“What's that?”




I asked, and Abigail's voice got a little raspy and fast.




“It means that a trip can be easily generated by the key, but the opposite cannot be done.
It's infeasible.
It's practically impossible to know the original trip key from the trip.
That's why this is an anti-spoofing measure.
If you can get it, you can impersonate whoever you want on the board.”




 Natsuki quickly responds, “Yakumo can read it.”





“That' s impossible.”





I'm not lying!”





With a sullen scowl, She glared at Abigail.





“So ….
what about this?”




 Abigail pointed to the trip on the screen.





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“Yakumo, try this trip out.”





At Natsuki's prompting, Yakumo typed in a few words.





 The same trip was added to the post.










Natsuki snorted smugly.





“Ehhh ……
what the meaning of this ????”





 But this only deepened Abigail's confusion.





They went through the same thing over and over again after that, but the result was the same.





It was demonstrated that the Yakumo could reverse calculate the original key from the trip.





In other words, we can impersonate anyone we want.
Heaven has given a golden rod to the keyboard Warrior, and he could even cripple F-Channel with this.
The tales of Yakumo's legendary keyboard Warrior are just around the corner.




Abigail turns silent.





 I look over and see that she is completely frozen.
Her eyelids are wide open and she seems to have stopped breathing.
I'm starting to worry that she's having a seizure.





“What's wrong? Are you okay?”




When I asked her to confirm that she was alive, she looked as if she had seen a cockroach slip under the covers, a combination of surprise and horror on her face, and grumbled, “What the hell …….
something like this is…..”




“The one-way function is the foundation for all modern cryptography, Almost all computers are designed to be secure by taking advantage of the fact that one-way functions cannot be solved in reverse.”








“Just now, this boy could even reverse engineer the tokens of the one-time password.
In an instant.”




“Is it amazing?”




“It's amazing ……
this is usually only a brute force analysis can solve ……
If Yakumo-kun can solve not only the trips on this board but also any one-way function in reverse……….”


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 Abigail cut off her words there.




“It's not just spoofing in the message boards.
It's possible to break any encryption.”




 Abigail looks back at me.




“This kid is a prodigy.
There's no other logical explanation.”




So it was like, His mind is not in the right place.




So, I shared the knowledge I had acquired over the past week.





“I think Yakumo has savant syndrome.
I wanted to talk to Yakumo, so I did some research.
Here, take a look.”




 I showed Abigail Yakumo's notebook.





“Isn't he amazingly good? They say savant syndrome is a peculiar trait found in some people with autism, that they have a little difficulty in everyday life like Yakumo, but they also have some outstanding talent.”





Abigail shook her head helplessly at my attempt at unveiling my own theory.





“This is on the level of godlike power.
It's not a savant, or a gift, or any of that mundane stuff.”





 mundane …….




“But, isn't there a bit of a connection?”





“It's just not on the same level as savant syndrome.
He's like a living Nondeterministic Turing machine.
Don't tell me he's really a prophet?”





You are using an analogy that I don't quite understand.
She doesn't seem to have the time to pay attention to me.
I'm a little hurt that I went to the trouble of researching this.
I'm disappointed.





Jebotan, is she praising Yakumo?”





maybe ……”





While Natsuki and I were having our secret conversation, Abigail walked around to the front of Yakumo, who was sitting on the couch, kneeling down and making eye contact with him.



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