Chapter 2

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How can a bad premonition come true so often?

 After finding the collapsed room, I finally found a large gate and an information board for the entire facility after further searching.

 The words “60 meters underground” were among the facility information that I took pains to read.

 Even I, a not-so-smart person, could figure out what this meant.

 Anyway, now that I knew that there was an elevator at the end of this big, thick, and sturdy gate, my fear that there was no escape route was gone for the time being.

As long as they didn’t bury it to destroy the evidence, we should be okay.

 As for the problem at hand, the gate is not working properly.

 Pushing, pulling, lifting – it all failed.

 This meant that the elevator leading to the exit was right in front of us, but the power supply to operate the gate was down, so we had to do something about that first.

 A sigh of “gofoo” escapes me as I realize that this is becoming more and more like a horror game.

 I thought to myself, “Can’t I just breathe out? But all that came out was coughing because I had pushed myself too hard.
…… What the hell am I doing?

 Aside from the meaningless mistakes, I finally got a clue on how to escape from this facility.

 I’ve got a lot of motivation now that I know what I want to do – let’s find the control rooms for the gate.

 Even though I don’t have any information at all, I should be able to operate the gate once it’s turned on.

 –I want to punch myself in the face for being so optimistic.

 The gate is right there, so I figured it must be nearby.

 But it wasn’t.

 Before that, I’d underestimated the fact that I’d have to check out a human-sized facility with this figure.

 Also, I really need some light.

 In addition, no matter where I looked, I couldn’t find anything related to the gate, even though there were rooms that looked like it.

 If you think about it, you should know that this is a military facility.

 It was quite possible that the gate could only be operated from the outside for security reasons.

 But there was a bigger problem before that.

(…… I can’t get power to any of my equipment?)

 It’s more likely that the power supply from the power generation facility has been cut off,…….

 In this inorganic and pitch-black space in front of the gate, one person …… or even one animal stands alone.

 I’m not sure what to do.

 Then I thought of that room where I woke up.

 For some reason, that room was the only one that had electricity.

 I don’t dare mention what it means, but I can’t help but imagine that I was the only one who survived.

 Anyway, I changed my mind and thought, “If I can somehow bring that power to ……,” and then this idea was rejected.

 I’m not a technician or an operative – I’m just a freshly drafted recruit with no real skills or knowledge.

 I don’t have that kind of knowledge or skill.

 He had no idea what to do, so it was no wonder that the plan was abandoned.

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 In addition, I don’t think I can use the various tools with my big, lumpy hands.

 In the first place, even if the power supply works out, it’s doubtful that it will be able to operate the gate.

 I’m sure they have an emergency plan or two, but I’m at a loss, whether or not the Empire, which seems to be in its final stages, really had the time to do so.

 In other words, there was only one way I could do it – force.

 I stood in front of the gate, took a stance, and swung at it.

 It’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for and how to get there.

It’s a good idea to know what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it.

(The next time I go all out ……, it’s going to hurt, but I can’t help it.)

 I looked up at the unlit ceiling for a few moments and decided I was ready.

 I pulled my right leg and made a fist, then dropped my hips and pulled my arm back into a stance that I’ve seen in videos.

 Then – a loud “thwack” sounded, as if a large chunk of rock had been smashed against a block of steel.

 As a result, I held my right arm and stumbled around in pain, while the crucial gate was still there, unharmed.

 It was a disastrous defeat ……, no, a complete defeat.

 I have to conclude that the door was made especially strong and that my fists would not be able to destroy it.

 But if your fists don’t work, your legs will.

 It is said that the power of a kick is three times as powerful as that of a fist, and I was already forced to play my trump card as I changed my class to a “muscle-focused” monster.

 For the time being, I just let my hands wander around until the pain subsided and took a deep breath to catch my breath.

 When I was ready, I tried for the third time.

“Hoortaaaa!” I thought I was shouting in my head, but all that came out was a dirty, strange voice saying, “GOBBOAAH! I thought I was shouting, but the voice that came out was a dirty, strange voice.

 The sound was deeper and louder than the previous blow, and it vibrated.

 There was no response.

 In fact, my leg was more seriously injured, crying out in pain and flailing around.

 I had expected it to crack, if not destroy it.

