Chapter 167 House of the Grim Reaper

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“Senpai was good at werewolf games because of her poker face.
She was also very smart.
she think that she was dumb but I don't think that's true.
If she was stupid, she wouldn't have survived on the battlefield for that long.”




 According to her, she is very obsessed with the tasks she has been given.
She gets very angry when someone interferes with her work, and even if they are on her side, she will later go and beat them to a pulp.





 According to her, she never breaks her promises.



 According to her, she had a wild intuition.



 According to her, no matter how desperate the situation, she never gave up.
In fact, she sometimes plunged into even more dangerous places by herself.
So cool.





 According to her, she never abandoned her allies, but her survival skills were so high that she often ended up surviving alone.



The last time she was seen was two years ago, during the defense of Fort 89.





 In the midst of two rough breathing and sweet noises, InoRyder devoured Abigail's body with bloodshot eyes.




this is too much……
Senpai's body is amazing, but Abby-chan is completely different……
this is…….”



buoyed by the passion, InoRyder raised her sweaty face.




haa!! ……! Crap, I should have brought one! I can't!! …….



 She shouts at the bedroom door.




“Do you have a dildo with you!?”




 *bang*, the door thumped.




“……Darn it, okay.
Hey, Abby-chan.
Do you mind if I hold back some details about my senpai and told you next time? I want to play one more time…….





 InoRyder said wistfully.




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“Ahh ……
we're friends with benefits after all…ha….ha….”




“Yay, yay!!”




 –after the act.




 Abigail is lying in bed alone.




 She sat up, poured a bottle of scotch from the bedside table into a shot glass, and took a sip.
Then, falling back onto the bed.




(That was surprisingly good ……)




 Maybe it was because she was becoming more and more frustrated lately.
InoRyder continued to pleasure Abigail passionately, and Abigail also gave herself in, enjoying a few deep orgasms.




 While she was cooling down her brain by staring blankly at the ceiling, she heard a clicking sound coming from the vents.





 Abigail responded by tapping on the wall, and Niblo hopped inside the room.





 He was wearing winter clothes.
It was Abigail's homemade warmer vest.
she had prepared this winter uniform for Niblo.
Since he said he had a hard time in the winter because of the cold.




 Niblo came climbing down the wall, slid into a gap under Abigail's covers, and poked at the skin on her stomach.




— cheating!, cheating!, sex friend!, boss, big sis, together!  —




“Hey, This doesn't count as cheating.”




— No? —




“More importantly, I just went through a rough time and I almost died.
That's really bad timing.”



— see?, big sis, me, useful! —


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 While talking about this, Niblo reported his intel.




 She also informed Niblo of the situation.



 The surveillance in the room has been cleared, so they are free to do as they please now.
She also told Niblo that the people in the next room were our allies.
She also told him that he should not approach them, as they were very perceptive.
He went to his favorite place – under the bed – and became quiet.



 Now she was so relaxed, her body feels warm to the tips of her fingers.




 As she had originally planned, InoRyder left for the living room next door when Abigail was “exhausted”.
She said something like, “Have a good night, sister.
” so maybe the intercourse was really done out of concern for Abigail's mental health.




bzzzz. the terminal shake.



 Abigail quietly reached out to grab it.




 It was a message from InoRyder.
The message was “Senpai,” and there was a picture attached.




 It was a picture of a woman surrounded by several men, including InoRyder.
Under a clear blue sky at what appeared to be a mountaintop somewhere, she was carrying a large gun on her back and looking absently at the camera.



 Short blond hair.
A tanned skin by sunburn.
Camouflage paint on her face.
She has a somewhat attractive face that would be popular among young women, but her expression is somewhat vacant.



 Admittedly, she doesn't look much like herself.
But that is probably due to the way she spent most of her years growing up.
If one ignores the physique and meatiness of the body, the areas that cannot be trained – like the eyes – are very similar to her.



 She was so transfixed by the pictures that she forgot to breathe.




 Abigail quietly turned off the screen and pulled back the covers.
Her face was burning hot, but a shiver ran through her core.




 Pulling the covers over her head, she fiddled with the terminal.
It had become her bedtime routine to browse the Internet imageboard .




 The next morning, Abigail woke up and went to the living room to find the “black” Vani sitting on the sofa.
She was holding her knees and looking out the window at the snow.




 Her face is totally Vani, but her hair is dark and her skin is pale.




Vani? Did you dye your hair?”




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 That couldn't be, but that was all she can come up with.



At her stunned stare, the black Vani shook her head.







 InoRyder, who was sitting in the dining room, laughs a belly laughed.




“Hee, hee.”







 When Abigail shot her an accusing look, she wiped the corners of her eyes with her fingers.




“No, no.
That's Rudra.
He is Vani's brother.
Rudra is a nocturnal type, so he was switching with Vani.”




 She looks at the dark-haired boy.
Their faces look exactly alike.







By the way, Rudra's color is the original color of their race, and Vani is an albino.
Rudra is and Vani is .
I, InoRyder am and Whisley, our captain is .”




“Nice to meet you, Rudra.”



 When Abigail spoke to him, Rudra responded with a respectful salute by holding his hand in front of him without saying a word, His eyes gleam, so he seems to be in a good mood.




A knock rang at the door.



 InoRyder picked up the revolver on the desk and headed toward the door.
A few moments later, Vani comes into the room with her, carrying a large paper bag.



“bought breakfast.”



“Steamed meat bun?”



“got it.”



 Abigail sat on the sofa, watching the twins talk.


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Then InoRyder also sat next to Rudra who was bitting into a bun and patting his head.




“Good boy.
Then, if you finished your breakfast you can switch with Vani.
By the way, Rudra.”




 InoRyder said in a luscious voice.




“As a reward, shall I give you an onee-san stroke? Last night I was able to enjoy a delicious sister meal, so I'm in a very good mood now, how was it? I'll make you a man.”



“I don't want onee-shota to be my first time.”

(older woman (sister, onee) and a young boy (shota))



“Creepy granny.”




 Rudra and Vani said at the same time.




veins bulging on the InoRyder's temple.




“Vani you son of a bitch, I'm going to rip your ass with my magnum”




 InoRyder flashes out her gun and Vani gives her a thumbs down.



 Abigail, who was looking at them with half-open eyes, was offered a hot steamed bun.



“Thank you……”



 Abigail patted Rudra on the head, and together they bit into the buns.




–It's a very relaxing morning, Abigail thinks.




 I wonder how long it has been since I've felt this way.




 Abigail felt that this room, which had been cold like a prison cell, was transformed overnight into a warm, comfortable space.




 She felt reassured and happy as if she had been welcomed into a cozy home that was built upon the footsteps of the grim reaper that she had yet to meet.

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