◇◆◇ (Abigail's point of view)

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On the last day of the year. Abigail took them to have breakfast at Valhalla.





“–Hey, Abigail.
You are with InoRyder now?”




  Mashu, the waitress, approached three of us that sat at the table, Abigail, InoRyder, and Vani.
Her skirt is as tight and short as ever.




“Hey, Mashu, listen to me! I've got a girlfriend!  It's Abby! Ta-da!”




 InoRyder's announcement of “girlfriend” caused a small stir in the restaurant.




 Abigail raises her eyebrows.








“Now, now, now.
Isn't that alright?”




“Oh, then, from now on, any man who tries to woo Abigail-san is going to be in a big trouble”




 Mashu glanced around the restaurant.



 Abigail also followed her glance, and sure enough, she could see the eagerness of the gaze that had been directed at her from before begin to diminish.




“I don't think anyone would mess with the Fox's “mad dog” InoRyder's girlfriend.”




 Mashu gave Abigail a small wink.




 -I wonder if she was making a declaration for such a thing.



 Pretending to pick up a dropped terminal, InoRyder steals a glance under Mashu's skirt, She just looks like a very horny woman.




(I don't understand this girl …) 




 Abigail was having trouble understanding the woman, InoRyder.
Her manner of speaking was terribly careless, but her occasional acts often revealed her thoughtfulness.




 After a while, toast and Mulled wine appeared in front of Abigail, and chocolatxo (hot chocolate) and churros in front of InoRyder and Vani.




in the morning?”




 Abigail proudly tells the bewildered InoRyder, “Mulled wine is an antique herbal medicine.”



” And you too, how can you two eat such sweet things in the morning?”



“Well, ……
we don't drink or do drugs, so sweets are the only food we enjoy.
If they forbid us from eating sweets, I think the guys at Fox would go crazy.”




“That serious?”




“Of course, we don't eat while on duty or training.
But today is a holiday for us.
We're going to have a feast in the morning!”








 Abigail sipped her hot wine before letting out a sound of admiration.

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 InoRyder also took a bite of the freshly deep-fried churros, drenched in a thick, brownish liquid.
Instantly, the sweet aroma of chocolate wafted up to Abigail.
Vani had ignored InoRyder 's story and already started eating for quite a while now.




“–So, who is the person you're taking me to see today?”




 At Abigail's question, InoRyder hurriedly swallowed the churros in her mouth.




“*munch* *munch*! …..
we used to have a dream team back in the day.”




 She pushed back against the backrest and crossed her legs to continue.





“There was a time when there was a large-scale alien invasion in the 89, it got pretty close, and it was bad.
That was about a year before the 89 battle.
So, in order to push them back, we organized a team to destroy the that was supposed to be behind the enemy lines.”




  is a magical tool used by aliens.
It is believed to create an air defense field by stretching a large amount of invisible  (Defensive film) in the air.




 Thus, aliens can magically create countless membranes to guard the surrounding sky, but it is impossible for a squadron of just a few dozen wizards to stretch tens of thousands of such membranes over a large distance and at such high altitudes.
was believed to be a kind of weapon that aided them in this.
It is known to take the form of a seven-colored .




 As long as humans could deploy aircraft, they would be able to fight the aliens on an equal or even greater footing with the overwhelming firepower they could spread from the skies above.
Therefore, the destruction of this would have such an impact that it would decide the outcome of the battle.





 Of course, the aliens understand this, and are placed in locations that are inaccessible to ground troops.





 If placed deep in the forest, it would be difficult to even find them.
Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible to pinpoint and destroy them.




 InoRyder continues, still chewing churro.




“There were Senpai and Eggleton, who was acting as a Royal Hound at the time. Then there's Delta's and , Beta's , and lastly, Whiskey's   teamed up to form a rather insane squad.
infiltrating and destroying the enemy's behind their backline.
It was almost a suicide mission.”








