Break-up Chapter 57

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There were a lot of people coming and going on the street.
Lin Rui didn’t expect that after he took the initiative to come to Gu Yanting against the cold wind, the treatment he received would be discussing cotton pants with him! For a while, he didn’t even know whether he should complain about who was still wearing cotton trousers these days or condemn Gu Yanting for using cotton trousers to get rid of him.
These two things were equally incredible, and it was extraordinarily hard to accept when they came from Gu Yanting.

He took a deep breath, his shock far surpassing embarrassment.
The bag in his hand was thrown back at Gu Yanting violently.
It took Lin Rui a long time to ask in disbelief, “What did you just say?”

Gu Yanting let out an “ah?” of incomprehension, not speaking again.

“Don’t you know whether my leg hurts from the cold?” Lin Rui asked in a sharp voice, watching Gu Yanting turn his head, staring around.
Gu Yanting glanced at him as if he wanted to say something; then he saw that Lin Rui’s face was pale and swallowed the words.

This was not the result Lin Rui wanted and to talk to Gu Yanting harshly was against his original intention.
So he took a few deep breaths and waited until the cold air pierced his airways to the point of hurting.
Finally he suppressed the distant anger and murmured, “Gu Yanting, are you avoiding me? You, are you annoyed with me?”

“No…” Gu Yanting frowned and said, “Don’t think too much, I’m not annoyed with you, I just…”

Lin Rui looked at him with a pale face.

Gu Yanting opened his mouth, and after a few seconds, he coughed lightly and told the truth, “…a little bit.”

When Gu Yanting said “a little bit”, he really only meant a little bit.
He was not good at concealing things, or rather didn’t want to conceal.
However, for Lin Rui, this “a little bit” was also a difficult thing to accept.
He could even convince himself that Gu Yanting was frightened by him in the coffee shop last time, that was why he didn’t react to his gesture of affection.
Even though Gu Yanting said that he was afraid of AIDS, Lin Rui could interpret it as Gu Yanting being inexperienced and being secretly scared.

However, no matter what, there should still be a place for him in Gu Yanting’s heart.
It was Gu Yanting who said he liked him.
It was Gu Yanting who said he would wait for him to return to China.
It was Gu Yanting who didn’t hesitate to break up with Tang Yi two years ago.
Wasn’t it also for his sake?

Lin Rui stood still, his lips moving as if it had taken him a long time to digest Gu Yanting’s meaning.
He couldn’t accept Gu Yanting being annoyed with him at all, even a little bit! Lin Rui’s face changed uncertainly and after a while he asked confidently, “You don’t mean that, do you?”

Gu Yanting was startled, not understanding what he was talking about.

Lin Rui looked at his expression and sneered in his heart.
He roughly came to the conclusion that Gu Yanting had changed so much because all this was forced by Tang Yi.
It must be Tang Yi who made Gu Yanting to do this.
Gu Yanting himself would not say such a thing; what kind of outsider, he had never said that before!

This thought made Lin Rui more and more angry, and he even looked at Gu Yanting with some resentment and sympathy in his eyes.
Gu Yanting felt that something was wrong and hesitantly called out to Lin Rui, eager to go.
Who knew Lin Rui would be the first to say, “Can we talk?”

After saying that, he didn’t wait for Gu Yanting to agree and quickly walked to a dessert shop on the corner, “Just a few minutes, I have something to tell you.”

When Gu Yanting went out, he told Tang Yi that it would take no more than ten minutes to deliver the bag.
Tang Yi glanced at him with a smile, shook his head and said that it might not be possible.

Now it seemed that it was really impossible.

Lin Rui was crying in front of him with pearl-like tears.

He lowered his head slightly, and strings of tears fell on the table with a patter.
He didn’t make a sound, just quietly looked down and bit his lower lip, staring at the table.
Lin Rui’s eyelashes were very long and the way they gently covered the charming peach blossom eyes was very appealing.

It was a pity that Gu Yanting was not in the mood to appreciate it at all.
He saw the girl in the dessert shop have a tangled expression, as if she was afraid that they would affect the business, so he hurriedly bought some bread to take with him and packed it with embarrassment.

He was not good at comforting people.
He didn’t have a mobile phone with him at this moment.
He could only vaguely remind Lin Rui to say something quickly, “Lin Rui, don’t you want to talk? What do you want to talk about?”

