Chapter 169 Return from the heist.

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 ◇◆◇ (Gevaudan's point of view)




“Jebotan, listen, listen! The disguise worked perfectly!”




“O ura Eri ae aru go ea”




 I was struggling with my loot, a brainwave voice synthesizer when Natsuki returned with a big smile on her face.





 As she took off her disguise.
Natsuki tells me that she had almost been taken in by the police outside.




 –That's bad.




 I'd better not let her out of the house for the rest of the day.




In fact, It was me who asked Natsuki bought a charger for the device that is now wrapped around my head like the Monkey King's band.




 I had just raided a delivery van a few moments earlier.
It was a car with a package that was supposed to be delivered to me.




 As a result, chaos ensued, but I managed to retrieve the brainwave voice synthesizer.
I returned to the room where Natsuki and the others were waiting for me, but the charger inside was broken because things had gotten a little rough.



 I knew this would cause another big commotion in the city, and weather-wise, it was going to be snowing heavily tomorrow.
I decided to have Natsuki go buy the charger as soon as possible because I anticipated that the online shopping might be halted.




 I had her put on a disguise and assigned Diamond as her “escort”




“isss oooout siide cood aa ee”




I take it you can't talk yet?”




 Natsuki laughs as her cheeks puff out.




 Brainwave voice synthesizer is very difficult.




 According to the Internet, even if I train every day, it will take half a year before I can speak freely.
This is a tough nut to crack.





 –Don't underestimate a former sniper.
I'll have you up and running in no time.




“a, a, a, ii, ii, ji, ji, ji, ji-a, ji-a-ou, ji-a-uodan, je-o dan “








 Natsuki, who had been watching my struggles with an amused look on her face, finally lost her composure and laughed.
That's rude.



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 ”–Hah, it can't be helped.
Let's start preparing dinner while we practice.
Let's start with 'Ae ee o ao, kake kiku keko kako'.”




“Age biU eto gao.
Ga-gigi Peso-taro”




“Ahahahahahahaha! jeez! stop that!”




 —and also that.




 I wonder what that was …………..




I was reminiscing about the heist earlier.




 Following the missing package, I ended up deciding to rob it.




 To do so, I went ahead of the delivery truck's route.
I narrowed down the point of attack to the street just right before the delivery truck entered the slum.
That was the most convenient place for the heist.



 For the mission, I was using the skin of Shigeaki's face.
He is now crucified in a catatonic state.
His appearance is beginning to look like he's coming out of the horror film, but that's okay because we don't intend to keep him alive in the end.



I ran in the shadows of the city, using to erase all of my presence.
The snow would cover my footprints over time, and there were many blind spots in the city.
Perhaps it was the continuous snowfall, but there were extremely few cars and pedestrians on the streets tonight.




 When I arrived at the spot, I saw two men hiding in the shadows of the alley.




 They were the unexpected first arrival.



 I could hear them from a distance with my butcher's sense of hearing, and from their conversation, it appeared that they were also waiting there to ambush the delivery truck.




 It was unexpected.
I thought they might be gangsters, but their movements seemed professional.




 Well, I guess because this is the best location to attack that delivery truck, but why would trained professionals attack an ordinary delivery truck?





 Indeed, I thought it would be a bad thing to be seen by the public.





 As I was wondering whether to give up or not, I soon saw the headlights approaching from across the street.
It was the delivery truck in question.




 I had no time left.
I already used Shigeaki's skin, so if I turned back empty-handed, I would have a hard time the next time I went outside.



 I had no choice but to finish off the two men who had been there before me and take their guns.
I squeezed their heads.



 They had shotguns, loaded with slug shot.
At this distance, it was enough.



 The delivery truck came at us, kicking up a thin layer of snow.
It was running quite fast.




 I wondered, but I waited from the alley, readying my shotgun and taking aim.




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 I could feel my sniper's senses starting to sharpen.




 I could feel myself melting into the wind, my feet rooted to the ground, and I could visualize the trajectory of the bullet as it hit its target.
That kind of sensation.





 The delivery truck passed before my vision and my shotgun opened fire.



 Butcher's eyesight caught the moment when the driver and the passenger were both killed by a single shot.
A one-shot, two kills.
There was a little bit of brain juice oozing out.



 The delivery truck slipped and rolled violently.





 –Here's where it happened.
Just before I stepped out of the alley to get the contents, I saw two off-road motorcycles racing in from behind.




 As I hastily ducked and waited to see what happened, one of the women (with big boobs, I could tell from her silhouette) blasted open the rear gate of the delivery truck with a pistol and pried it open.




 Big caliber revolver.
Magnum round.
I recognized it by the sound.
Because I had one too.
Nice taste.




 To kill an alien, an ordinary handgun won't do the job, but a large handgun like that one can get the job done.




 The close distance between the foe.



 Live or die, or fall together.



 It is a gun suitable for a final blow.
It is not the god that we should pray for.
It is the trigger, the powder, and the bullet.
That is why I named my revolver That's it.
I remember now.




 While I was thinking about that, there was a short pause, and then a woman wearing a helmet jumped out from inside.




