ely after Penrose thrust deep into her.





Looking over at her as she orgasmed, Penrose grimly pushed his meat deep inside her and stroked his beard.




“Don't worry about Rutherford.
I'll take care of everything, as I promised.”





“Thank ……
thank you ……….”




Claudia thanks Penrose with utter surrender.




 Perhaps it was gratitude for having listened to her repeated pleas for him to stop moving while she climaxed.





but the AASPINT was moving fast.
I didn't think they would move in my 88 openly.
Is it Damian right? …..
the young blood from central is so impudent.”




“Hah ……
hah ……
Mr.Logan says he has nothing to do with AASPINT.”





speaking of which, what happened to Abigail?”




hah, She hooked up with the off-duty Fox……”




“Tell Yasmin to stay out of this for a while.
Make sure she nails Dominic.
He doesn't have enough political sense in him.
Why did Dominic acts in the first place? It's too juvenile.”




“Oh, isn't it to make Ms.
Abigail talk?”





“Did you see the look on that woman's face?  She's not interested in giving out any information in the first place.
She was just negotiating with me to wait because she had something she wanted to do here.
Don't you see that the quickest way to get the information out is to just let things go by and wait? We'll be damned if we make a wrong move and lose the information about the Gate”




“On that topic, Major Dominic contacted me  …….”





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Abigail is apparently gathering information on the defense of 89.”




“89 defense? Why?”





“Unknown, But he said we shouldn't let her have too much freedom.”




“I see…….”





Slap! came a spanking sound, and Claudia screamed.








“Claudia, if you're done cumming, get your ass up.”




“W ……
wait, ……
I'm not recovered yet…….”




As it should.
Claudia had already climaxed four times.





“You can't even lift your ass, and you said you're a graduate from this Fort 88 academy? Show some guts.”



“No, I can't…….
There is nothing like this in training.




“There used to be a class on humiliation in interrogation training.”










 Surprised, Claudia looked up and turned around.





“It would be better for you guys if we trained you, but the central human rights committee pushes their ass logic in the name of justice to bind the fighting spirit of our frontline soldiers.
It was wrong to put women on the front line.
gender equality my ass.”





“…..What's that training?”





“They put them in actual captivity for a week or so, torturing them and gang-raping them.
During that time, we'll give them several chances to escape, and they'll be trained to figure out how to escape on their own.
If they can't, repeat the process again.”

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“Hii ……”




Penrose said to Claudia, who looked utterly terrified.




“It's necessary.
If you can't do it, you're going to die, just like that, dead and helpless.
 for instance, consider a one-on-one rape to be your best chance of escape.”




While penetrating Claudia, Penrose rolled her body over and held one of her legs.




 He pushed deeper and deeper into her vagina.








“We're in a difficult time, Claudia.”




“g~ general plehase, merchy……♡”





At Penrose's sympathetic glance, Claudia pleading him with a slurring mouth.





“Ok ……
that's enough.
You can sleep until I ejaculate.”





“Please, wait—- ooooh♡!”





 Penrose began to fuck Claudia again, holding one of her legs.




“But still, I don't understand the purpose of that woman.
Why's she investigate the 89's defense?”




“Ooooh♡! Oh, ahh ♡♡♡! Ooooh♡! Oh ♡♡♡!”





“She came back from the alien's city ….
89 ……”




Penrose stroked his beard with his eyes squinting, not even looking at Claudia, who was writhing and chirping beneath him.




“we're running out of time Yasmine.
If we don't get results soon, the small tears will eventually turn into massive gaps.
But I can't move ……
so there's no turning back now……
we have to do it, even if we don't make it in time……
If only we could do something about Garnier……”





Penrose released his first round of sperm deep into Claudia's depths as the desire to battle welled up in him.
Claudia received it with great difficulty, immediately.
the second round continued. Penrose was lost in deep thought, as she lost her consciousness.


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