“It’s nothing,” Lin Rui stopped his tears when Gu Yanting went to buy the bread.
After slowly calming down his emotions, he suddenly asked, “Yanting, don’t think about anything else now, don’t think about Tang Yi.
I’ll tell you that I’m in good health and I’m single now.
Would you like to be my boyfriend?”

He stretched out his hand and grasped Gu Yanting’s hand on the table, paused, his cheeks flushed as he gritted his teeth and asked, “Or my husband?” The last slightly ambiguous term made Gu Yanting give him a sharp look.
After his eyes were fixed on Lin Rui’s face in a daze for a few seconds, he hurriedly tried to pull his hand back.

Lin Rui held it tightly.

Today was the second time he had expressed his thoughts and attitude so directly.
Neither his self-esteem nor his long-standing confidence in Gu Yanting allowed him to lose this time and let Gu Yanting go.

Gu Yanting didn’t pull away again, afraid that the movement would be too loud to alarm the shop assistant, so he blushed and whispered, “Lin Rui, you are crazy! Let me go!”

Lin Rui bit his lip, shook his head slowly and asked relentlessly, “I’m telling you now to be my boyfriend and not consider Tang Yi, do you agree?”

“Why not consider Tang Yi?” Gu Yanting only felt incredulous.

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“He has only known you for a few years, and I have known you for longer!” Lin Rui’s voice was a little anxious; he paused and sneered, “You and I have known each other since our first year of high school.
Leaving aside the three years we haven’t seen each other in high school, that’s four years earlier than Tang Yi! You liked me first! He was the one who came later!”

Gu Yanting was confused for a while, “What do you mean?” He opened his mouth and said after a while, “But you didn’t like me either?”

“I didn’t say I didn’t like you!” Lin Rui grabbed his hand and clenched it tightly, leaning closer to say, “Let’s not talk about the past, Yanting, I don’t believe you don’t have feelings for me.
When you sent me abroad, you said you would wait for me.
Now I’m back, and then what? You were able to rush from Hangzhou to Sanya for me two years ago.
You obviously care about me!”

“……” Gu Yanting was silent.

“You also said that you would always take care of me and protect me all the time,” Lin Rui said slowly.
“You were doing morning exercises for me for three years.
You were nervous as soon as I got injured.
You would carry me back to the dormitory when I went for a physical examination and got dizzy.
As long as I called you, no matter which bar or KTV I was in, you would come.
Have you forgotten all this?”

He spoke very slowly, and Gu Yanting’s hand that he grasped no longer struggled.
After a while, he heard Gu Yanting sigh softly.

“I haven’t forgotten.


“But I’m not a fool.” Gu Yanting closed his lips tightly; his jaws slowly clenched and then slowly loosened after a while.
He wiped his face with his free hand, and when he looked at Lin Rui again, his eyes softened a little, somewhat apologetic, “I didn’t want Tang Yi to know about these words.
So, I didn’t intend to say them either.
But since you had to ask me once and twice, there is no way I can hide it.”

Lin Rui’s eyes suddenly lit up, his lips opened slightly as he looked over with some hope.

“Lin Rui, actually I… I don’t like you that much.”

“…what do you mean?”

“I admit, I liked you at first.
You are beautiful and excellent in every way.
It’s hard for you not to arouse the interest of others.
I was attracted to you at first glance, and then because of your presence, I slowly stopped being autistic, so I am very grateful.
Later, when I met you at the university, I didn’t look at anyone else anymore.
At the beginning, I did like you, in a holy kind of way.”

Lin Rui’s voice trembled but he still couldn’t help asking, “Then what?”

“Then, you started to socialise with a lot of people.
Or rather you have always been like this, I just found out then.” Gu Yanting raised his eyes and looked at Lin Rui, and then quietly cast his gaze elsewhere, “I didn’t like you enough to have an exclusive interest in you, I was just a little envious of them in my heart.

“But then you repeatedly compared me to them.
It was not even a real comparison, just for fun.
When you had a luxury car to pick you up, you would go out by yourself.
If you didn’t have a luxury car, you would just say you were worried about safety and let me accompany you.
But when I went, your friends would be picking on my clothes, shoes, hairstyle… I’m a poor guy, I have no taste and I’m worthless.
At that time, heh, it was pretty hard anyway.”