 As soon as she stepped onto the bike, the two bikes sped away.
What is this?



 What was more surprising there was that shortly thereafter, men with weapons came rushing out of the surrounding alleys and into the street.
What on earth is going on?




 The men appeared to be hunting for whoever was in that delivery van.
They were hurrying to get there and scattered around the perimeter.



 –that the delivery van itself was not their target.
The target was the woman in that car.



 In that case..




Now I can take advantage of the scene and be a filthy looter.




 I decided so and immediately rushed into the delivery truck.





 Three men were lying on the ground inside the container, which was filled with the rusty smell of blood.
They were dressed like gangsters.




 Unable to grasp the situation, I fidgeted with my hands and searched for my package.



 The interior of the car was cluttered, and it took me longer to find it than I had expected.
Still, I managed to find what I was looking for.
The number is matched.



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  If I take just one package, it will look suspicious later and be easily tracked.  Let's take away a few random packages so we don't get traced.



Let's take away a few random packages so we don't get traced.






 Dead men have no mouths to feed.
And while I'm at it, let's have some spare skin.



 I skinned the men and blew their heads off with a shotgun.
If I freeze them as soon as I get home, I should be able to use them for a while.



At that moment, I heard a rustling sound in the car.




 The smell of blood was so thick that I didn't notice it, but a closer examination, my nose told me that there was still someone alive inside this delivery truck package.




 –If they see me, it will be troublesome, so let's kill them altogether.



Just as I was about to kill them all, I heard the sound of sirens in the distance.




 That's it.
Time to move.




 Well, I was wearing Shigeaki's face, so it's okay if they see me a little…



 And so I withdrew from the place with the desired package + some extras.
That is how it happened.



 In total, it was a rare situation.




 And that delivery truck, I wonder what it ended up being.
It was loaded with people, maybe a modern-day slave wagon or something? I'm sure I never heard of such a thing in the Fort when I was there.



 I made the dinner while reminiscing about this, It's Steamed meat and vegetables.




Too much meat on the menu.
Too heavy at night.
Bad for the skin.  I promptly responded to these imaginary protests in a professional manner.
The meat was healthy with just the right amount of fat removed.
And my customers are beamed at the sight of this dish but ……
Yakumo is expressionless as usual.




 After dinner, I took Natsuki, who was in a good mood, in my arms and headed for the bedroom.
She wrapped her arms around my neck and we acted like lovers.




 After taking a shower, I hurriedly put a mask on me, I had made it from a piece of cardboard from a mail-order store.
It was a handmade butcher bag.




 I walked up to Natsuki on the bed, naked, with an erection and a cardboard box on my head, looking like a rare species of pervert.




what's that? What are you doing?”




She is a bit taken back.




“Hoow was it, my facee is ugly right? now yoou don't seee.”





“Eh ……  It's fine, you don't have to do that.




“Is iiit?, areen't you grossed out?”


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 Then Natsuki's facade broke abruptly.





She laughed, “I'm used to it……
by now.”





 Later that night, I embraced Natsuki somewhat intensely.
because the lingering effects from the killing were still in my body.





 At first, it was a play about a wife who is trying to soothe her husband's return from the battlefield, So Natsuki said these lines “Are you going off to the battlefield again?”  “I'll die of loneliness.” “Let it out inside me!” ”Give me the baby!” but then the play changed, while her husband was on the battlefield, She was taken by a monster who took over her room and humiliated her until she was completely fallen.




 So, in the middle of it, I called Yakumo to sit in a chair and we continued our play, letting him gaze at us.  This doubled the realism of the scene because Natsuki did not want to be seen.





 Natsuki, who was reluctant to be fucked like this at first, climaxed many times with a massive creampie by the butcher.
near the end, Natsuki was so horny that she was shaking her hips and moaning loudly like a bitch in heat, without looking away from her brother.




 My hot cock and cum made her lose her mind and go crazy.
It felt like…



 I suddenly remembered my days in the prison in Faymbaum and was gripped by a sense of nostalgia. Maybe that life wasn't so bad when I think about it now.
At least it was less busy than now.



 So, I got excited and drenched Natsuki with my cum until she was completely covered in it as if she was one of my offering.
It was the first time in a long time and it was exhilarating.
I guess I am more suited to beastly sex and rape than to lovemaking.




 Eventually, After a long scene of such humiliating plays.




“No, no ……
no, I can't ……anymore♡”





 She started to whine.




 But it's okay.




 I am now a world-class sexpert who is well versed in the mechanics of the female body and its limitations.
Natsuki has a young body, so she can come three more times.
With this encouragement, I repeatedly filled her womb and seeded her.




“No~~♡ aaah ah ……




 Natsuki receives my cum with a jerking and bouncing body.
Her eyes were fixed on Yakumo, who was sitting in a chair next to her.




  After that, Natsuki was shaking her body with empty Eyes. 



 It was such an arousing expression that I had to give her one last creampie to get her to cum one last time.




 And so the day came to an end when my arousal finally calmed down.




 –I wondered if going wild like this is a bad thing.




 It was on this night that Natsuki's behavior began to change.

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