Chapter 165:  open secret

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Senoir <---> Senpai


“Do you really know? I feel like you'll say you didn't know after the deed has done.”




“Excuse me? Why do you think of me like that?”



At Abigail's suspicious look, InoRyder kicked the chair  and raised her fist in the air.



“I am the woman who was once allowed to stand next to Senpai.
Whether on the battlefield or in the city, in the bath or in bed, I follow her from morning till night.
I'm her (Faithful hound) Ino Ryder-sama”



 She said and thumped her chest.



“Royal Hound?”




In a nutshell, it's the role of someone who dies before their master on the battlefield.”




 InoRyder says nonchalantly.




There's a rumor about the golden grim reaper.
They said that all allies who went into battle with her will die, But now I assumed there was no one else who know the truth from back then.” 




 Abigail stopped speaking when she felt a chill run down her spine.




 The eyes of the InoRyder which were looking at her without expression had a quiet, murderous look in them.



” — those are just foul words that they directed to Senpai.
The original meaning is different.”



 Sitting back in her chair, InoRyder continues.




“The meaning of the Golden Grim Reaper is, as the term implies, one who brings death to one's adversaries.”



 Abigail gulped at the pressure oozing from her words.




“Senpai has killed and injured an unbelievable number of aliens.
Nobody else has killed so many aliens for so long alone.
Even the old captains couldn't match Senpai in the number of kills.”




 InoRyder looks at Abigail with feverish eyes.




“And she's strong, she's cool, she doesn't give up no matter what……
hah hah……
I can't get enough of her.”




 Abigail's chin was lifted with a quick jerk.




“–Let's continue on the bed.
I'll answer you anything.”



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 Abigail glanced at Vani.
She was still lying on the couch, fiddling with the terminal.




“Oh, Vani has never met Senpai.
Now at Fox, the only people who know Senpai in person are me, Whisley, Hirsch, Mayday, and other weird guy, but that's about it.
There are a few more outside the team.
But that's a secret.”



 Counting on her fingers, InoRyder said.








 InoRyder stops moving and looks up at Abigail.




“Are you worried about selling your body? Hey, it's just a friendship, a friendship.
No diseases.
We're ladies, right? Nothing is lost, nothing is defined.
Of course, you can refuse, Okay?  We'll play with each other a little Okay?”




And you're extremely unladylike right now.




“――――Alright, I understand.”








 InoRyder howled as she thrust both fists toward the ceiling.





 Following this, Abigail is taken by the hand and made to stand up, and brought into the bedroom in a very smooth transition.




“Then, Let's get right to it.”




“H-hey! Today is my day off so I need to take a rest at least…….”





“Of course, of course.
It's just like a massage.
Your body is very tense, and your hands are very cold.
I'll leave when Abby-chan's tension is relieved.”



 When I was told, I noticed that my fingertips were still trembling slightly.
My body still seemed to be in a state of constant tension and agitation.




 I wondered if the offer was made out of concern for me.
Thinking for a moment, Abigail looked at her with mixed feelings.




“We're going to be together all this time, so let's quickly build up a sense of trust  through skinship, and from tomorrow on, we'll be able to go about our business like lovers……”




 Abigail was lifted up and laid lightly on the bed.
 She didn't have time to resist.




“Woah, you're really strong.”

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I'll let you in on a little secret.”





InoRyder closed the bedroom door, smiled wryly, and began to undress.





 Throwing her down jacket on a nearby chair, she pulled off her top.




 Then, a body of steel emerged from underneath.



 A large tattoo of a wolf from her shoulder to her back and a piercing in her belly button.
Her abs cast a sharp shadow even in the dim light in the bedroom.
The muscles on her arms bulged and veins were visible.









 As Abigail stared blankly as InoRyder showed her body, flexing both of her arms.



She untied the knot of her chignon, an unreadable smile appeared behind her flowing semi-long hair.




“Are you surprised? Well, Thanks to this I don't have my period anymore.”




“steroid (Hormone) …”




“Not that I'm the only one who's different, you know? I'm not hiding anything in particular.
It's an open secret.
All the women at Fox use it.
Of course, men too.”



 When the bra was removed, a well-shaped breast appeared from underneath.
Her body was well-trained, but she certainly maintained her femininity.



 As she slid off her pants and shorts, the muscles of her thighs and buttocks were glistening like a sculpture.



 –She was clearly using it regularly.




“How long have you been using them? Do you have a proper trainer? If you keep using it too much, it can be dangerous.”




“Oh, you're worried about me? I'm glad to hear that.
But don't worry.
each of us has our own control.”




 InoRyder sat on the bed.




“We do a lot of other kinds of doping, and if we don't do it properly, our bodies won't be able to handle it before we fight the aliens.
All of us know as much as a professional trainers.
……This is why don't drink alcohol. It's a dangerous thing to do, depending on what you're drinking.”






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 Abigail recalled that all of the Foxes had sweets in the cafeteria.





“But so much of that's….”





“If you have to choose between dying tomorrow without drugs or tomorrow with drugs, of course, we're going to kill as many aliens as you can by drugging ourselves”




 Abigail had no choice but to gasp in exasperation.
At the same time, she now understood why Fox was so creepy, even they are with the human side.




 -Their way of thinking is unusual.




“Does the kids and that child outside……
Vani, does they use it too?”




“Rudra? He didn't do it.
Vani is special and she shouldn't use it, and besides, she hasn't 'come' yet…”



 With a bang, the bedroom door shook.
Something had hit it on the other side.




“–as you can see.
Vani has super-human perception, so it's better not to use drugs.
It would be a disaster if her senses are distorted during her growth period.”



 Nodding, InoRyder ran her hands over Abigail's clothes.




“Heh …….”




 When Abigail's bra was revealed under her shirt, a husky voice escaped from InoRyder's mouth.




InoRyder slowly pressed herself down, sucking on Abigail's neck.





“Ahhhh ……
There're bruises all over.
What a shame.”




 She licked the blue bruises on Abigail's shoulders and arms, kissed her all over, and crawled on it with her fingertips.



“When the drugs make my body closer to a man, my way of thinking becomes closer to a man, too.
So it is more exciting to play with women.”







 A small sound escaped Abigail's mouth at InoRyder's skillful fingerwork.




“Did you do this with your……senpai, too?”



“Sex? yes.
I am her sex partner.”

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“Was Senpai a woman?”




“That's right.
You know the stuff.”




“You mean she was a lesbian too?”




“Not really……
Senpai was also gender-neutral in some ways.
She was fine with both men and women.”








“Even though she herself quite is selective about who she chooses to be with, ……..
Senpai herself said that she had already lost her sense of what it means to be in love or to be loved, and there was even a time when she didn't reject anyone who came knocking on her door.”








“Because Senpai was so cool.
There was a time when both men and women were courting her and has an argument.
So the captain at the time was so angry.
He told them to cut the crap.”




“He was a sensible captain.”



“There's also a problem about morality, and also What do you do if you get sick? *ha~mu*”








InoRyder bit Abigail's earlobe and whispered into her ear.




“So she decided to stop hooking with random and have a partner.
She chooses me and I lose my virginity to her….
Senpai … know, she…..
loved to fuck women with a strap-on.”







 InoRyder lifted her body.




“You looked pale.
Shall I stop now?”




Tell me more.”




“Oh! that's the spirit!”




 Nihihihihi InoRyder laught.

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