Chapter 181 Raging Fire

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“I….I am able to properly control Jebotan's sexual desire…….”





 That is true.
Natsuki fought admirably well against the stud of the century.
I give her my full approval.





“Yeah ……
you did well.”




Abigail's words of appreciation for her efforts made Natsuki's face relax.





“But you don't have to do it anymore.”









“It's great that you've been able to deal with him so far on your own, but Gevaudan is not satisfied if he has to do hold it and not go all the way.
It's not safe for Natsuki, who is inexperienced so, leave the rest to me.”








“I will take you two in for the time being.
I can't give both of you your freedom right now, but I will try to connect you with someone who can help you move to central as soon as possible.”









“But on one condition.
You must forget everything about Gevaudan.
What you have seen and heard up to this point must not be mentioned to anyone from now on.
The events from Christmas Eve night onward were just a dream. It's also convenient to disguise you as a drug addict. Then, if an irregular citizen of the Fort moves to the central, they will be in some kind of protection program with some restrictions, and–“



Natsuki's eyes hardened as she seemed to be offended by Abigail's rather blunt and one-sided way of speaking, though I'm sure she didn't mean to offend.




“I'll take care of things from now on, so Natsuki-chan and Yakumo-kun, will you stay quiet for the time being? Once everything is settled, you can do as I say and then–“





“Haah? Just shut up and listen to you? what was that!?”





 Natsuki's Yankee mode activated.





“Say I'm inexperienced, that I should forget everything, that I should do as I'm told.
You act all high and mighty to me, even to Jebotan”




“I'm sorry if I offended you.”




“I'm not asking you to help me.
I made a contract with Jebotan in exchange for my life.
So we'll let Jebotan help us as the contract said,  you can go.”










I was completely caught off guard, thinking that my work was done, only to be flabbergasted by Natsuki's unexpected refusal.






“No! I entrusted you guys to Abigail ……
She's someone you can trust.
She has a bit of a harsh personality, but she's kind! She said she will take good care of you guys so she will!”




“And what was that!? You've never even known me, and you say I can't satisfy Jebotan?”









My intervention is completely ignored.
This is no good.


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“I saw a lot of women in alien prisons who had suffered from Gevaudan, and I saw what had happened to them.
They were all trained soldiers.
If Natsuki, who wasn't even trained at all, had been roughed up by Gevaudan, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.”



Abigail's pitying gaze met Natsuki's deadpan stare.




 Then a shocking word came out of Natsuki's mouth.




“–Oh, I can do it, too, because I can do……  jikandashi (ejaculate into the womb).”





“Jikandashi ……? What's that?”








 I kicked my chair and stood up, making a T symbol with both hands, signaling her to pause.
But it's only a moment too late, the words slip out of Natsuki's mouth.



being rammed into the deepest part of the womb before getting creampied.”







 Abigail looked at me aghast.








 I did not.




 I didn't do that much to Natsuki. 




 Why did you suddenly lie and try to compete her?








Natsuki's honor (?) is at stake here.
I will have to adjust my story to protect my own too.




I don't know what her intentions were, but there must have been some kind of non-negotiable bottom line that I couldn't understand.
I can sense it.





“Yes, I did ejaculate into her womb plenty of times…….”




 Bang! Abigail slammed the table.




“you! what are you doing! Even to such an inexperienced child.”




 —- Oh shoot.
It's a mistake.
I screwed up.




 That was a completely wrong choice.
I just added fuel to the fire.
I had to deny it.




 Abigail went into full-blown rage mode.
I wanted to bow down to her.




 Then, a notebook was presented to her.




 Yakumo puts the notebook on the table and went back to the couch.




Abigail's gaze fell on the notebook …..
and there was a picture of me and Natsuki getting intertwined.





Very photorealistic and fabulously drawn.
A Close-up of deep throat, swallowing to the base, skewering it down to her from above.
Even though I didn't do that much to Natsuki, our activities were exaggeratedly depicted by Yakumo's rich imagination.
Exaggeration is the best part of creativity, isn't it? This will sell, I'm sure.

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“Gevaudan!!!! You show it to Yakumo-kun!!??”




Now her accusations are about to leap not only to my acts but also to my morals.
A huge firestorm.
There is nothing left to do but to delete my account and flee.




— Damn you, the stupid Nigel in me.
Abigail's credibility with me is about to be burned to the ground because of your screw-up.
You should have been publicly executed.




 Abigail is staring at me hard as I try to escape the reality of my situation.
I could feel Abigail's gaze intently fixed on my head.




