rather pointless, as it would only block her escape route.
Abigail made up her mind to run to the next station.
It was not far away.
It would take less than five minutes.





 But then…








 Abigail had to stop abruptly when she saw a man sprinting in front of her.




 Her escape route had been compromised.
They were more thoughtful than she had expected.




 She rushed into a nearby alley.



“Ha, ha, ha–“




 Under the dim lights, she runs out of breath.





 The cold air pierced her throat, and her ears ached as if they would tear into a thousand pieces.



(If it's AASPINT, why use the gang…..)




 It was not even midnight.
And it was in the middle of the city, out in the open.




 It was too rash, This is not AASPINT way.
And it was too clumsy for Penrose.




“There she is!”




“Get her!”




 Hearing a voice behind her, Abigail made a left turn down the alley.




 She ran.





 When she faced the dead end, she put her hand against the wall and turned right, then left.




 Obviously, Abigail didn't have a gun.
Being surrounded by so many people was indeed quite challenging.




 She hesitated to call the police at first because she was cautious about AASPINT and Penrose, but if she was dealing with gangsters, it seemed safe to assume that the police could be safe, for the time being.




 –After a short break in the alleyway, she saw a gap between the two blocks.
ahead of it is the main street.



( I have to go out to the street and call the police.)




 Abigail took out a terminal and leaped out of the alley.
At that moment–.



Zarrrr! The plume of snow blocked her vision.






 A thick arm reached out from behind a white haze.




 They grab her wrists and her clothes.









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 When the clang sounded, Abigail had already been taken inside the car.



 There was the sound of the engine roaring to life and the acceleration of the car.



 When she lost her balance, the terminal in her hand was snatched away and left lying on the car floor.



“Abduction success!”




 A cheerful voice rose in the car.




“Tsk ……”





 She clicks her tongue and looks around.



 Inside the spacious car – no..
it looked me like the inside of a container, with a lot of packages piled up inside.
It must be a transport vehicle or something.



“Heh heh heh ……”



Three men with a leering, sneering smile on their faces surrounded her.




“Whoa, this is awesome…….”




 The man holding Abigail to the floor said.




“I can see why someone would want to kidnap you, sweetie.”




“Let go of me!”




“Oh, my”




 one man grabbed Abigail's blonde hair and gazed at her intensely.




“–Hey, driver!”




 Another man shouts forward.




“Keep running the underground ring road, because we'll play with her for a while.”




 Then there was a crack and the wall between the driver's seat and the container opened.



 The man in the passenger seat emerged from the back.
He was wearing a balaclava.




“Don't touch the package.”




“Come on, She's going to be a toy anyway…….




 A pistol reached out and the muzzle of the gun pushed up the nose of the gaunt looking man.



“No detour.
Do not get your hands on the package, Remember that you're just a substitute.




“Damn ……
okay, okay ……”




(gang conflict?….No.)





 The men in the container are definitely gangsters.




 The men in the driver's seat, however, seemed different.




 I could see a few of them, but their looks and the sound of their voices showed a calmness that is characteristic of well-trained personnel.




“……Well, that's that.
We'll get another one.
Hey, if it's another one, we can buy it from you directly, no problem right?”




 There was no reply from the driver's side.




“Good, good.”




“Hey dude, just hurry up and tie her already.
This bitch is so fucking strong.
My arm is going numb.”



“Whoa, sorry, sorry.”




 Abigail's hands were tied behind her back and she was rolled on the floor.
Her mouth was also covered with duct tape.





 Throughout all of this, she remained calm and focused on what was going on in the driver's seat.





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package received…….”




minutes later……”




 The men in the containers began rummaging through the packages on both sides.




 Seeing that their eyes had turned away from her, Abigail used a small blade in her heel to cut a slit in the duct tape that bound her own hands.




 This car is a shipping truck.
The destination, by the looks of it, is probably Haven.




 Before arriving at Haven, I had to somehow get to the terminal and send out a distress signal.
Once they entered Haven, the signal could no longer reach the police.




 With Abigail's abilities, it would be manageable with the three people in the container.
But the problem was the driver and the man in the passenger seat.
They were calm and they had guns.
No doubt they had been trained.
These were clearly soldiers.
Even if she could handle three gangsters, she would not be able to resist them at gunpoint.




 –If I have to do this, I need to focus on the driver first.




 Fortunately, it was snowing outside.
If the driver loses control, the man in the passenger seat will surely take the wheel.
As soon as he does that, snatch the gun from him.
That's the only way.
It has to be quick enough that the men in the container can't react.



 Breathlessly, she made her escape plan piece by piece.




 –It was a mistake to leave Niblo in the lab as a spy.




 She clicked her tongue deep inside her chest in small regret.




 Since arriving at 88, she had been a little caught off guard due to the lack of the aggressive tactics that she had been warned about.




 Now she has to go through this alone. 




 Abigail stared determinedly at the small window leading to the driver's seat.



 The duct tape restraining her broke as she was about to make her move, but then, almost simultaneously, the heads of the man in the passenger seat and the driver exploded.




 The red liquid that sprayed out soaked Abigail's face.



 Shortly after, the crushing *GAANG!!* echoed through the truck.



A violent impact shook the truck, and she feels like her body was floating.



 Abigail's vision spins around.



 When the gravity returned to her again, pain shot through her entire body.
Her back was slamming into the floor, the wall, and the ceiling.
She curled her body up to guard her head and clenched her teeth.




 Such chaos continued for a while, and finally, after one last crash, the interior finally fell silent.




  Abigail who was looking into the driver's seat at that time managed to stay alive.




 However, the three men inside the container, who had not expected this at all, were crushed by the luggage in the wrecked container.




 The direction they were looking at that moment was the only thing that made the difference between life and death.




 –Someone had shot and killed the men in the driver's seat, and the delivery truck had rolled over.




 That was all Abigail could figure, and she peeled off the duct tape from her mouth and raised herself up.




“ughh tsk…”




 The bruising pain that tormented her entire body made her face twist .




 Struggling, she crawled out from the mess of the container.




 On the way, blood trickled down on the back of her hand.
It seemed like her head was bleeding.



 Pushing her hand against the container wall, she gritted her teeth and stood up.



 She picked up a terminal that had fallen nearby.




 In an attempt to get out somehow, she looked toward the gate of the container.




 Immediately, with a spark, the gate's lock blew off.



 The container slowly opened as Abigail braced herself.



 Outside was a snowstorm and a figure riding on an off-road motorcycle.



 The figure was wearing a fur coat and a full face mask.




 The person was holding a large revolver, the muzzle pointing toward the interior of the vehicle.






 The blood drained from Abigail's entire body.

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