Anonymous bee  -> Anonymous Hachi Hachi

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88, eight eight , bee ->  hachi hachi


Bacchus Woman -> Bacchus Lady






72 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:oIgrF2uokF


There was a delivery truck accident last night, and some shooting too


My manager at my part-time job told me.




73 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:J7qu5faIuj




I guess we won't be getting to the ground level again.


The government should quickly separate the tram from the ground and connect it to Minami Ward sky way. 




74 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:cQ0u040FOS


If you can't go down, you can't go to Valhalla.




75 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:YOFH27biJ6




That waiter girl there is super cute.


The store is super scary though.
Their Fox rate is quite high.




76 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:R4XAnefcBn


Have there been a lot of shootings lately?


Remember that flashy one at the slum before, too loud and noisy.




77 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:ffVXJ1LTGq


Is it the gang again?




78 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:e0B26okjUs


Governments leave havens unattended, they're neglecting their responsibilities.


I'm definitely voting for Rutherford in the next election!




79 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:Qv2QR8o6RG


Haven is good.


How can a man who declares that he will wipe out the slums get any votes?


If anything, if the slums are gone, the whole Fort will be flooded with potential criminals.


They're better off being concentrated there.




80 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:OH1sDApi24


Fight …  all you pigs on the ground …



81 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:EAQqBttDgJ


Blame Haven for not catching the perpetrators of the multiple missing person cases.


No surveillance cameras.


My grandma said.




82 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:JexgOTKfH6


It's also possible that the police are just incompetent.




83 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:e0B26okjUs




Haven's gangs are making the Hachi Hachi less strong as a result.


All the money you get from the outside from building weapons won't matter if your soldiers are all drugged to the bone.


The new generation is becoming disposable in those places.


It's good for now, but what about a decade.


Rutherford said this should be addressed.




84 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:X2iqro8jij


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I can't live without meeting my Isabella in Haven.


Isabella-chan is a real angel who accepts my disgusting toddler regression fetish and kindly lets me suck her tits!




85 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:FIrv5Wogb2




 good evening Mr.




86 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:oNIVTRbmvU




Which street?


I'm going with you.




87 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:X2iqro8jij




not telling.


I don't want to be your hole bro.




88 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:R4XAnefcBn


The lieutenant general also used to be a slum cleanup guy.




89 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:GoF5vCTeIF




The attacks are the work of Bigfoot.




90 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:FIrv5Wogb2


occult www




91 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:hL3Tmhjokr


Bigfoot exists.






92 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:D0o1OEi6Rw




Oh, just Daily Lazy.




93 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:ct85Yn2D1F


I wonder if they'll do another War Maiden Scoop.




94 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:gOKVVTB4S0




I like them because they don't write articles about the government, but they regularly throw in occult articles. 


Thanks to this, the story of the War Maidens was treated as occult in the beginning.




95 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:LUb4PKutAW


It's not occult. The police saw it, too.


Actually, I happened to be in a casino at the time and saw it.


I was leaving and it was snowing, and when I decided to take a shortcut to the station, I found a trail of footprints. 


I followed the footprints and saw a scary face on the glass…


Read the article for more details.




96 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:mqmNp3VQBx


Paid articles, not a fan.




97 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:x76uuUdlDf


At the price of a cup of coffee every month, it's a good deal.



The most recent ones that I enjoyed were.





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98 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:Vstf16CSYf


How did Bigfoot get in here in the first place? This is not a snowy mountain.


If Bigfoot can get in, so can aliens.


If true, hachi hachi is in martial law.




99 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:8ldGGHKyDO


If only Bigfoot had crushed the gang.


or Yeti.


Please smash the sludge!




100 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:b5NC8g8sPi


Well, a soldier I know told me that an Echo slow tortoise had crashed the other day.


They say the front lines are getting overwhelmed these days.


Bigfoot and gang war.


If this is a trend.
I hope hachi hachi will be fine next year….




101 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:R4XAnefcBn


You underestimate the robustness of hachi hachi.


A single helicopter going down on the front lines is about as common as it gets.


Lieutenant general will become a general, and so on.




102 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:e0B26okjUs


It doesn't take long before you lose if you're too proud.


If we continue with the current system, we'll be in big trouble.