Lin Rui was startled suddenly, a little flustered in his heart.
Some of these things he remembered, some he couldn’t remember.
To him, Gu Yanting seemed to be standard like a textbook when he was at the university, so he took it for granted that he enjoyed Gu Yanting’s affection and didn’t have to take into account Gu Yanting’s feelings.

Gu Yanting noticed his expression, was silent for a while and said, “So, since then, I have hated you a little bit and been a little resentful.”

When Lin Rui asked him in the coffee shop two days ago if what he said counted, Gu Yanting went to review and analyse his emotions for the first time.

The results weren’t very rosy.

He knew that everyone thought he liked Lin Rui and wanted to repay his kindness eagerly, so he would say when Lin Rui was leaving that he would wait for him to come back.
And he would also show more enthusiasm than a normal classmate should when Lin Rui returned to China.

These were the triggers for his break-up with Tang Yi.
Tang Yi thought that he had his old feelings for Lin Rui, and so did Fat Sod and Skinny Monkey, and even Lin Rui was confused by such pretence.
But Gu Yanting alone understood from the bottom of his heart that this was far from the case.

He had liked Lin Rui, the holy kind of liking towards a god or a goddess.

He also thought about deepening his liking further, so he would go to great lengths to run errands at the university.
He brought hot water, bought food and guarded a seat, and even lent Lin Rui various assignments and accompanied him to buy clothes.

However, no one’s feelings can be pure all the way to the end.
When long-term dedication was not rewarded, Gu Yanting’s liking faded, replaced by a deeper resentment.

People turn a blind eye to what they have in hand, and they are brooding about what they can’t ask for.
After all, this is a kind of an inferior human nature, and Gu Yanting was not immune to it in the end.

The change in his feelings was not without warning.
He had fallen for Lin Rui at the beginning because when he was rejected and ridiculed by many boys with superior conditions in high school, the equally excellent Lin Rui showed him a smiling face.
Gu Yanting was grateful and liked Lin Rui for this.
However, when three years later he was put into the same situation because of Lin Rui, that vague incomprehension and resentment became even stronger.


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The liking had not completely faded, and the gratitude for kindness would not stop abruptly.
In the process of getting along with Lin Rui after that Gu Yanting’s mood was entangled, but he could no longer be pure.

He never thought about living with Lin Rui, so he didn’t mind the latter’s private life.
But resentment and humiliation tormented him again, an unfinished conquest, an expectation of a word of admiration and approval from Lin Rui’s mouth, and even the latter’s worship and begging.

In his daydreams for the past three years, whether it was Gu Yanting transformed into a rich and handsome man and Lin Rui crying and begging him to be together, or whether it was Lin Rui bullied by his old man and Gu Yanting falling from the sky at a critical moment, the hero saving the beauty, the foundation he built had never been for Lin Rui’s sake, but only for his own selfish desires.

This was really an obsession.

Gu Yanting said before that they would be together when Lin Rui came back.
In fact, if Gu Yanting hadn’t met Tang Yi and really waited until Lin Rui returned from Australia to be with him, the final ending would hardly be wonderful.

There are many phenomena similar to this.
There are many men who have waited for many years to finally get their goddess, only to end up in divorce full of anger and resentment.

Gu Yanting happened to encounter such things when he was working.
When he helped the personnel assistant recruit people at his first job, the company was very small, and when he called back applicants to tell them that they had failed the interview, he always met people who were very persistent in asking why they had not passed.

These people were sincere in their words and sincere in their attitude.
The company was recruiting salespeople at that time, and what they needed most was someone with such energy, so Gu Yanting happily told the other party that they could be accepted as an exception.

In fact, none of these people were able to stay until the end, and they often left without waiting for the training period to be over.
The manager of the personnel department later sighed saying that people were often unwilling to be reconciled.
They didn’t have to be in this company; all they asked for was psychological balance.
After those people found a sense of existence here, they would leave very resolutely, as if to retaliate for not choosing them at first glance.

Gu Yanting digested it in a daze for a long time, and he thought of his promise to Lin Rui for the first time.
It was just that he didn’t dare to think deeply at the time.

“My feelings for you were not as deep as you think.
Indeed, I cared about you very much before.“ Gu Yanting looked at Lin Rui’s dazed expression and slowly withdrew his hand.
While rubbing the place bruised from Lin Rui’s fingers, he whispered, “Some of it was just habit.
I do appreciate the help you once gave me.
But I still regret that trip to Sanya.”

