Chapter 184 temporary withdraw

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After that–.




“This is bad.




“That bad?”




We have a big problem.”




Abigail continues, looking serious.




to put it simply……
Yakumo-kun has the power to destroy the entire human race.”





that's quite an exaggeration.”





I still have to do some more research, but that's pretty much it.”










“Imagine, Gevaudan,” Abigail looked at me.





“Imagine if the aliens abducted Yakumo right now and use his intelligence, the human race wouldn't last six months.
All our defense systems would be neutralized, and they might even use it against us.
They can manipulate information as much as they want.
The Internet will be completely destroyed as well as all other forms of communications.
The financial system will collapse.
The electricity supply might be compromised if we don't act fast enough.
All infrastructure stops.
Everything digital will no longer function, and human civilization will be regressed by a generation or two.”




“That's very bad …….”




 It was even worse than I thought.





“It is equally dangerous to have it known by humans.
If a criminal gets a hold of him, they will use him until he dies.
No, not just criminals.
If he gets caught by the government, he'll never see the sun again.”




 Abigail gripped Natsuki's shoulders firmly.
Her face is frightening.




“Never, ever tell anyone about this — okay? Do you understand?”





“Yes, yes.”




Natsuki nodded in confusion as she was gripped firmly by the shoulder.




When she glanced back at Yakumo, I saw an unsettling glint in Abigail's eyes, just for a moment.




-It's dangerous enough to make her think that much.





By the time we were doing this, the morning was approaching before we knew it.





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 We quickly discussed how to deal with Natsuki and the others.




I also explain the situation regarding Shigeaki.






“Serial killer ……
Diamond suspended poison …….”




Abigail was absolutely horrified by the new information, but quickly regained her composure and thoughtfully said, ” We can use it.”




“You are very tactful, Gevaudan.”





A compliment.
I'm glad.
I was just saving him as a preserved food.





Abigail explained the plan to protect Natsuki and the boy.





“–Okay, let's go with that.
I'll leave the rest to you, Abigail.”




Leave it to me.”




“What are you going to do after this, Jebotan?”





As our conversation came to an end, Natsuki turned anxious.





“I'm going back for now.
I'm also concerned about the movement of the aliens, and that special unit.
I've been away for more than a week.
There is a possibility that when I return home, it might have been expanded into a pandemonium that is pricing through the sky by now.
I have to stop it.”



It seems that the only way to keep in touch with Abigail is to use a system called the darknet.




Email is no good because it leaves a log on the server, but through the darknet P2P(?) communication, chat is safe because it is not leaving any records.
I didn't understand what she was saying, I received a memory card containing software to do this and other things.
I learned how to connect to the darknet and how to use the software.





 But of course, there is no internet connection at Ant Hill, so I had to sneak into a colony somewhere.
Well, I guess it's not as bad, but it's inconvenient.




With this furlough, it was urgent to secure a means of long-range communication.




I would like to discuss this with Titania.
When I mentioned this, Abigail wrote a letter.




“-Now you give this to her …
maybe this will work…”




She can understand the language to some extent, but she has never communicated directly with aliens.
Abigail looks somewhat unsure.




-I've got a better idea.






You should come back with me and be Titania's interpreter.
you can communicate with Titania, right?”



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Then Niblo started to shake at my suggestion.




 His body turned blue and he looks terrified.




“–Huh, why?”





At my question, Abigail patted Niblo.




“He's scared that if he was caught for neglecting his duty, leaking classified information, and acting arbitrarily, he might be executed as a deserted soldier.”




“What's that? Isn't that a little absurd?”





–Boss, me, useful, work —




 And so on and so forth.
Well, alright then.





Private First Class Niblo decided to remain on escort duty with Abigail.
Niblo looked somewhat relieved as he gave me a quick salute.




 To my surprise, the stripes on his back had increased from one to two.




He was a chevron spider, right? Is the pattern on the back like a rank insignia? Diamond has a diamond mark, so a junior officer?




 It's already five in the morning.
I have to hurry.




Finally, we decided on the arrangements necessary for the meeting point.
If all went according to plan, I would infiltrate the Fort again in two weeks and meet Natsuki at the alley in Haven where we had met.




I decided to leave Shigeaki's house,  Natsuki and others will remain in the room.




As we parted, Yakumo gave me something.




 It is a portable battery.



Yes, this brainwave voice synthesizer is chargeable.
So thoughtful.




I replied to him with my gratitude, “Thankyou”





“We'll see you again, right?”





 Natsuki grabbed my finger.





“I'll come back, although it would be better if we didn't see each other again.”






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 Suddenly, Natsuki's expression darkened.
I wonder if she is worried.
You are still a child when it comes to this kind of thing.






“Don't worry.
Abigail will be here soon to pick you up.
You can trust her.
She's a lot more reliable than I am.”









Natsuki pulled Yakumo into a hug and gave a small nod.
I feel like she's going to start crying.




I hesitated and tugged at Niblo.




Handing Niblo to Yakumo, he reacts as if to say, “Ehh? me!?”




“Niblo will protect you until Abigail comes back.”




 I put on the skin.




I packed a huge bag of loot and souvenirs and walked out the front door.
The pile of drugs was left in the room.
Abigail is going to work on it, apparently.






 Just before closing the door, I look back at them.





Thanks for playing as my girlfriend.
I've never had a normal girlfriend or family, so it was fun.
Be happy, you two.”








 The door closed.




 It was early morning.
It is still dark outside.





 I hugged Abigail's shoulder just as we left the building.




you want to go somewhere to rest first?”




Tsk tsk.
She pinched my finger.




“I hate cheaters.”




“Natsuki and I just broke up.”




“I have a girlfriend.”




“So it's real then? I'm so happy for you.”



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 Abigail stopped.
She remained silent and quietly looked down.
I couldn't see her face from my angle.




“…………? What's wrong?”





 When I called out to her, Abigail did not respond.





 Instead, she pulls my arm and pulls me into the alley, then hugs me, hanging on to my neck, and presses her lips against my lips-less mouth.




 My vision was filled with Abigail's beauty as she closed her eyes.
I push the butcher's meaty tongue deep into her mouth, rubbing our wet mucous membranes together.





“Hmm …
Hmm …
chu …
chu …”





 As I enjoyed the sweetness of her saliva, which I hadn't tasted in a long time, I felt my entire body's blood flow gather down below.





“Puhah ……”




“Let's go to a hotel.”




 She pulled her body away from mine and giggled.




“If we start, this will take until tomorrow morning, won't it?”




“More than that.
It's been a long time.”




“Well, then I guess we'll just have to leave here.”







 I nodded my head in disappointment.
Seeing me like that, Abigail's expression fell.




I'll have a room ready for you next time.”








“Don't do anything rash, Gevaudan.”




“You too.
Don't make any flashy moves until I get here.
If anything happens, just escape to that base.”




Abigail gave me a little kiss and turns back.





–Damn, what a good woman.





After seeing off such a great and reliable back, I also left the Fort.

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