As I cocked my head, Abigail called Niblo.





Niblo climbed up on the table and began to dance around, tapping the table.





— me, big-sis, protect, boss, praise —





 Oh …….




“Niblo, you can use morse code?”




 –Yes, boss —




 Immediately, I raised my palm toward Niblo.





“……Well done, Second class private Niblo.
For this achievement, I am promoting you to  first-class private.”



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Niblo, who reacted to my attempt at a proper speech, struck a powerful, gut-pose.
I could hear the cool music playing behind his back.




“Maybe diamonds can use morse code too?”




 Niblo made an x pose.




“Why just Niblo?”





“Niblo and the others seem to be a race called the , and they are messenger familiars in the service of Titania.”








A phase prompts her to continue.





“I've heard that Familiars serve the person who named them, and at the same time, they randomly inherit the master's skills.
So Niblo was named by you and inherited your Morse code skill.
Presumably, it also allows him to understand human speech.”









 I was deeply impressed.




But that's mean–.




“Is my Morse code treated as a skill?”




“I don't know how that works either, but it sounds like it does.
Niblo doesn't really understand it either, but now there are two familiars at the same time.”









I was somewhat pleased with the implication that he was my messenger, so I patted Niblo on the back after a long time.
His squatting dance gained momentum with excitement.




 –But I hadn't forgotten Niblo's refusal to obey my orders earlier in the church.
I'm the type of person who holds onto resentment until I get it out of my system.
Someday I'll give him a taste of what being demoted is like.




While I was formulating my dark plan in my mind, Abigail's story continued.





 Then she leaves the letter at the base and moves with Niblo to Fort 88.
They had something they wanted to check out.
That is, about me.




 Sure enough, her current position is like walking on thin ice.
She says she is being targeted by AASPINT.
The other party is likely to be a man named Damien.
He's the one who set Abigail up.





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In addition, she has been under protection by the head of Fort 88, Lieutenant General Penrose, who has hinted that she might have information on the alien city, and if she doesn't tell him soon, she will be in trouble.





Moreover, for some reason, she is being targeted by the gangs.




“I can understand AASPINT and Fort, but I don't understand the gang.”



Abigail crosses her arms and groans.




“I think it's something to do with the local government, isn't it? the gang and they are connected.”










She looked surprised at my words.




“Rumor at the time was that ……
originally, there was only a casino here in the slums.
It was supposedly run by a gang called the Sand Brotherhood.
Then one day a gang called the Sludge Club appeared, and the two gangs got into a situation where they had to fight each other.
Now Sand is the casino.
Sludge is a drug.
I'm wondering if the emerging of Sludge is connected to the Fort self-government.”




“The Fort and the gangs are ……”




“In the first place, how do they even have access to that large quantities of drugs? You can't do that without systematic support.
It's not like running a casino.
There is no way Sludge is backed by anything but the government.”




“Why would Fort do that?”





“Drugs are not all bad for the Fort.
After Sludge's rise to power, the soldiers' faces have clearly brightened.”




“Do they condone drugs just for the sake of recreation for the soldiers?”




“From the safe and secure central, it might seem crazy.
But here it can be a saving grace.
Forced to be on the constant battlefield from morning to night all year round, their minds are in a constant state of overheating.
Alcohol, drugs, and women.
Without these, they could break down at any moment.
Even if they become crippled by overdose, the fact that they can be easily disposed of by throwing them into the battlefield is a big part of it.
You can use drugs, but you have an implicit duty to control them properly.





“No way, this is so messed up”





She seems to have a hard time holding her word.




” You know, here in hell common sense prevails, Abigail may not believe it, but it's really quite reasonable.
Or at least in terms of pushing back an alien invasion.
The enemy is strong.
So we have to push the limits.
We have to push all the boundaries with all the resources we have.”




I pointed to a bag full of drugs.




“Drugs are no different than eating a nutritious meal.
It just replenishes the cells with chemicals.
Even the central can't afford to lose the strength of the Fort because of the establishment.
They can't complain too much.
If anyone wants to be picky about the Fort's rules, they should make the war situation better before they say so.”




She looked bitter and shook her head in dismay.

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