Chapter 177 Nigel

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Since she stopped talking, I continue the conversation.




“What's the matter with you, suddenly want to meet me after we managed to escape from Faymbaum? and what are you doing back here at the Fort? You knew it was dangerous. You're like a moth that flies into the flame.”





“Yeah, I knew that …….but I really wanted to check something out.”





So are you done yet?”






“For the most part.
But I'm not quite yet.”




 Oh, you haven't yet?




“Abigail, this place is dangerous for you.
First, let's leave the Fort together.
I have a lot of things I need your help with, too.”








At that, Abigail, who had been pondering something, grumbled.





I just need a little more time.”









 Then I'll need a new hiding place.
It's not good to stay at Shigeaki's house any longer.
Maybe we should go knock on some random house or something.
But I don't want to cause too much commotion.
I should go back to Titania's place once too.
But I'm worried about leaving her behind.
I'm at a loss.





“I can wait a little longer, but could you prepare a place for me to hide somewhere? I'm afraid I'm going to have to move out of my current room soon, or I'll be exposed.”




“Room? where are you living now?”




“Someone else home.”




“Who is it?”








“uh, who?”




 I don't know.




“The guy I randomly picked up in Haven and took a room from him.
Now he's in suspended animation with his face peeled off and crucified in the SM room.”








Abigail cocked her head, not understanding my words.

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“It's a total stranger, and I'm hiding in that guy's room, take over his room.
I've been in that room for almost two weeks now, and it's fun.
I can use his credit to shop all I want.
I also bought souvenirs for Titania and Lydia.”





 Abigail placed her hands on her temples in the middle of my words.
She was looking very pale.




If they found out about our hiding, it would be dangerous.
I am aware that we have decided on a rather daring infiltration plan.
I didn't imagine it would be such a long trip.
I thought it would be a quick few days.





“No, you can't do that, you shouldn't get innocent civilians into this.”




“innocent, I wonder……”




The guy is a murderer and a cannibalistic.





“So assuming that Shigeaki was a just regular guy, why?”




“Why? Because It's not right”




Of course, that's obvious.




“Because you're not an alien or a butcher.”







That doesn't sound like the intelligent woman I know.




I mean, sure, at the moment I am now wearing human skin, but…




I pulled the skin off my face and showed her.




“–How about this? This is Butcher 100%, in all respects.”





She has no words to reply when she sees my true face, which is the most horrifying thing I have seen in a long time.




“I've killed many civilians that working for the aliens.
I don't care if they run away or beg for their lives.
I've killed and eaten humans before.
It's something I'm very good at.”




“But that's because you were ordered to do it…….
You even remember that when you were human, right?”




“I told you, I don't remember ……




“I do remember what you said.
You were so engaged with me on the subject.
And if you didn't consider yourself human, why did you try to escape? You're human, you wanted to get out of there and be free, remember?”




Well, I guess she thinks so.




 When we were prisoners together in Faymbaum, I kept my true intentions from her.




Now I'm in deep trouble…….




–Well, I don't know…but I guess it doesn't really matter now.

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When I was in prison, I was just very reluctant to disclose information because Abigail said she was a spy and I didn't want to give her information.
By posing as a pathetic, harmless monster, I could get her to cooperate with me.



 And we already escaped.





There is nothing Abigail can do now, no matter how she tries to plot or scheme to interfere with my operations.
Because I'm free now.




 But …….




As expected, She knows that  I'm a former Fox…….




How embarrassing …….



I don't want to be identified.




 It's almost like the feeling of someone who publishes erotic novels anonymously and does whatever they want and never wants to be identified.
I don't want my activities as a butcher to be linked to my human life.
It's called the respect of the dead.





 As I was silently contemplating this, Abigail took a deep breath.



 She slowly opened her mouth.





“–Does the golden grim reaper sound familiar to you?”




“Is this what you've been doing?”




I was shocked.