Lin Rui’s eyes were red as he nodded slightly, gesturing for him to continue.

“At that time, Tang Yi and I had been in a cold war on and off for half a year, and I had always felt frustrated in my heart.
When you called, my liking for you had a momentary resurgence.
This was the thing I regretted the most.
When I saw Tang Yi at the hospital, I panicked.

“Tang Yi asked me that night, what if it was him who had an accident? My mind was blank at the time, but I suddenly thought: he can’t have an accident.
If he has an accident, I’ll pay for it with my life.
If it’s not enough, I will drag others with me,” Gu Yanting said slowly but firmly, “including you.”

After some things have passed, it is impossible to judge them.
There will be a hundred looks in the eyes of a hundred people.
After returning from Sanya, Gu Yanting was slow to accept the fact that Tang Yi broke up with him, but in his heart he calmly told himself that it was true.
However, because he and Tang Yi had been in a cold war for too long before that, he didn’t fully understand Tang Yi’s thoughts at the time.


Lin Rui was the only one Tang Yi’s contradiction from beginning to end.
However, in Gu Yanting’s case, there were many more, such as their disparate career achievements and family status, such as the two different styles of doing things, such as the gossip of his friends about him eating soft rice (a man living at the expense of a woman).
In fact, although Gu Yanting’s income at the time was not as good as Tang Yi’s, he was fully able to cope with the expenses of the two of them.

But he was afraid and had low self-esteem.

He hadn’t thought about whether he loved or not at that time.
In his opinion, Tang Yi and him being together was the best arrangement.
It wasn’t until this arrangement was disrupted that Gu Yanting was completely at a loss.

The night before the Mid-Autumn Festival, when he let go of all his pride and self-esteem and begged Tang Yi to stay, he even let go of his tangled emotions.
Thinking that as long as Tang Yi agreed, as long as he said yes, he would always listen to him in the future.
He could be educated for the rest of his life, and it didn’t matter if he was rumoured to eat soft rice.
He could also completely let go of Lin Rui, as long as Tang Yi agreed.

Tang Yi rejected him calmly and indifferently at that time.

Fortunately, two years later, he accepted him again.

Gu Yanting didn’t expect Tang Yi to accept him so easily.
His forceful arguments were not enough to impress Tang Yi and his bitterness was based on Tang Yi’s only remaining warmth for him, so when Tang Yi said that he was willing to give him another chance, Gu Yanting was very excited. 

At the same time, he was also very scared.

After all, many of the problems between the two had not been properly resolved in essence.
He hadn’t had time to do something to prove himself; and the first problem was Lin Rui.

As Gu Yanting said, he did not have any dislike or disgust for Lin Rui.
He was the one who liked Lin Rui before, but later he was also the one who became obsessed with his twisted feelings.
For the sake of Lin Rui’s kindness, he might be able to help him when necessary.
But the premise of all this was that Tang Yi couldn’t be made uncomfortable.

And Lin Rui’s current approach had obviously crossed the line.

When Gu Yanting hung up for the first time in the morning, he texted.
After receiving no reply to the text messages, he continued to call again and again.
Gu Yanting could only tell Tang Yi that he was most worried about whether Lin Rui should be there or not if his leg hurt.

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It was good Tang Yi told him that when Lin Rui went to him yesterday, he said that he didn’t hurt abroad, nor in the south, but only in T City.
It was not really possible to explain this situation other than the leg pain caused by the cold.
So Gu Yanting took out a pair of cotton trousers.

Gu Yanting finished speaking slowly, trying to express as softly as possible: “I don’t hate you, you are fine, really.
But after all, I have a family.
Whether Tang Yi cares or not, Tang Yi minds or not, there are many things I’m not too comfortable about.”

Lin Rui hadn’t spoken for a long time.
Gu Yanting glanced at him and was silent for a while, then picked up the bread he had bought.
When he was almost at the door, Lin Rui stopped him, “If, if I have a recurrence of my leg injury, will you accompany me?”

“…not necessarily.

Gu Yanting didn’t look back and said somewhat apologetically, “So you’d better take care of yourself.”


After all, Gu Yanting’s cotton trousers failed to be delivered.
He had to go to the apartment to get the documents and bring home the forgotten Oreo.
Naturally, he had no time to interpret Lin Rui’s weepy look behind him.

