into her easily and slipperily.




 It was like playball.




“Umm Agu!?”




 My rigid genitals filled Abigail's vaginal canal.




 Then a bulge appeared in her smooth, white lower abdomen, like a bed sheet being pushed up from underneath.
I'm going to give you both a good look at it.




 When I threw a glance at them, Lydia bit her lower lip in an unamused manner, while Ferris covered her mouth with her hands and stared at the joint.
The animal's pupils are round and wide open.




“Hmm ♡ …… Ahhh! …… Hmm ♡ …… Anh!”





 As I slowly pumped, Abigail's honey pot immediately began to drool sloppily, as if she couldn't wait for me to cum.
In fact, I hadn't poured any of my cum into her yet today, so her belly was very hungry.
The swell of the folds of her flesh wriggling to entice me deeper into her, gently licking and nipping at my meat stick, stimulates me.




 I extend my tongue and caress Abigail's ripe breasts.
The No.4s in my mouth seemed to understand, and when I slowly extended my tongue, they moved it to the upper jaw and tried to keep it from going out.




 I carefully licked and nibbled from the underside of her lower tits to her nipples, then licked up from her collarbone to her ears.

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“Fah …
♡ Ah …”




 Abigail is ready.
Her eyes wet with lust, she opens her legs wide to show me her slick groin area and seduce me.
What she's looking for is depth beyond this.




 I put my weight on my hips, and immediately after the plop sensation, my burning, red-hot rod slips in, and finally, my crotch and Abigail's crotch meet seamlessly.




“Ahhhhhhh ♡”




 Her naked white body crinkled like a whip, and a sensual gasp escaped her mouth.
These days, when we get together like this, it's not so much the sound of a beast, but the lusty purr of a female inviting a male to join her.



“ugh……♡ ah ah ah ……
♡ ♡”




 I resumed my pistoning motion and began to thrust deep inside her.




 Abigail's tits bounced against my heavy thrusts.
I also remembered to tease her nipples with the tip of my tongue.




 Abigail clutched her nails on the floor and endured my torture.




 The same sensuality that Abigail described to Lydia yesterday must be happening to her now.
Thinking back on that monologue, I can't help but feel my son tingling with desire.
I can't wait for the stimulation of ejaculation to bring her to a continuous climax.




 Each time my crotch knocked relentlessly on Abigail's pubic bone, it vacuumed my penis from the base.
It was a despicable, lewd carnal movement that invited my sperm deep inside her, and once she had it in she would never let it go.




 It was an extraordinary sexual skill that only she could use to bring me to my knees.





“Hmm ♡ Hmm ♡ An ♡ Ah!? Ah ah ah ah ah! A, gu Ahhhh!!”





 At the same time as she cried louder and louder, a slippery peristaltic motion sucked up my meat stick.




 Hurry up.
Come on, now.
In the deepest part.
Let it all out.
The gentle, insatiable urge to ejaculate made me cum unbearably.




 Once again, I was dragged along by Abigail's climax as she sucked out my sperm.
In a last-ditch effort to resist, I crushed her breasts hard with my tongue to make it appear as if we were having a match.




 Skewered to the base by my vicious butcher's lance, Abigail's outstretched limbs are artistically beautiful as her head bobs and her whole body jerks and twitches.




 I didn't wait for the end of Abigail's orgasm but resumed the movement of my hips.
The amazing thing about me is that I can piston while ejaculating.
This would work wonders for Abigail.




 A woman's voice begins to echo in the prison.




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“Oh ……
wait, wait, aah♡ ♡ cumming, cumming!  I'm going crazy! Aah! Aah! Aah!”





 As soon as Abigail's mouth started to emit this lustful sound, I couldn't stop myself.




 As I watch Abigail squirm and moan, I become obsessed with hitting her deepest parts with my beastly cock.
This time, at my own pleasure, I'm going to pour my animal sperm into her womb and make it dirty.




“Aaaa ♡ Aaaa ♡ Aaaa ♡ Naaaaaa”




 I thrust as hard as I could and ejaculated forcefully.




“!?!? ♡ Aahhhh!!!”




 Abigail's eyes were clouded and her mouth was open.




Her navel slowly floated up in response to the pulsing of my penis, as if pumping air into a balloon.




 There was a dreamy smile on her face as her womb gradually swelled.




 This woman was now indulging in the pleasures of a woman who, each time she sucked out the Butcher's filth, was not afraid of the profanity of the act.
She is the sex monster.



“Huh …
♡ Hmm …
♡ Hmm …
♡ Hmm …
Hmm …
A ♡”




I waited for the end of Abigail's continuous climax and pulled out my cock.




 letting the pure white cum overflow and spread out on the floor.




 With this, I had won one game and lost one game today.




 If we want to get our winning percentage back to even, we have to win this one.




 Lydia and Ferris left after watching me spit spunk in and out of Abigail three more times.




 I tried to be very gentle today, but Abigail was still a little unhappy at the end.
Apparently, she didn't like the idea of them seeing her in such a state.




 I'd like her to give up that part of her normal self, but she doesn't seem to be willing to do so.




 Maybe it was one of Abigail's charms that she hadn't abandoned her womanhood even after all this time.




 All I could do was lick her cheeks, beg for forgiveness like a dog, and at the same time continue to pour my semen into her like a dog.




 Abigail soon started barking like a mutt, so we both continued to enjoy the beastly mating, playing doggy, and before I knew it, we hadn't made any progress on the most important part of the discussion, and I felt a pang of bitterness as I watched Abigail being taken away in a daze.

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