I managed to mend the situation and calmly formulate my words, but they sounded a little strange.
This brainwave voice synthesizer, if the concentration is disturbed, the sounds will get distorted.




“Answer me.”








 The silence was the obvious answer.
I should quickly drop the subject.





 I didn't expect that word to come up.
The totally unexpected and abrupt question brought Butcher's slow brain to a halt.





Abigail looked at me and let out a convincing sigh.




“I knew it…….”




“Abigail…….I didn't think you were going to  look things up.”




“You are Nigel.”




She took a breath and repeated.




“Fort 88, Fox team, the golden grim reaper, the brave warrior who has fought many battles in her career, Nigel.”



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 —-Nigel —-



“I don't reme–“







“Suddenly, a booming voice roared through the chapel like thunder.”




“You're doing that again……
even just earlier, you've dodged the subject.”








“When I told you about my childhood!!”




“…What? No, that's not–“




I just wanted to prank you a little…….




“Even when you were in Faymbaum, you always misrepresented the important parts!!”




“No, no.
What's that? I don't know.
I don't remember.”




“It's always been this way too! you just do whatever you want without consulting me.
I'm all alone in my room, worrying about this and that, and all of a sudden you bring Lydia in with a smug look on your face and say, 'Let's do a threesome!' “





“You're still mad at me about it!? You're holding on to it for that long!?”




Abigail was extremely agitated……..No, she was completely worked up …….
Her eyes were uncharacteristically restless.
Somehow, even Niblo was protesting with her, joining her on her shoulder in a banzai threatening pose.
Damn this guy has switched sides.



 Abigail's expression softened and she took my hand.




“–Hey, why do you hide who you are? What do you want? Please tell me all about you, about Gevaudan, please.”



I don't know, but I guess I better take this seriously…….



I grabbed her thin, cold hand and wrapped it in both of my own, squeezing it back.




“Calm down.
Abigail, I'll answer you properly.”



 She stared at me with a clinging look in her eyes.





“You're right, I do remember some things.
But it's true that I don't remember my own name or what I look like.
also, names, faces, and figures related to people I knew when I was human.
I can't remember those things at all.”




“–you mean you can't remember anyone?”




“No one.”




“Even yourself?”




I can barely remember …….
You're right, I was at Fox, and I remember being called the Golden Grim Reaper and being shunned by many.
But I don't remember my name.
The longer in the past, the hazier it is”




“Very convenient.”



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 Abigail said accusingly.




“You do remember, don't you?”




“I don't remember.”
















 Abigail squinted doubtfully.
She doesn't believe me.




Grrr ……
I cleared my throat ……
and shook my head.




“–If I had remembered, the whole thing would have been a lot easier.”




“Easy what?”








“Don't hide it.”





 Talking to Abigail makes my mouth loosen.




But you're right, I can't talk about the plan to destroy Fort 88 or the plan to kill all humans.
Even the Shigeaki thing I mentioned earlier was enough to make her angry.




But I am thinking in the sense of a butcher, and Abigail is thinking in the sense of a Human.
I should choose my words carefully so as not to offend her further.




 As I was pondering how to wrap this up, Abigail started talking again.




“Nigel was an amazing soldier.
She fought proudly until the end of her life.
She had a lovely junior, adored by her peers, and an excellent mentor.
Nigel was trusted by everyone on the team.
Some people had bad things to say about Nigel, but that was the other side of her outstanding presence.
There were even people who said you saved their lives many times.”







” Gevaudan, you're human.
You don't kill anyone needlessly, and you don't eat people like you're picking them off the street.
Don't call yourself a butcher.”




“You ……
what do you know about me?”





 She seemed to have collected all sorts of gossip from all over the Fort and created a much glorified and false image of me.




 How can I be such a noble person?




 …..I'm starting to get annoyed.




 Abigail pulled a terminal out of her pocket and held the screen up to me.




“This is you, Nigel.”



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