Oreo turned the apartment into a mess, and Gu Yanting was busy for a long time before going back, and naturally he didn’t mention Lin Rui’s incident.
It took a year for Tang Yi to learn about this conversation from Lin Rui.
At that time, Lin Rui was sick, and he really fell to the point where there was no one to take care of him.
He didn’t expect Tang Yi to visit him, because shortly before that Gu Yanting had deleted his number.

He thought Tang Yi came to gloat and ridicule him, but who knew that the latter just put down the fruit basket and peeled an apple for him carefully.
Tang Yi was smiling quietly, but his words of gentle instruction were nice and sweet to Lin Rui’s ears.
After taking the apple, Lin Rui took a bite and couldn’t help but whimper.

The only thing he was thankful for was that he hadn’t really hurt Gu Yanting and Tang Yi.

He repeated Gu Yanting’s words to Tang Yi that day.
After listening to them, Tang Yi was slightly lost in thought for a moment, and Lin Rui saw him take off his glasses, tilting his head and smiling slightly with his eyes closed.

“Actually, I was ready for it at that time.” Tang Yi wiped his face with one hand and said slowly, “No matter what he did, I was unwilling to let go of him.”

Things in Tang Yi’s company had finally made progress, and everything was just waiting for the approval of the change of registration.
Secretary Zhao had come over several times in the past few days to complete the transfer procedures for Weiwei.
Gu Yanting put together the annual leave and the other two holidays and prolonged them till New Year’s Day.
When Tang Yi was busy, Gu Yanting became a dedicated person to take Weiwei to and from school.

Secretary Zhao did regularly transfer Weiwei’s daily expenses to Tang Yi’s account.
The amount of these expenses was not small, and it was more than enough to hire an auntie.
Tang Yi mentioned it several times, but it was strongly opposed by Gu Yanting.

“Anyway, I have nothing to do, so I don’t have any trouble picking up the child.” Gu Yanting rubbed Weiwei’s hair for a while and pinched his neck for a while.

Weiwei was sitting quietly eating, taking small sips, seemingly used to such delicate movements.

Tang Yi was also a little hesitant.
When he brought Weiwei home, it was mostly out of sympathy.
Although after Gu Yanting agreed, the two of them also made some preparations, they didn’t think everything through.

For example, Weiwei was still in kindergarten now.
The kindergarten that Secretary Zhao found for him took into account their opinions and was the one closer to their residence, but then the problem was that the conditions of this kindergarten were ordinary.
The child was there for a week when Tang Yi remembered one day and asked him what the teacher taught them.
Weiwei only said that they were taught to play games.

It was just games; there was no teaching of word recognition or addition and subtraction.
Tang Yi had never been to a kindergarten, so he didn’t know whether this was normal or not, but he knew that there were foreign teachers in the kindergarten where Weiwei had been.
If Weiwei continued to live in T City, it would be a problem whether to choose a primary school closer to home or one with better conditions.

What’s more, Gu Yanting’s current job was still in another city.
Now he had time to pick up and drop off Weiwei during his vacations.
When Gu Yanting went back to work in the future, if Tang Yi got busy, did he want to hire a nanny? Nannies took care of children but he was not very comfortable with them.

What was even more inconvenient was that he and Gu Yanting had been separated for two years.
Now that they were reconciled, they couldn’t wait to get close and kiss and hug each other, and go roll in the sheets when they had time.
But Weiwei was a child, and Tang Yi didn’t want him to be exposed to these things prematurely, for fear that it would have a bad impact on the child.
Therefore, they had to pay special attention to their usual behaviour.

Once on Saturday, Tang Yi went out on business, and halfway through the trip, he remembered that something had been left behind, so he turned back to get it.
It happened that Secretary Zhao picked up Weiwei in the morning, and Gu Yanting was taking a shower after cleaning up the house.
Tang Yi’s spermatozoa followed the sounds in the bathroom and led him in.
The two of them tossed and turned frantically in the bathroom for a long time, and finally both came out naked.
As a result, when they walked to the living room, they heard Weiwei’s voice saying goodbye to Secretary Zhao.
The two of them were shocked and pale.
They both scurried into the bedroom as if they had been caught in adultery and  began to dress in a frenzy.