 Natsuki was the one who poured cold water on us, who were in the middle of a huge firestorm.




“I'm not an inexperienced amateur.
Do not look down on me.
I'm a professional match girl who is famous in Haven.”




 Natsuki puffs up and beams with pride.




–But it is kind of awkward to see two small buds on her clothes.




 I didn't let her wear a bra so that we could have sex anytime, anywhere.
Probably no panties, too.
I am so sorry.




Now that Abigail as a third party had entered the scene, I began to reconsider my actions objectively.
Suddenly, I felt as if it was something to be ashamed of.




To put it simply, it was like being embarrassed when you look back on a poem you wrote in the middle of the night the next day.
 The heat of the passion is scary.
I remember the feeling of embarrassment even after becoming a butcher.




“I've been squeezing out a lot of Jebotan's cum all day for more than a week now! –Hey, Jebotan.
You were really fucking me, right!? We've fucking the whole time!”




“Over a week …..
all day ……”



 For some reason, Abigail flinched at the words.
Her face flushed.




“How long do these strong female soldiers last? Will they be able to entertain Jebotan longer than I can? Hey, Jebotan!”




“It's …….”





I was suddenly shaken and at a loss for words.




“If Jebotan really fucked them, how long would it take for you to break them? Answer me!”




“Eh, no…….”




 Natsuki, and Abigail.
Also, for some reason, even Yakumo is staring at me, urging me to answer.




 –Do I have to answer this? Isn't this an infringement of privacy?




“……The quickest ones become babble in about two hours.
Very few girls manage to hang on for more than a day.
They become like puppets.”




 Gulping, Natsuki's throat rose and fell.
Her enthusiasm ceased.





Yet, this Natsuki's, somewhat offsetting protest cooled Abigail's head.
She sat back across the table and sighed loudly.




 Thank you, Natsuki.
I'll give you plenty of farewell sex after Abigail leaves.
If you want, I can put the two of you side by side and play as a peacemaker.





I look at my watch and wonder how much more time I have left to enjoy playing the lover's role as I bid Natsuki farewell.


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 –Oh, it's already this late.





This is no time to do this or that with Abigail, let alone Natsuki.
It's time to wrap things up.




 Abigail opens her mouth, seeming to notice me looking at the clock.




“……There's no time.
Let's talk in the bedroom over there, Gevaudan.”




“Bedroom? Why don't you just stay here? I know what you two are going to do anyway.”



 Natsuki sat down on my lap.
Her ass is so soft.
I want to have sex with her.




“Abigail-san's youthful day is already over.
Can you please stop acting like you're his girlfriend?”




“Oh, over?”




Natsuki confronts Abigail with a glare.





“I'm Jebotan's girlfriend now.”





The room was filled with a sudden chill.




–This feeling …… 




 I see.
This is the pride of the woman they mentioned…….




I'm starting to feel like I am rapidly fading away.
I'm just going to go ahead and do my own thing.




 Just when I was about to lose interest in where this argument was going, Abigail made a shocking statement.





“I've got a new girlfriend too.”










 Well, I'm very shocked……
that's so fast…….









“Did you just say girlfriend?”




 Are you a lesbian?




“–Ino Ryder.”




 Abigail leaned forward and said.




“It's InoRyder, Gevaudan.”








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“InoRyder, Vani, Rudra, Whisley, Hirsch ……”





And then one after another, the names come up.





 Did you have that many girlfriends? You are as adept as I am.




Jill Garnier.
Don't you remember them?”




Somehow I could see which way this conversation is going.





“Abigail, Don't tell me your new ally is–“




 She nodded.



“I'm with Fox.”








 You're with Fox!?




“You got them to help you with this off-mission thing ……
how did you convince them?”




“I spoke to them face-to-face and they agreed to accommodate me.”




I doubt you'd go that extra step by talking to them face to face, but ……
I guess things have changed a bit since I left the team.





“Don't you remember? InoRyder.  your junior.”




“Ummm ……No, I don't .”




“She's the 'mad dog' ” 




“Sounds crazy.”




“She adores you very much.”








“She cried that she couldn't die before you.”




“I see.
So she was my royal hound dog back then.”




“Yes, that's her!”




Abigail jabbed her finger at me.




 I took a deep breath and crossed my arms.
Then a memory that had become a hazy recollection, as if it were a memory from before I could even remember, gradually surfaced in my mind.




“–I seem to remember being followed by someone like a puppy, wagging her tail and following me, all day all night, all year round, causing me troubles, or maybe not…….”




“See?! I knew you remember it!!”




Abigail's face burst into joy.

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