A certain adventurer’s point of view

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I pulled a bad draw.

I let out a sigh loud enough for the man besides me to notice, and hid my expression behind my dark blue witch’s hat.
My party originally specializes on subjugation quest and not on search missions.
I can’t help but complain, especially since we don’t know what we are looking for.

We bet our lives without worries, because of how simple and hassle-free subjugating targets are.

However, the fact that such request was given to us means that the search inside the “Great Forest of Fleuretus” proves to be difficult.

It may have been a good move that the guild gathered a lot of adventurers for this mission, but it looks like the result isn’t as good as they wanted it to be, and the amount of adventurer returning from the mission is obviously small, so that’s why they started sending the best one out there to explore the forest.

[I’m not really in the mood to search…]

 [Don’t be like that.
If we did great on this job we might get a good reputation from the guild and get good jobs next time, Let’s take this one loss for now]

The red haired man next to me, Rizer tries to calm me down, I know I’m bit resentful by the fact that I was given more work aside from monster extermination giving me added troubles.


I said, and folded my arms under my chest to express my dissatisfaction, lifting my breast up that draws his gaze to my cleavage

(If you became a better man, I’ll let you touch them)

It’s not impossible to develop some feelings when you’ve been working together for a long time, unfortunately it’s not to my liking.
As I pass through the familiar doors of the guild, I felt a few gazes on me.
Since I was often approached by worthless men, It became a norm to me to work with Rizel.
He’s a good person to walk with, so as we walk out of the guild we are approached by a pair of a man and a woman who are waiting for us.

[Brother! Is it true that you took the forest exploration?]

A girl in white robe rushes over and tries to press into Rizel, but then the staff on her hand divert her path plunging directly to my chest.
My dark blue dress and her white robe over lapped and I stroke her beautiful blond hair as if combing it.
She accepts it without any resistance and turns a big smile towards me.

[Yes it’s true, Rena.
Your brother wants us to explore the great forest]

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I complained while stroking Rena’s hair, her brother Rizel, hurriedly spat out an excuse.

[Give me a break Diera! I couldn’t just not take it considering our future plans]

[It’s not like we’re going deep into the forest, if it’s just a bit further than the old empire, the most we’ll find there would be tigers and that’s no problem.
In the first place, we weren’t told what to look so we can just pretend that we found whatever it is.]

The dark-haired man next to Rena interjected with [That’s not even a problem!].

It may be a sound reason, but this is a matter of quality.

As a well-known party, the guild would not be satisfied with a shoddy job.

[*sigh* if only those elves did something about this matter already, we wouldn’t be hassled.
What is those ear-folks doing?]

The reason is that the Elven republic declared possession of the large chunk of the forest 5 years ago covering almost the entire old empire territory.

They’re first to warn everyone of the “hazardous pollution” and declared restriction on the area, then they’re also the first one to violate it ]

[I’m betting that this was their plan all along and that the “hazardous Pollution” was just a part of the elves’ conspiracy]

[Gista doesn’t really like elves, does he?]

[Yeah, He’s still hold grudge on being rejected horribly]

[No, I’m not!]

Gista denied loudly, after Rena voiced her suspicion.

Rizel Joined us and we went and walk toward the busy street, I had thought that this scene would continue forever.
I had hoped so.

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The situation couldn’t be worse, the destination we decided was Don Fisher which was a ruin of an old imperial base.

There’s large amount of goblin and an ogre… I instinctively knew that we might fail this time.

This old Imperial base isn’t gorgeous, and even if we are cautious, we still got completely surrounded.

I feel like I understand those people who hated science.

I drove the approaching goblin with my staff away using numerous light attacks, this is preferable than throwing strong attack, I have to wait until the vanguards chip number greatly.

  The vanguard should be able to do it, but their opponent is ogre, and because of the goblin’s obstruction Rizel couldn’t push through.
Also, it seems like this ogre is experiences, when it saw that he is disadvantaged, he would turn it around to maintain the status quo.

(Goblins are expendable, right?)

I strike the goblin that jumped at me with staff while uttering those word in my head.

The ogre is completely unconcerned about the loss of the goblins, waiting for us to get tired while dealing with Rizel.

The situation is only getting worse, these goblins knew how to handle mages.
That’s why there’s always a goblin with a shield disproportionate to its size

(What kind of idiot would have his anti-magic knight shield get stolen?!)

