Chapter 61: Call

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Nearly ten days have passed since then.




 I was called by a demon officer and I'm walking around the city with his cronies.
I don't know where we're going, but it looks like we're going outside the city.




 The demon officer is heading straight into the forest.
I wonder where they are going?




 After going through the forest like that for a while, my vision brightened and I came to a large open space.




 It was a clearing surrounded by a large forest where a large number of aliens were training for battle.




 As I stood there, the demon officer called out a command.




 The aliens gather in a huddle.
Each one of them seemed to be in a frenzied mood, each one having its own target.




 Even looking at them this way, I can see that they are using very traditional weapons.




 Swords, axes, spears, clubs, bows, and arrows.
In addition, they use magical catalysts such as wands and amulets, and some of the aliens are apparently bare-handed.
I'm wearing a knife, an apron, and a paper bag.




 Some of them are wearing armor, but many of them are wearing only light clothing.
I don't look like I'm going into a battlefield with bullets flying around.




 But they are really strong, which is a problem.
Most of the time, new recruits are taken aback by the appearance of the aliens and end up getting hurt or even dying without even realizing it.




 First of all, aliens are very defensive.
Their clothes can catch a bullet from a pistol, and in some cases, they have a magical, but invisible membrane that bounces the bullet back to you.




 To kill them, you need at least an assault rifle or shotgun.
If you're dealing with a heavily armed alien, you'll need more than a Fifty-Cal heavy machine gun.




 The attack power is also not to be underestimated.



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 Their swords, axes, spears, and clubs are very effective weapons for killing human soldiers.




 To begin with, they are no match for human soldiers because of their physical structure.
If you get close to them, no matter how you resist, they will cut you to pieces.




 If you use a large caliber gun at close range, you can fight the aliens, but they're not stupid.




 If they hide behind a shield or approach you from a blind spot, it's over.
It's especially bad if they have a shield.
When it comes to guns and shields, the shields have the advantage in this fight.
What a joke.




 The incomprehensible power of magic is also deadly.




Why does a simple wave of the hand activate a burst of flames? The selection of sniper targets on the battlefield was a real gamble because you never knew who was going to attack you back.




 Even if you manage to get around it, you're at a disadvantage because of the number of bullets in your firearm; if you can't kill them with one magazine, you're done.
There was no time to reload.




 I've become a Butcher, and it's clear to me that people are vulnerable.
Without guns and bullets, they are too weak.




 That's why humans always try to form a team and put up a barrage, but that strategy has been exposed long ago.




 In order to break the human group strategy, and approach rapidly while using magic for protection.
They used to fight in melee and destroy each other individually.
And this was extremely effective against physically disadvantaged humans.




 Large machines such as airplanes and tanks can be an effective countermeasure against aliens, but they are too costly to be effective.
An aircraft or a tank that costs a lot of money and takes a lot of time to build is evenly matched by a group of ten live aliens.
That's unrealistic.




 Aliens can magically intercept missiles and planes flying at Mach speed if they are properly prepared to intercept them.




 It's easy to do.
You put a barrier in the air.
It's probably the same thing that stops bullets.
That's it.
planes and missiles will disperse and crash if they are grazed by the barrier.
Aircraft have to be light, so their bodies are actually thin.




 Moreover, the barrier can be instantly deployed in the sky, making it impossible to detect.
They were invisible to radar.
Once a large number of such thin layers are deployed, it's like a summer bug that flies into the fire.
Jets are not designed for blindfolded obstacle runs.

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 A big, slow tank is nothing more than a running coffin if it's not managed very well.
The aliens are waving their arms gracefully like conductors in the distance, and with a yell, light falls from the sky and boom.
A shiny, seven-colored arrow flies, and then boom.
The alien sneaks up on you, and with a soft touch of his bare hand, boom.
It was a nightmare.




 Nowadays, such large weapons have been saved to fight against the big monsters on the alien side, i.e., dragons, giants, and phantoms, or for the decisive battle over the Fort.




 Instead, there was a weapon that emerged on the human side.
Heavy artillery.
Artillery is the god of the battlefield.




 In fact, it turned out that simply hitting aliens with lead bullets were far more effective in killing them with flames, poison gas, or lasers.




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