171 Trip

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We shower together.



“I wonder if I have to be an alien to satisfy Jebotan…….”




 Natsuki said with a dejected expression.



“No, a-ctually, there wa-s.
There wa-s a human wom-an, who made me sa-tisfy.”




“Is that person Abigail?”








“I knew it.
Is she your girlfriend?”




 Natsuki asked pointedly, looking up at me.





“She is….”





 When asked about what kind of relationship do we have, I'm a bit perplexed.




 So I decided to borrow a phrase Abigail had said to me.










 While Natsuki wiped me in the changing room, she looked at me through the mirror.





“So, how are you going to contact this person?”





“Hmmm ……”




 I've thought about it a lot since then, but I couldn't come up with anything.
The situation of not being able to go outside had become a tight restriction.
Regular means of communication, such as phone calls and e-mails, would be impossible.
She was being monitored 100%.
There's only so much information I can get on the Internet, besides I don't know anyone else.





 In the end, there was no progress at all, and I was somewhat impatient.




 I guess I'll have to go with the strategy of having Natsuki go out.
I should get ready to move out of this room soon.
We can't stay in the middle of enemy territory for too long.




“Didn't she tell you how to contact her or anything?”





 How to contact………….













“A-h! Tha-t's right!”





 I searched my apron pocket and pulled out a small piece of paper.
It was the one Ferris had copied for me.






 It said, “Key: Gevaudan(LWAMNSOXDD.88.FT)”.
This is a copy of the contact information from Abigail's letter.






 So many things have happened at such a rapid pace since I entered the Fort that I had completely forgotten the most important thing.
Typical Butcher mind.




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 But I don't know how to use this …….




“This is it, Na-tsuki, do you know wha-t this is?”




 I handed the paper to Natsuki.




“um…….What is this?”





 But she, too, just looked at it and cocked her head.




 I returned to the living room.




 Yakumo's notebook is spread out on the table.
It is a picture of a hamburger steak.
Your order has been received.
Leave it to me.




 When I looked at him, I saw that he was sitting on the sofa and surfing the Internet.




 –Isn't he doing too much surfing?




 Slightly concerned, I peeked in.
As usual, Yakumo was making predictions on the message board.
He is unbeatable on the online message boards, so in a way, he is outstandingly net-literate.





 And that's just unhealthy.
I was at Fox, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm not a very good person to talk about it.
But you should go outside when you are young, get some sunshine, and watch insects and plants more.
The amount of information you can get from observing the nature is far greater than what you can get from the Internet.
If you only surf the Internet, your brain will not develop.




 As I looked at the top of his head, feeling like a guardian and thinking about his future, Yakumo suddenly stopped moving.




 His hands have stopped tapping on his keyboard.




 Curious, I look into Yakumo's face.




 His gaze was fixed on one point on the screen.
It was an unusual reaction.





 He seems to be looking at one specific post.




 However, when I followed his gaze, for me It's just one of those posts that I often see.





 While Yakumo and I were staring at the screen, Natsuki came back into the living room, wiping her hair.
She was staring at the piece of paper I had given her.




“Umm…..what is it….what is it call….I've seen it somewhere…..It's just stuck in my throat…..un…..”




 Natsuki moves her head up-and-down with her finger on chin.




“Do you ha-ve a-ny idea?”




“Ummm …………
hmm?, what's wrong with Yakumo?”




 Natsuki's interest was also drawn to the computer.





 Then, with a snap, Yakumo pointed at the screen.



 there is the post in question.







651 Bacchus Woman ◆uw/B9gEqz.
[sage] ID:A0OxyQgEhL


Shut upーwww


All you virgins can go fuck yourselves and go to bed.



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 What is this about?



Then Natsuki.



“It's a Kotehan[1]with a trip[2].
That's pretty cringe.”











 As I raised my voice in question, Yakumo tapped on the keyboard. 





910 Anonymous bee-san ◆uw/B9gEqz.
[sage] ID:u7QlrGJFsu









 Yakumo wrote.





“Yakumo, is this trip bothering you? ……
nmmm? Trip ……?”




 Natsuki frowns and groans.




 Hmmm, mmm …….




 Her eyebrows were about to come together but then, Natsuki's eyes widened.















 She screamed out loud with a fierce look on her face.
I was a little startled and my shoulders jolted.




