ok for one.
However over all I don’t think I’m lacking in terms of commodities and convenience.
In the topic of gaining information about the field of magic it’s out of reach.
I can only hope that I can get my hand of some of it.

We reached Canaan, but I have no idea where I am with all this trees, but I’m pretty sure we’re at Canaan now.

(Now I just need to figure out where to get salt and spices… and some breads too)

The more I think about thing the more I add thing I want to get, it’s all thanks to those days where I have to endure those tasteless meals.
The first thing I’m aiming for is a carriage.
If not then a village.

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I’m a monster now and it’s not rare for a being like me to raid a frontier village.
I would not hesitate to suspend my mission to observe those elves to procure salts so I won’t choose my means.

Realistically that’s the only way.
I don’t have any way to negotiate with how my vocal chords work and with how I look.
Also, language barriers would be another issue.

Secondly, I’m sure that I’m on the watchlist of the mercenaries of Canaan Kingdom, so if they decided to take hostile actions I will fight back without hesitation.

As I movce through the forest, I tried recalling the spots for hunting of Canaan Kingdom.

(Now I wonder, which road should I take? Would taking north would lead me to the source of the salts? I wonder which one do the merchants use?)

I went through the forest, crossed the highway and enter the forest again.
By the time I reached the mountain up north, it’s already dark.
My current location is on the other side of the base we used when we stayed at Glenda.
It’s north-northwest area near a newly established town whose name I don’t know.

It’s pretty obvious that this town is a relay for Canaan’s ambition to conquer the south and they definitely going to take advantage of it.

(Given that they weren’t able to expand their territory in 200 years, there must have been a reason they couldn’t do it.
Same with Seizelia, they should have been able to expand west ward too, I wonder what the hell happened.)

I can only make prediction, but I have no proper idea what’s started for them to embark their expansion now.
Since I can’t think of any idea, lets just stop thinking about it anymore.

Even if the sun already set, I still have to move, because I don’t have anything that can be called a base.
Even I found one it may not have any water source.
On the other hand if I continue up north I will reach which was once occupied by the Empire.
It would be the best choice to go to.

(After all, the problem with water always follows me wherever I go)

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No matter how powerful my abilities are it’s something that I can’t do about.

After letting out a sigh, I took a drink of water and took a breath, and suddenly I heard a noise.

I heard people talking in a place and time like this.

(This is nothing short of suspicious.)

Being in this mountain at this hour of the day is nothing short of suspicious.
I decided to floow the sound using my hearing and smell since my visual ability would only be hindered by the poor visibility in the area.
After moving northwest I found a place with slight light peeking through

A heard voice leaking out of it slightly.
I failed to make out of what they’re talking about but I could determine that several of them are shouting excitedly.

As I approach the source of the light, I started seeing what seems to be a lumberjack hut.
I approach it with my mimicry skill and take up an advantageous position and uses my telescopic vision to peek through

(Ah yep they lok like bandits)

He has a very poor appearance.
Filthy would better suit for it.
Red haired shabby looking man with a stubbled beard is shouting with a curved sword in his hand.

I decided to approach it ignoring the condition on the hut since I already assumed that there’s no threat.
When I opened the hut, I found the man I just saw, plus three more bandit and a corpse of a dead man.

Hello? Yes, we have a case here.

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