There was another close call when Tang Yi saw Gu Yanting, who was cooking in the morning, and went beastly, laughing and playing tricks on his back.
Who knew that as soon as he’d say a few vulgar words, Gu Yanting would anxiously block his mouth with a radish and then kick him out.
When Tang Yi went out, he happened to bump into Weiwei who came out of the bathroom; Weiwei didn’t go to kindergarten that day because his stomach was upset.
Fortunately, the child didn’t understand and said innocently, “Uncle Tang, this radish is so spicy.”

Tang Yi half-bowed his waist to hide his flag-raising embarrassment and only after arriving in the bedroom did he feel that his teeth faintly ached.

It was just that he seemed to be the only one who was worried about this.
Gu Yanting’s enthusiasm for puppies and children in their family far exceeded Tang Yi’s expectations.
Oreo’s temperament gradually stabilised.
Although naughty, he was domesticated enough so that he could almost understand human language.
When Gu Yanting came home, Oreo would take the initiative to put the slippers under his feet.
Weiwei and Gu Yanting were even more affectionate, the big one and the little one often playing and chatting on the floor mat, leaving Tang Yi alone to watch TV.

Tang Yi vaguely felt frustrated that he had dug a pit for himself, and it was not until Christmas that this emotion eased.

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On that day, the company’s approval finally came, and Tang Yi used most of his savings in exchange for independent control of this small company.
At this moment, the cooperation on the Xinkai project came to an end.
The cooperation was very successful.
Kaisheng did things in an authentic manner.
Tang Yi also wanted to keep in touch with the other party, so he was invited to have a drink with Kaisheng’s boss at noon.

He didn’t drink a lot but he hadn’t been to a drinking party for a while.
This time he drank a bit too much and was a little dizzy in the afternoon, so he called Gu Yanting to pick him up.

It happened that Secretary Zhao came to pick up Weiwei that day; Gu Yanting was a bit late because he had to dawdle for a while before he could let the child be taken away.
Everyone in the company had already left and only Tang Yi’s office was lit on the entire floor.
Gu Yanting swiped his card and entered the office, then walked quickly towards the light.
When he opened the door of the office, he found Tang Yi asleep on the sofa with his clothes on.

The central air-conditioning in the office building was turned off at 6 o’clock in the evening.
Gu Yanting arrived just in time for a traffic jam.
The temperature in the room had already dropped and it was somewhat cold.

He lightened his steps, took off his coat and covered Tang Yi with it, and at the same time turned off the lights.
The lights of billboards shone in from the floor-to-ceiling windows.
Gu Yanting squatted down gently, watching Tang Yi’s clean eyebrows and the eyelashes that trembled in his restless sleep.
After a while, he gently kissed him, and at the same time, his big hand touched Tang Yi’s crotch all the way under the clothes that covered him, squeezing it gently through the soft fabric.

Tang Yi felt that he had had a charming spring dream.
He couldn’t see the face of the man in the dream clearly, but the man who slowly approached him was full of a familiar aura.
The other party first kissed his forehead lightly, then moved down, his wet tongue licking Tang Yi’s mouth erotically and domineeringly, finally sweeping inside fiercely.
Tang Yi was mesmerised by the kiss, but his body was cold and chilly.
He subconsciously leaned towards the man’s hot arms, his body soft like a snake, wrapping itself tightly around the man.
Obviously, this man knew how to have fun very well.
He touched Tang Yi’s sensitive area a few times, pulling it a little and teasing it carefully.
Tang Yi couldn’t help but let out a groan, and subconsciously cried out, “Yanting…”

Tang Yi usually wasn’t someone who couldn’t let go in this aspect; however now because there was Weiwei at home, he even had to suppress his voice at night and Gu Yanting also didn’t dare to get too insistent.
The sound of this moan was quite loud, and the aftermath carried a vague sigh of relief.
Tang Yi felt the man opposite him stiffen abruptly for a moment, and then a chill ran through his body as the man released him.

Tang Yi shivered from the cold, and when he opened his eyes in a daze, he saw a dark figure standing in front of him, taking off his pants.
He was so scared that he was about to kick the guy between his legs but fortunately the man, who also noticed that he was awake, quickly shouted, “Tang Yi!”

It was Gu Yanting.

The charming scenario in Tang Yi’s dream just now suddenly disappeared, and even his little brother became soft.
He hadn’t fully figured out what was going on.
He was just a little annoyed and wanted to ask Gu Yanting if he was sick to take off his pants when Gu Yanting bent over and put his arms around his waist.
Then Gu Yanting picked him up horizontally and placed him on the huge boss table.