 But I hadn’t expected it to be enough to make a small dent.

 It was a small dent, barely noticeable by touch.

 It was not intact.

 Yes, it’s just that there is no real damage.

 It’s a good idea to know what you’re going to be doing and how you’re going to do it.

 At that moment, I see in my mind’s eye all the subjects who never made it out of that room and are now rotting away.

 When the reality of death washed over me, I screamed out.

(No, no, no.
…… No! Not like this! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!)

 The inarticulate roar echoed with nowhere to go, and I lost my cool, punching and kicking the gate as often as I could.

 The pain in my arms and legs only increased with my desperate attacks, but I didn’t stop.

 Even though I’m out of breath, the gate in front of me continues to look the same.

I can’t get out,” the reality I didn’t want to admit slapped me on the shoulder.

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 At that moment, the fear faded away.

 I stood there stunned, as if the possession had worn out, and looked at the gate with a stupid face for a while.

What the hell is this? I couldn’t put it into words, but as I was about to say it, I realized something.

(Emotion ……, or fear suppression!)

 (Emotional , or fear suppression!) Well, since it’s for combat, it’s better not to have “fear”.

 The speculation that the fear I had just felt in the dark passageway had been suppressed was now becoming a reality.

 There seemed to be a difference in the effect, but this time the change was as dramatic as if a switch had been flipped.

 It’s just a speculation, but I wonder if there is a dual function of suppressing emotions apart from the effect of being triggered by meeting the conditions.

 Anyway, it was fortuitous that I was able to regain my composure.

 Even on an head-on match, rather I should have realized that they would have been designed within specification, in case something wrong happens

 When I thought about it, I couldn’t imagine how much damage a monster with these specs could do if it got out of control.

 Then, it should have been able to be contained.

 Normally, you should be able to come up with something like this right away,……, but maybe there are some disadvantages such as reduced intelligence.

 But if that’s the case, we can’t get through this gate by just hitting it head on, and I can see a future where we’ll just starve to death here.

(If we hit the gate head-on, we’ll break it before we break it.
So what do we do? The normal way is no good.
The only way in and out is through that gate.
…… Even if there was, there would be some sort of vent, and there’s no way I could get into that.)

Then find a vent and expand it.
I’m not going to be able to get in.” (Destroying the gate is not practical.

(Destroying the gate is impractical, but we can’t get out without going through the gate.
…… No, we don’t need to “go through the gate”.
All you need to do is go through the gate.)

 I stare at the gate.

 It’s thick and sturdy, and even with my best efforts it doesn’t seem to budge.

 There’s an elevator to the ground ahead.


 A thunderous sound echos through the basement.

Hard chunks of rock rolls on the ground, eachtime

 What came to me was this: If the gate is impossible, we can go around it.

 In other words, I decided to dig a hole to get to the end of the gate.

 Fortunately, with my physical abilities, I could easily destroy the outer wall.

 At first, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be possible to get there by destroying the area right next to the gate? But the gate was longer than I thought, so I ended up hitting the bedrock as well.

 Although the excavation of the bedrock was a bit tricky, it is more realistic than destroying the gate.

 When it became too difficult to destroy it with fists and kicks, I went back and borrowed a suitable metal part.

 I drove them in like a wedge, and one after another, I drove them into the bedrock, cutting and chipping away.

 I kept repeating, “Are we almost halfway there? My hands and feet were nearing their limits.

 To be more specific, I started to feel numb.

 I crawled out of the hole I’d dug with my hands flailing, brushed the dust off my body, and took a deep breath of air.

 How much time had passed?

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 I don’t know how much time has passed since I’ve been digging so hard, and to find out the time I’d have to go back to the place where I woke up.

 Of course I wasn’t going to do that, and I couldn’t remember the way back.

 After resting my body for a bit, I resumed rock-cutting – but then the dirt came out.

(Oh, ……, maybe this would have been easier if we had dug on the other side…)

 Depending on where we dug, we might have been able to get there easily, but now that we’ve come this far, it’s too late.

 Anyway, we dug the rest of the way quickly and destroyed the outer wall next to the gate.

 I screwed my huge body into the hole and forced my way out, only to find myself in a pitch-black space.

