.




-Arshella can see it.





Some kind of string that was on the verge of snapping inside Ferris.





Jibodan is not a ……




“–Hmm, what's that?”




Yufan brought her ear closer to Ferris, who remained looking down.




“Yeah? Then what is it?”


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 The female vampire interrupted.



“Don't tell me he's your boyfriend or something? Oh, right, you were that fox-slut sister.
It must be in your blood to spend every night using that butcher's filthy meat stick in your tiny little hole. I wonder if you like the fact that you can order him around no matter how embarrassing it is, since you are dealing with a brainless idiot who will listen to anything you say.”



 Boom! then came a sound like a big rope breaking.



 The next moment, the air shook.



Yufan's body left the afterimage and flew away as if being pulled by a sling from behind.




 She flew in a straight line to the end of the street, smashed into the wall of a building with a violent crushing sound, and disappeared behind a thick cloud of dust.




Ferris's high-speed straight right-hand punch caught Yufan dead center in the face.




The female vampire next to her did not even have the time to act surprised.




The vampire turned her head to look where Yufan was flying.
But by that time, she had already been hit in the solar plexus by Ferris's backward kick, coming up from the ground.




With a sound like wood snapping, the female vampire's body flew high into the sky.








The female vampire flew past the top of the building, leaving behind a muffled scream.





Her body fell to the stone pavement almost simultaneously with a heel drop down to the back of her head.




 crash!! The cobblestone pavement cracks.




In the midst of the debris, Ferris steps on the female vampire's head grinding it down into the dirt.




 Her eyes are bloodshot.




“Jibodan is!   Not!  A! Pet!!”




“Gah, hah ……”




*thump* *thump* *thump* She's stomping with all her weight on top of her.




Finally, with a final thump, she stomps the back of the female vampire's head as hard as she could.




“How about I shove maggots up your frosty asshole and rock your rotten tooth!? Listen to me with your pus-filled ears rotten slut!! Jibodan is not stupid, you hear me!!? haa!!?”




 It all happened in the blink of an eye.




Then came a silence so heavy that the place was dominated by only the sound of the wind.

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