and Vani had three.




“Where did you find them?”





 Abigail asked, disgusted.




“I'm in the bathroom and kitchen.”




“The foyer, the living room.
And the bedroom.”




“Dammit, Vani! You can check it because you came in first! That's not fair!”




“It was your choice.”




 Wiretapping was, of course, something Abigail had expected and had already spotted them all.
The cameras were installed approximately the same day she met with Lieutenant General Penrose.
Niblo was supposed to have moved and turned it so that it was always in a blind spot.
However, she was also unsure if that was really all of it.





  The results gave her a perfect score.
All the tension left her body.



Abigail sighed deeply.




 InoRyder sat opposite her.
Vani was lying on the sofa, fiddling with the terminal.




“We had been summoned to the captain's office and we were suddenly told to take a long vacation”





 InoRyder began to speak suddenly.




“I plan to get rid of all my accumulated paychecks and I was playing with Vani on the bike, thinking I would enjoy the winding roads while drifting on the snowy roads.
It was so slippery and we have so much fun.”





 She looks into Abigail's eyes as she continues.






“So, I was just randomly drifting around town, and then……..Oh snap! It just so happens that I saw when Abby-chan was about to get kidnapped!”



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 InoRyder raised her hands and made an exaggeratedly surprised face.



“Oh no! Oh no! We have to help! So we chased after the car, and all of a sudden we heard gunshots and the car flipped over.
I rushed to the rescue, and here we are.
Well, since it's a long vacation, I thought I might as well continue to hang out with the rumored war maiden, Abby-chan”







 Abigail couldn't hold it in and blew out a little.



“So I guess I don't have to hire an escort anymore?”



 InoRyder shrug. 




“Why did you suddenly feel like hanging out with me even when your captain refused?” 




InoRyder closed her eyes, folded her arms and groaned, “Hmmm.”




“We do escort missions……sometimes, but we also do a lot more than that, like some shady stuff.”




 She nodded and continued.




“So, Like, when we're on duty, all of a sudden we get these weird orders.”







“We are professionals, and in our position, we give priority to orders that come down from a higher place.
Unfortunately, Abby's request for an escort was given a lower priority.
Besides, if they ask us anything, we have to answer their questions because we are obliged to report what we are doing on duty.
That's what the captain was concerned about.”





“……So that's why.”




 In other words, when you are in the chain of command, orders from higher up in the military take priority.
If they tell them to restrain Abigail, they have to restrain her.
if they tell them to kill her, they have to kill her.




“But on the other hand, we are professionals and we never work while we're on vacation! That's our way! The higher-ups are also very aware of this.
So, well, …… “



 InoRyder broke off and then let her gaze wander.




“It's like being in a soap opera.
Abby and I met by chance, we hooked up, and now we're fooling around together.
That's all.”



“So I need to thank Captain Whisley's generosity for forcing you girls to take a vacation.”



 When Abigail thought of that Whisley guy with a Buddha's face, she felt an inexpressible sense of reassurance.




“That Whisley got really serious …” 




 InoRyder stood up abruptly, pulled out her chair, and moved next to Abigail.




 She sat in the chair facing backward, resting her cheekbones on the backrest.




“—-and Isn't there something else you want to ask?” 




 Her face is drawn closer to Abigail.

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“About grim reaper ……..about my senior” (Sempai)




 Vani seemed a little interested in what Inno Rider was saying, and while she was facing another way and fiddled with the terminal, she was listening.





“I want you to tell me about the Golden GrimReaper, Especially his name.”




“I can't just hand over information about my friends to some stranger that easily.” 




 InoRyder folded her hands behind her head in a coquettish manner.




(You're the one who started the conversation, What's wrong with you……)




 After complaining in her chest, she let out a sigh.




“What do you want?”












Abigail frowned.
InoRyder then pointed her index finger at her and…






she said.




 Abigail stared at the tip of her finger, speechless.



“Hah …….” She could hear Vani's tiresome sigh.




“……I'll ask you just in case, you're a woman, right?”





“That's quite complicated.”





“Are you a lesbian?”





“Well, I'm not particularly picky about it.
I don't care if it's a man or a woman.
As long as I like them.
And you're such a beautiful woman.”





 InoRyder stroked Abigail's cheek with her fingertip.





“Gotta give it a shot, right? hehehehe.”





 Abigail looked at InoRyder's grinning face.

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