 Natsuki took out the piece of paper and stuck it on the screen.
I could not help but raise my red eyeballs at the sight of her change.




This time, Natsuki was typing on the keyboard.





911 Anonymous bee-san ◆uw/B9gEqz.
[sage] ID:u7QlrGJFsu


Wow!  Wow! 






No doubt!” 




 Natsuki looked up and saw me, her face glowing with excitement.





“This paper thing is a trip key,  the contact method she gave you is to use this message board, Jebotan!”




“Wha-t is trip key”




This board has an identity theft prevention system,  You see if I type <Gevaudan> then the same letters came up as the trip of this Bacchus Woman or whatever her name is.”








 Sorry for the short response.
But I don't know much about that kind of thing.
Sorry for being a digital noob.





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“Look at the shortened address.
(LWAMNSOXDD.88.FT)F-Channel has a regional board for each fort, and here is on the 〈88.FT〉”




 Then she made a face, groaned “Ah ……” sounding impressed.




“Abigail knows that this trip will come out as <Gevaudan>, so if Jebotan writes with the same key, She will immediately know that it's you.”




“Hmmm ……?” I reply awkwardly.




“No one else could use the same trip.
Abigail can tell that this post is definitely Jebotan.”




“I ca-n't see it?”




“Yes, it cannot.
Ordinary people can't get the original string from the trip.
But Yakumo is a bit different, He found out it was Gevaudan, and since it's the same name as Jebotan's, he was curious and let us know.”




 “Wow, tha-t's a-ma-zing, Ya-kumo.”




 I patted Yakumo's head, even though I didn't understand what was going on.




“There are plenty of ways to disguise the identity of the sender of a message on a board, So, hiding in this sea of posts, the two of you can communicate with each other in secret, anonymously.
And at a quick glance, it looks like a series of monologues by someone else!”








 I don't understand, but I nod my head and make them see that I'm excited about it.




“Abigail has been waiting for Jebotan to write in this thread for a long time!”




“That's it!”





Just get on board for now *zwhink!* I pointed a finger at Natsuki.




 Then she dropped her shoulders apologetically.




“She must be very confused if this is the post she've been waiting for ……”





 In front of Natsuki, there is Yakumo's post, “dickland.” It is indeed a bit …….





――Speaking of embarrassment, I am also quite embarrassed.




 Because if I go back to look at the posts of this “Bacchus Woman,” she seems to be very silly, and her posts are full of gibberish.






130 Bacchus Woman ◆uw/B9gEqz.
[sage] ID:A0OxyQgEhL


Can't sleep.




211 Bacchus Woman ◆uw/B9gEqz.
[sage] ID:A0OxyQgEhL


someone bring me more wine! I'm gonna have a midnight drink in the snow!




392 Bacchus Woman ◆uw/B9gEqz.
[sage] ID:A0OxyQgEhL


Wake up.










 This is not Abigail I know.




 You're kidding right……What happened to her since she got back to Fort …….


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 I mean, is this really Abigail? I have zero intelligence and I don't want to believe any of this…….









 – but.




 On closer inspection, there is no sign of direct use of lewd words.





 Maybe, just maybe, she is playing a character.
Pretending to be a crazy person who is always drinking.
Maybe it really is her.




 – I see.
but is she need to go that far?




 I was imagining something like a P.O.
I had never used a message board before, so I had no idea what it is.








This is it.




 Gradually, I began to feel that Natsuki was right.




 We did it! Now we can talk to each other!




“Jebotan? What's wrong?”




 I was the one who gulped with excitement.




This is proba-bly right, Natsuki!”




“Oh, really!? You did it, Jebotan!”




“Nice! Thank you! Genius!”




 I picked Natsuki up and gave her a gratuitous face lick.




 Natsuki was smiling happily at my unusual display of excitement.





“Ha ha ha, that tickles!”




 And while I was at it, I picked up Yakumo,  lick the siblings in both hands.




 Before I knew it, Diamond, who had climbed on top of my head, was doing squats dance with delight.




 –Right before New Year's Eve.
I was just in time.




“Did we help?”





“I love you, Na-tsuki.
I love you, Ya-kumo.”





“Hehehe ……
great job, Yakumo.”




 Natsuki stroked Yakumo's silky hair.








 What should I write on the board?

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