“He was my senior mentor.
—- on the erotic side of things.”







“He was a bland-looking old man, but he and Senpai had been friends for a long time, and he was the one who sexually harassed me at every opportunity.
Once Senpai laughed and said that half of my erotic knowledge comes from Eggleston. They seemed to get along pretty well.
But I don't think they ever slept together.”




“um, um……” Abigail gave a forced smile, then quickly became serious, 




“But it's absurd to destroy a shield with just infantry ……
What ended up happening to that operation?”



“–it was a success of course” grinned InoRyder, pointing a half-eaten churro at Abigail.





“However, Eggleston, Whirlwind, and Hammerfall were killed in action.
Marauder, who survived and came back, died just the other day from drugs overdose.”




“Marauder ……
Is he a guy named Barry by any chance?”





 Abigail asked quizzically, and InoRyder nodded.




“Oh, you know a lot, don't you? He was badly injured in a Counter-offensive operation a while ago and had to retire halfway through.
But it happens every day.
A soldier who has suddenly retired from military service loses his life to drugs and gambling.
He had a terrible personality, but in battle, he was an irreplaceable asset.
It was a shame.”



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 Abigail scratched her cheek and looked away awkwardly.




“So, today we're going to visit our only surviving friend from that time, a tough bastard old man, Eriksen”



“Mjolnir…..is it the weapon of Thor, God of Thunder?”



“Apparently so.
Delta is a counterforce, but when they are thrown on the battlefield, they are sure to smash the enemy and always come back home, which is how they got their name.
I think he's as famous as our captain in the current 88.”



“the comic books is famous after all”




“Yeah, I don't know why …….
Why are there so many comic nerds in the military? The naming system also seems to be a bit of a cookie-cutter from it…….”




 Haah, InoRyder sighed.




“Well, but I guess they may be longing for heroes because every day they could die at any time, In fact, in the frontline, faith in a person with a name is stronger than faith in God.
I think the fact that they have a second name is proof that they are relied upon by the soldiers.”



 As the three of us were talking about this over breakfast, a man stopped by the table.



 The man, with a good-natured smile on his face, looked down at Abigail with a fluttering hand.




“– Yo, you don't look familiar.
Where are you from?”







 For Abigail, it was an unknown face.
She checked with InoRyder to be sure, she said “No?” and shook her head.
Vani is shaking her head too.




“If you three women are bored here, why don't you come to watch the fireworks with me tonight? I've saved some good seats for you.”




 Tonight is New Year's Eve.




 The snow has weakened a bit since yesterday, and the New Year fireworks event which was in jeopardy due to this stormy weather will now be held as planned.




 But since this fireworks event is intended as a test firing of heavy artillery, it will not be canceled by a little rain or snow.
No matter what the weather, the battle will still take place.




“Oh, I'm sorry, but can you give it up? She's my girlfriend.”




 InoRyder narrowed her eyes even further and glared up at the man with an annoyed look in her eyes.




“Girlfriend? Oh, come on, you're a woman.”





 The man said with a grin.
InoRyder also lifted corners of her mouth and chuckled.




“Ah…Gender discrimination” 




“Such a beautiful woman, she's too good for Fox's dog.”




 At that one word, InoRyder let out a sigh, hah…….




 She slowly gets up.




“–What are you, some kind of new recruit in Valhalla?”




“Oh, InoRyder-san.
please, the commotion is……”

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InoRyder fluttered and waved at Mashu, who approached her fearfully. Holding a tray to her chest.




Mashu,  with such a skinny guy, I don't even need to get into a fight.”



“What nonsense….”




 Placing his hands on her shoulder, the man trying to squeeze InoRyder, who just shrugged dismissively, putting her hands on her hips.




“–everybody's always scared of just mentioning the word Fox, but they're just a bunch of dropouts who can't stay in the Fort anymore.
If you were nice to me earlier, you'd be making it big.  I'm in the Ranger Trainee Program you see.”




