r off.




“Abigail is a witch.”




She quizzically asked, “What do you mean by that?” I replied.





“If I am the golden grim reaper, you are the golden witch.”








“I want you to guide me, a stupid me, with your wisdom that is worthy of being called a witch.”




Having made up my mind to use such a fancy phrase, I was at a loss in front of Abigail, who had burst into tears again.




 –What wrong with her?




I guess she's really emotionally driven.




Well, she had zero allies while AASPINT was trying to kill her.
It must have been two months that she got through all by herself.
Abigail, I'm sorry I put you through such a difficult time.
But I genuinely thrill to see a strong woman like you in such a vulnerable position.
I want to comfort you.
All night long.
I wonder if you are going to stay over tonight, I'm so excited.


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 Sniffling, she looked at me.




“–Then I can't just leave the Fort.
I have other unfinished business with Natsuki and the others.
I also need to know where to shelter a large number of insects, and other information that I will need in the future.
How do we finally settle down? I also have to figure out how to make you human again.”




” I don't want to go back to being human.
I'm already a sinner on a level that makes all the criminals in the world seem like a tiny spec of dust in space.
I'm a cannibal, a rapist, a serial killer, and a traitor to humanity.
Nigel's name will remain as the number one criminal in human history.”




You are still a wonderful human being on the inside.
You are not a monster like that.
You didn't belong in that body.”







–Abigail apparently really wants to see me as a noble being





 I think I'd better refrain from talking about myself in such a self-deprecating way.
I don't want to get into another fight with her.
I'll just go along with it for now.
Oh, this is so bothersome.




 While we were silently staring at each other across the table, Natsuki stood up from the sofa on the other side of the room.




“You know, I don't like the way you talk about Jebotan like you're judging him.”




I involuntarily raised my brow.




–This one here also has a weird look about me …….





“Earlier, you were verbally abusing Jebotan for something he didn't want to say and trying to force him to do something he said he didn't want to do.
Isn't that a little too selfish, Abigail-san?”




“You and Gevaudan seem to be getting along pretty well.”



Abigail takes it with ease.
She leans back into her chair,  making a creaking, provocative sound.




“I'm Jebotan's girlfriend.
And We are a lovey-dovey couple.”




 Natsuki said and squeezed my arm.




 That was amazing.
She's a pro.




Our main goal is Abigail, so she doesn't need to flirt with me anymore, but she continues to play lover.
I like it.




Then Abigail sharply cut in.


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“Did you do it with Natsuki-chan?”












 Upon hearing it, I panicked and tried to deny it in panic.





Abigail interrupts me bluntly.





“I can smell it.”




“Smell ……”




“In the room,” Abigail said.
“there's a lingering scent in this room.”





The smell……is it that clear?




It is kind of embarrassing …….






We have grown our relationship mainly on the bed, but lately, we've been doing it all over the place.
The smell, sure, it's possible.
We've had quite a bit of spill.
It's the kind of thing that one gets used to and doesn't notice.





 Natsuki blushed a little and fidgeted.




“Perhaps it's just a home fragrance..”




 I make a light joke.




Abigail's chest puffed out.




“–Hmmm, so what did you expect me to say, that's a nice scent?”




Her eyes are icy cold.




Feeling the cold, Natsuki and I are now standing side by side in fear.

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