Thanks to you, this mage that can turn the battle around is getting blocked.
My magic power in hand is not enough to reduce the number of goblins and the damage I did is not enough to defeat them.
Although I was able to provide support when I saw an opening, I couldn’t exert to much effort as I could get separated from Rena who is protecting my back.

I use my magic to block stones and arrows, restrain goblins who’s going to obstruct Rizel who’s dealing with the ogre and protect myself and Rena’s back while dealing with the front.

Gista change to assisting us by shooting goblins, we reduced their number but they’re still too many.

(Damn! Looks like we would collapse first before Gista could reduce the goblins)

(We’re in a tight spot!)

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Our energy and concentration are being steadily drained away

The moment of our defeat came in an unexpected way.
A goblin with a staff as tall as it is appeared behind the pilar and pointed it staff against Rizel.
By the time I realized it, a flash of lightning and thunder was produce by the magic “Lightning Spear”.
I was too late.

I have no time to warn him.
The ogre did not miss it when Rizel got stunned after he got hit by the lightning, and he was hit on the head by the huge club held by the ogre.

When the ogre lift the club, there was the crushed head and body of Rizel.


The shouting Gista tried too step in front of the ogre to take Rizel’s place.
Immediately a goblin jumped on and cling to Gista’s leg.
As soon as he shove it off, another one jumped on him causing him to lose his footing and drop his knee and one of his hand to the ground.
The goblin then swarmed Gista and beat him to a pulp.


With the ogre roar serving as the signal, the goblin attacked us all at once.
The magic I fired without chanting was of little use.
If I can’t hit the right target it would barely scare off the goblins.

[Don’t Lick me!]

I hit the goblin in the nose with a small explosion, taking its vision and at the same time hit it on its face with my staff, and then I hit another goblin with a cleave on the side of the head blowing it up.
I lowered my stance and kicks the face of one of the goblins who tried to lunged at me, and again cleaved the staff to the side sending the goblins to fly away.
Immediately after, I felt a blow from behind me

(They threw the shield at me!)

I staggered a bit because it was thrown using goblin’s power but, in the situation, I’m in, small things like this are enough to be fatal.
Seeing an opportunity, the goblins pounces at me.
Using my staff, I forced myself back up and avoided the goblins hand that is swinging at me.

This the first time in my life that I had ever resented this large breast of mine.
I thought that I had avoided the goblin’s hand, but they still caught my clothes.
The goblin rushed toward me whose lush bulges popped out from my slipped-out robe.
I was able to knock off the first goblin that lunge towards me but it was able to grab the hem of my clothes and when it pulled me off my stance it grabbed me on my hand.

I tried shaking it off me but three other goblins pushed me down and at the same time stomped at my wrist that holds my staff.
When they noticed that I still didn’t let go of my staff, they smashed a stone on my staff breaking it.

As if it says “It’s in my way!” my robe was torn apart using a rusty knife, and despite my resistance, my clothes that covers me disappeared.
I kicked and resisted the goblins who’s holding my hands while grabbing my underwear, but failed to get them to release my underwear and it fell back ripping the last of my clothes.
As soon as my foot reached out, the goblin that had been holding the shield grabbed my ankle and stepped on it’s fallen comrade and get between my legs and hold my thighs.

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I struggled to get my arms free, but my breast we’re shaking, which only made these goblins happier.
The shield bearer’s face loomed over me with his tongue crawling over my cheek.
I gave it a headbutt on its face that looks like saying “I’m going to violate you~!”

When I snicker at the shield bearer who holds his nose with one hand, the goblins around me laugh mockingly.  When I raised my voice in anger, they went silent at once.
I knew this guy is the leader of the pack, but there’s nothing I can do now.
The shield-bearer glared at me and tried to grab my breast, but it was too big and its hand buried into and its nails dug deep.
It punched me on the cheeks as if annoyed but I still didn’t stop smiling.

I looked at her and she looked back at me.
Her long, beautiful hair is yanked out of her face, her vestments are torn off, and she is stripped down to her underwear.
The goblins kicked her mace away from her reach.


The word comes to mind

(I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you)

I thought of her like a true sister,

I wanted to save her, even if it means risking my life.

I nodded when I met Rena’s gaze

(I’d rather die than be a goblin’s toy…)

The only way is to commit suicide.

In this kind of situation, hesitation would only lead to worst situation.

Rena nodded, because she knew that too

Just as I was about to bit my tongue off, it appeared.

It was a new kind of monster that looks like a mixed between a man and a lizard with its tail’s length same as a goblin’s height.

When it landed in front of the ogre, it laughed as if to taunt it.

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