 I did a quick search of the surrounding area, but it seemed that the electricity had stopped here as well, and all the devices were not responding.

 There were some bottles of alcohol in what seemed to be a storage room, but I was hesitant to drink them.

 The discovery of the canned food made me think about the fact that I wasn’t feeling very hungry, and at the same time, a problem surfaced.

(What am I going to do about food?)

 Too much time has passed, the preserved food might already be expired

(Would this body…) No, I would rather not.

(Well, I’ll think about food when I get out.)

 As I walked down the wide, pitch-black corridor, I saw an elevator in front of me that was slightly larger than the normal size that I could manage to fit into.

(60 meters? ……)

 As there was no electricity, I had to climb up here on my own.

 As I pried open the door, I felt a warm breeze caressing my body.

 I couldn’t help but feel certain that I’m not buried and that I was connected to the outside.

 The cage was on top – which meant that I would have to climb up the wire in front of me and either punch through the bottom or lift myself up to open the door.

 Climbing up the outer wall like a rock climber would be fine, but I would have to be flexible.

 That’s what I was thinking, but then I saw a ladder.

 It was too small for my body, but I managed to get my toes caught on it, so it was much better than nothing.

 Using this ladder, the wires of the elevator, and the protrusions on the exterior walls, I climbed up smoothly.

Thanks to my large size, I don’t have to worry about where to put my hands and feet, and I can reach the wall without having to stretch my hands and feet as far as they will go, so I can easily climb up.

I wondered if I could clear the last obstacle so easily, but when the ceiling – the bottom of the cage – came into view, I was forced to make a choice.

(What should I do with this thing?)

The only two options I can think of are “smash it” or “lift it”.

There was also the option of dropping it down, but with figure, I wouldn’t be able to climb up to the top of the cage.

I lift it on my back, and it moved easily.

It wasn’t a burden and I thought I could just keep going, but apparently the exit was on the other side.
I went down at once and change places

I positioned myself in the center so that I could easily open the door and slowly climbed up again, lifting the elevator cage in the same way.

With enough opening for my arm to get trough, I put strength into my outstretched hand to pry the door open.

(Okay, I can do this!)

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There’s a definite response.


I slipped my fingers into the gap of the door after it moved slightly.

A finger went in.

The door opens, I can open it.

A ray of light leaked out of the opening.

All that is left is to lift the cage up, and just as i thought of that, the ladder where i had been holding on collapsed!

Had it aged for the last 200 years?

Or am i just too heavy?

I’m sure it’s both, but lifting this cage must have factored in as well.

The weight of the cage extends against my hand in gap of the door as i dangle one leg mid-air.


I exclaim softly.

I reflexively pull my hand away from the wire and lift my body upward.

As soon as the cage rise and the pressure on my hands dissipated, i change my position decisively, with shake and bounce by resorting to brute force.

I pushed my hands to the gap further, forcibly opening the doors and putting my arms trough, with no regards of the weight behind me.

My hand that crawled out of the door of the elevator, bit down into the floor and grabbed it.

My other hand was on the door, grabbed it as hard as i could, pulled my body up and twist my arm as i gradually push the door away

Both of my arms the reach the edge of the door firmly.

Now that reached this point, it’s just a matter of time.

I open the door with my arms out stretch, and saw what’s at the end of the door.

 Perhaps this room, the entrance and exit, had been locked tightly.

But 200 years?

Or was it the scars of war?

The ceiling had slightly collapsed, allowing light to shine through, and the room was almost half filled with eroded plants.

(Oh, if we get out of here, I’ll finally be outside of this facility)

I never expected to be moved by such thing, although I didn’t cry, I felt my eyes burning.

I struggled with the door and the cage for a while, and finally twisted my body into the gap between the doors and crawled out by shaking my body like a caterpillar, when the cage of the elevator fell.

There was a roaring sound.

In a movie, it would have been like flames spewing out of the ceiling, but I kept looking at where I was falling, but there was no such thing, and I collapsed with my arms and legs spread out.

I was physically tired, but mentally I was at my limit.

(I need information, I need to organize it, but I don’t have enough of it, that’s why…)

I look at the crack in the ceiling where a little light is leaking.

I’m on the ground.

I’m almost out, to the outside world.

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