“Oh, you're one of those types who believe such nonsense,” said InoRyder, giving him a pitying look.




“It's good that you're honest, but if you can't gauge the enemy's strength, you'll be the first to die on the battlefield.
Oh, Are you a Cherry-kun who hasn't had any actual battle experience yet? I'll teach you how to fight in a real battle If you want…….
Well, with your “weak” body, you might die while learning how to fight though.
Do you have proper Disability or Death Insurance? If you retire at this age, you won't get a good pension.”



“You bitch—-“



 In response to the challenge, the man quickly took a fighting stance and stepped forward.




 Almost simultaneously, InoRyder's toe skidded across the floor.




 Whoosh —-!!





 The sound was light, as if someone had slapped his arm with a stick.




 Shortly after.





“–Ugh? Ggh, ah!?”





 The man collapsed starting from the leg he had just stepped out on and fell down, clutching his calf.



 InoRyder plunged her hand into the man's crotch




hmm, the left one is small. I'll leave the big one.
I'm going to crush the smaller one and thin it out.



“It hur-, stop …….”




“I heard that it is better to leave it just one side to grow bigger, just like a fruit.
I don't know if it's true or not.
Oh yeah, you should tell me what happened to you after a year.
Then I might sleep with you.
Well, you probably won't survive that long.”




“Whoa, whoa, InoRyder-san! That's enough!”




 Mashu grabbed her by the shoulders, and InoRyder let go and stood up.





 The man didn't get up for a while, then grabbed the table and staggered to his feet, limping to the door of the restaurant.
At his back, InoRyder's annoyed voice shouted, “Be careful not to fall on the road, Asshole,” and the hall erupted in laughter.




“–What did you do?”



Abigail asked suspiciously as InoRyder returned to her seat.
since it didn't look like to be that powerful of an attack.




“Hmm? that a kick earlier? It's a technique called a calf kick, hitting the back of the opponent's calf.
It hurts a lot because it's a place you don't usually train.
It's a quick way to shut up amateurs who take a defenseless stance.
The key is to just kick it fast, like a whip to the ankle, not with force.”




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Sitting down, InoRyder said matter-of-factly while eating a churro.




 After finishing their meal, the three of them stood up from their seats.





“I'll buy you a drink.”




“Oh, thank you!”




“You're doing me a favor, so at least I'll do this much.”




 Immediately after she let InoRyder and Vani out of the restaurant first and paid the bill at the table, Abigail slipped a small envelope with a single flower stamped on it into Mashu's hand, out of the eyes of the two women.



“For a girl with a spider decoration somewhere on her body.
The password is -” she whispered.



 Mashu smiled without saying a word and quickly tucked it under the side of her bra.




 The three of us left the store and headed to our next destination.




 On the way there, Abigail muttered a few words.




“I'll be your girlfriend for the time being.
Sounds like it will bring me a good blessing.”



 Then, at that comment, the InoRyder's back shook with a shiver.




“………are you finally understood the charm of this loyal dog!?”




 Abigail's upper body was a little hunched over.
That's because InoRyder was leaning in, almost as if she was wagging her tail.




“Yeah yeah.
Thanks for earlier.
I didn't know you are that strong.”




“Heh, heh, heh,……
I won't let a woman who might be Senpai's onee-sama get touch even a finger! I want you to rub me in bed every single morning till night!”




 InoRyder's cheeks flushed and her eyes sparkled.




 From behind her, she hears a voice.




“Butter Dog”[1]




 Piercing low kick reared up the snow on the ground.




 With a flick.
Vani leaps on both feet and dodges through the flurry of snow.
Her body movements were like a rabbit's.









 replied InoRyder, who clicked her tongue hatefully, her lower eyelids fluttering.





Vani is amazing too.”




 At Abigail's sound of admiration, Vani responded with a silent 'V' peace sign.




dogs that are used as an aid to female masturbation.
Performed in adult comics and some adult videos

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