Chapter 166 Senpai's name

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 I ask as she undresses me on the bed.




“Was your Senpai using it too? this steroid.”




“Ah, She used to……*sniff*”




InoRyder continues as she pulls off Abigail's pants and pokes her nose into her belly button.




“Just that she was a little bit …….








“Senpai was…..
she has a much higher metabolism than ordinary people, breaking down the drugs she takes extremely fast.
I heard that her liver is transcendently strong or something.”









“So, as a result, she was able to take much more drugs than the average person.
It seems that she had been drugged since she was a child, and the drugs had become so accustomed to her body.”





“something like that……..”




 Abigail felt a nausea that tightened her insides, but it was not caused by the InoRyder's actions.





 She endured the sick feeling and urged her to continue.




“The more we train ourselves, the closer we get to becoming female gorillas  but Senpai is different.”




 InoRyder traced her finger down to Abigail's lips, collarbone, breasts, belly button, and then dug her fingers into Abigail's shorts.






“The more Senpai works out, she just gets firmer, gorgeous, and beautiful.”




 InoRyder's eye looked into the distance as she slid her finger off.




“Despite having very strong arms, the arm itself is very thin.
When naked, she looks like a sporty woman, but beneath her silky, delicate skin lurks an impossibly strong inhuman muscle.
But there is an imbalance in her body somewhere, like a powerful engine in a sports car that is constantly blasting its own fuel away.
She also always looks somewhat dazed all the time like a ferocious feline predator peacefully taking a nap.
Anyway, it wasn't normal.”



 After InoRyder finished undressing her, she looked down at her naked body and gulped.




She was just like this.
like a masterfully crafted living statue…….”



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 The InoRyder lust-filled eyes focused on Abigail.




 But before long, those eyes began to moisten, and the tears formed large droplets at the corners of her eyes.



 InoRyder's mouth twitched and her brow furrowed.




Soon, her expression broke down into a crumpled mess.




Uh …
Uh …
Uh …” 




“w-what's wrong? all of a sudden…”




 She sobbed and choked, not knowing what just happened Abigail helped wiped her spilled tears with her hand.




” *sob* *sob* “




( I don't know what just happened, but ……)





 With no choice, she hugs and comforts her.



are you okay? What's wrong?”




 Then InoRyder begins to talk in a whisper.








 She sniffled.



“It's just that……Abby-chan was soooo cute……But Senpai didn't seem to like her body……and I, I was thinking a lot about what it would have been like if Senpai had been a normal girl……and…and I was like….”









“I don't believe one-bit that Senpai is dead.
because I, her the Royal Hound, is still alive……
so She's definitely alive in the wild somewhere…….
b-but then recently, I thought that I might as well die and met her in the afterlife ……
maybe that way, Senpai might come back to scold me for being such an idiot…uu……”




 Abigail hugged InoRyder to her chest, She hugged her back tightly and cried.




“Ugh, ugh, ugh ……uu ……
uu ……”




  A warm feelling that dropped to her chest turned Abigail's confusion into pity.




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 She lay down with InoRyder in her arms and continued to quietly rub her head.





 She cried and cried for a little while.





 After she stopped crying, InoRyder let go for a while and kept looking at Abigail's face.




do I look like her that much?”




“….All the old-folks back there also noticed it.”




InoRyder raised her body and looked straight down at Abigail, pushing her against the bed.




“Maybe if I put you two side by side ……
it doesn't look that much alike.
Abby looks sharp and graceful, but Senpai looks more relaxed and aloof.
She never grew long hair, and your body was chunkier than Senpai's.
But still ……” 



 InoRyder's face came close to Abigail's.




“I knew it, It was the eyes”




 Just then, She takes her lips.




 Parting her lips, Abigail asked with determination.




“– tell me, what's your senpai's name?”




InoRyder replies while stroking Abigail's cheek.











 It was a shock that crushed her heart with conflicting feelings of disappointment and relief.




 InoRyder looked at Abigail, who had fallen silent, in surprise.





“Hm? is it not her you looking for?  That's strange …
I'm sure you two are sisters or something…”




 Seeing InoRyder's head tilted, Abigail wondered about the possibility of him having an alias name.



 -but maybe this is already enough.



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 The reaction of InoRyder who compared them has already made her doubt more certain.



 However, due to her professionalism, Abigail values objectivity.
She still wants conclusive evidence.




“You are not from 88, are you?  I heard that Senpai was brought here from somewhere by our old captain.
She may have changed her name.”





 InoRyder also seemed to think the same thing.





“Maybe so…….”





“Why are you looking for Senpai now, Abby-chan?”





A long time ago when I was a little girl, my sister and I were separated.
I happened to get information that she might be here in 88, so I was looking for her.
But the old records had disappeared, so here I am, poking my head into all sorts of places.”



“Wow, that's a pretty daring thing to do.
I guess you two are similar in that way.




 InoRyder sniff once then continues.




“Well ……
Senpai was a veteran, and there aren't many people left who know about the old days.
Whisley, the current Fox captain is older than Senpai, but in terms of career he is still Senpai's junior.”



How long she's been here?.”




I heard a rumor that she has been active since she was a child soldier.
They say she has been killing aliens for a long time. Staying at the front line for more than 10 years…
at least.
it is amazing how long she has survived.




 Then, as if something suddenly occurred to her, InoRyder opened her mouth “Oh, right”.



“Well then, let's go see some of the old ones.
I have an idea who might know the Senpai from that time, and if I ask them, they might know another name for Senpai.”








 After a moment of hesitation, Abigail nodded.




“Could you do me a favor? Please take me with you, InoRyder”




“Okey-dokey …..
then, are we ready to do it now?”




 InoRyder gently rubbed one of Abigail's breasts and asked her pleadingly.




 Abigail also seemed to have relaxed some of her guards by this conversation, becoming less shy about the idea of surrendering her body.



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 Abigail signaled her with a kiss.




 For a moment, InoRyder looked startled, but then immediately drooled sloppily.




“Thanks for the food!”




 After paying respect to Abigail's naked body, she pounced.




 Their naked bodies mingled on the bed.




 In between acts, InoRyder told Abigail more about her Senpai – About Nigel.




 According to her, she had a huge male fan base.




 According to her, she also had a huge female fan base.




  According to her,  There was a lot of jealousy because of it.




“It wasn't just the men who got crazy about Senpai, though.
But somewhere along the line, a rumor began to circulate that if you were chosen by Nigel, you would die on the battlefield.
Probably because of the jealousy of those who were rejected because of Senpai.
Senpai just laugh it off, saying that in a way, it made things easier for her.
Men and women are less likely to approach me, and I don't have to deal with the hassle anymore.”




 According to her, she was famous for having a 'name', but she didn't like being the center of attention.



 According to her, she had no desire for fame.
was not interested in promotion and rarely met with the upper echelons of the military.




 According to her, she did not talk about her own past.




 According to her, she was a bit like a child on the inside.




 According to her, she had boyish hobbies.
Loved firearms and weapons.
And like to collect insects.




 According to her, she is unusually good at pitching and has excellent control.
She was a pitcher in baseball.
Her dead-ball had the power to kill people, as the name implies.




“She believed in her mysterious original theory that 'throwing is the basis of sniping'.
Mankind has achieved its current position through projectiles so throwing stuff is the foundation of sniping, and the exercise by throwing is necessary to become a good marksman.”




 According to her, she like movies.
Porn is among her favorites.




 According to her, she also liked to look at illustrated books and such.
After returning home, she enjoyed answering questions about the creatures she saw during her missions.




 According to her, she is a picky eater, has a sweet tooth, and is particularly fond of cheesecake.





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