We improve our weapons, but we're losing more battles these days because the people inside are getting weaker.


I'm supporting Rutherford for Secretary-General in the next election.




103 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:PiablgF00t


Snow please stop!


I can't wait to go play in Haven!




104 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:lP1CQlrKCS




Bigfoot-san, are you okay without snow? 




105 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:ri62bWKKaw




The rumors Bigfoot arrived w




106 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:FIrv5Wogb2


The timing lol



107 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:PiablgF00t


No more crying!


No more bad boys!




108 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:SQ0w5p2lm5


Isn't that Namahage www




109 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:R4XAnefcBn





110 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:PiablgF00t


If you do anything naugthy, Gevaudan will come after you!




111 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:Qv2QR8o6RG


oh no w



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112 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:cdPq7RtlqH


It's all mixed It's all mixed up!




113 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:SPMuNEosrY


That brings back memories…
the Beast of Gevaudan right.


I used to hear it all the time when I was little.




114 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:MTtqu7UCtT


Come to think of it, is the beast of Gevaudan also some kind of UMA?




115 Bacchus Lady ◆uw/B9gEqz. [sage] ID:xVLpE84RGq


The beast descends on Fort


At the dark of the city


In a whimper


Waiting for the right moment.


Now is the time to make way


The girl with the spider on her back was sent


And shall lead the beast to the unmanned altar where the wise men of the forest await.




116 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:FIrv5Wogb2


There you are, you shithead.




117 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:cdPq7RtlqH


Oh, it's the Bacchus Lady.




118 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:cltFBqnpc7


How about having a drink with me tonight? Nostradamus-san, just for fun




119 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:W5dg2iybfr


What is Nostradamus-san?




120 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:cltFBqnpc7


The famous guy from the news board.


He regularly drops mysterious prophecies.




121 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:PiablgF00t


I'm surprised that the accuracy rate is so high.


Since prophet-kun doesn't put on a handler, people are starting to mimic him just for the fun of it.




122 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:R4XAnefcBn


Oh, that.


You shouldn't imitate him too much.


If anything goes wrong, you'll be charged with information incitement.




123 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:Qv2QR8o6RG


We all use the darknet.




124 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:R4XAnefcBn


The darknet is not only a concern for the Hachi Hachi, but also USEG.


It's only a matter of time before they track us down.


Be careful not to get caught in a roundup and make an example out of them.




125 Bacchus Lady ◆uw/B9gEqz. [sage] ID:2yJ1gSp6VE


I am the beast Clientes.


On nights when the sky is burned by countless stars


A flower blossoms offering your prays.


Chant the name of the beast at the Hall of Warriors.




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126 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:cdPq7RtlqH


I have no idea what you're talking about.


And what's Clientes?






127 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:DdTTXlVXx7


Bacchus lady, you usually have a much lower IQ…




128 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:7lYjlQnD3m


The vibe is close, but not quite.


he's more straightforward in his predictions.




129 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:YgeWnePdST


Miss Bacchus! Tequila is ready! Also, with lemon!


I'm waiting on the bed!


You can pass out anytime!




130 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:SJlhw1OPBM


What do you mean by that? w




131 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:cdPq7RtlqH


The Bacchus lady is lives at the pace where the liquor bottles are being emptied.


All the volunteers who tried to win her lose their minds.


For the record, one barrel of spirits is emptied in about 30 minutes!




132 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:SJlhw1OPBM


No way




133 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:FIrv5Wogb2


That's a lie!


If you drink at the pace, you will die.




134 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:Af0DHjsS0f


Bacchus lady is drunk….




135 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:YXttmULPfv


Oh, is that the end of today?




136 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:b5NC8g8sPi


Even the Bacchus lady need a day off…




137 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:PiablgF00t


No alcoholics allow here!


If you drink too much, Gevaudan will go get you!




138 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:cdPq7RtlqH


Still going at it.




139 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:wUAWBYKFFk


Bigfoot vs.
Bacchus Lady, fight!




140 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:MTtqu7UCtT


It's Yeti-san kindness that protects everyone's liver and health.



141 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:R4XAnefcBn


Is it the guardian deity of Hachi Hachi? w




142 Anonymous Hachi Hachi [sage] ID:PiablgF00t



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