Tang Yi was stimulated by the cold desktop, and only then did he realise that there was only one shirt left on his body, and he had been ravaged to the point of no return.
Gu Yanting stood upright in the dark and looked at him, his eyes deep and frighteningly bright.

Tang Yi would have been really stupid if he hadn’t understood.
He pressed the electronic lock without hesitation and all the electric curtains in the office closed, and at the same time he easily pulled out the power cord connected to the surveillance hard disk on the side of his desk.
Gu Yanting put his arms around his waist and rubbed his back hard a few times, then slowly knelt down and took him in.

Tang Yi was quickly overwhelmed by a burst of intense pleasure.
The office was surprisingly quiet in the dark, so Gu Yanting’s gulping, teasing sounds were particularly clear.
Tang Yi obediently hooked his legs around Gu Yanting’s neck, breathing heavily and moaning.
At the last moment, he violently hugged Gu Yanting’s face that he wanted to turn away, causing Gu Yanting to get a solid shot in the face.

Gu Yanting gave a low chuckle but didn’t mean to be annoyed at all.
He wiped the traces on his face little by little onto Tang Yi’s behind, then clasped the latter’s chin and nibbled on his lips somewhat fiercely and dominantly.
Once Tang Yi was satisfied, he let Gu Yanting do whatever he wanted.
At first Gu Yanting held his waist and tentatively pushed in, and only when he suddenly slammed it in to the end did Tang Yi curse “Fuck!”

He groaned out of tune in pain.
Gu Yanting slapped his ass harshly and said that he was really tight.
The two men’s extraordinarily clear and violent slapping sounds and Tang Yi’s sobbing cries as he was tormented by the intense pleasure and pain continued into the night.
During this time Gu Yanting rolled him over and pressed him against the table once; the two of them did it on the sofa once; and the craziest time was when Tang Yi was pressed against the floor-to-ceiling window, and below the building was T City’s Binhai Square, where a lot of people were walking and dancing.
Although Tang Yi was on a high floor and the floor-to-ceiling windows of the office building were designed in such a way that there was absolutely no need to worry about people outside being able to see them, the shame and tension that resembled complete exposure still brought them to the peak of their madness at the same time.

Later, both of them were a little tired, and their clothes were scattered everywhere.
After Gu Yanting cleaned up the office, the smell persisted for a long time.
Tang Yi could only rub his sore waist and open the window for ventilation.

When he opened the window, Gu Yanting leaned over him from behind, hugging him and humming an unknown tune.
The evening breeze was slightly cold, and when it blew away the fishy smell in the room, it also cleared their minds a lot.

Tang Yi was hugged a little tightly, patted Gu Yanting’s hand and waited for him to relax slightly before suddenly saying, “Shen Fan and I, there was nothing.” He obviously felt the body behind him stiffen, smiled and said, “With Zhou Hao, there was nothing either.
The night before you came back in October, I just promised to date him and, well, we kissed once.”

Gu Yanting let out a slow breath behind him, and then Tang Yi felt him lower his head, his forehead pressed against his back.

“I guessed it.” Gu Yanting said in a muffled voice.

Tang Yi paused and smiled, “Because of that bottle of lube?”

“Well, that was the one I bought.
It has a shelf life of two years.” Gu Yanting was still a little excited.
After calming down, he sniffed, raised his head and kissed Tang Yi’s neck. 

“I could go out, ah, and book a room.” Tang Yi turned his face to look at him, his eyes full of laughter, “Why were you so sure?”

“I was not sure,” Gu Yanting looked at him solemnly, “That’s why I said I guessed.
I wasn’t sure.”

The news apparently had a bit of a backlash, and Gu Yanting started to get excited again after a moment of hugging, and was quickly held back by Tang Yi who didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh.
Gu Yanting arched his head against Tang Yi’s hand and was patted for a long time before giving up.

When Tang Yi saw that he had finally quieted down, he suddenly smiled and asked, “What was the tune you were humming just now? I haven’t heard you sing it before.”

“I don’t know,” Gu Yanting said in a low voice as he leaned down on his shoulder, “Weiwei sang the beginning the other day and I somehow managed to hum the second half, maybe it’s a children’s song?”

He softly hummed a few more lines and said in a slow voice, “It just felt quite familiar, and humming it has quite a happy feeling.”

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