Chapter 24: A Testimony of a Prostitute

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[What’s the matter? Someone else wants to talk with you]

[My name is… well it doesn’t matter]

[Ah just so you know, I already divulged all the information and the events that happened to us to the guards]

There’s no more information anywhere.

If you don’t mind, I feel generous now, so can you tell me what I want to know

Oh you mean the monster?

I don’t know anything about it… Well, I just saw it up close though.

Can you tell me everything you’ve seen?

Well, we’re in the middle of being kidnapped by so we didn’t have time to see it.
That’s why even if you pay me a silver I won’t be able to give you a story of the same worth of a sliver coin.

I know you’ll say that but you don’t have to worry about it… now about the monster.

Yes, so where do you want me to start?

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I let the silver coin do the talking

First of all, I came from the town called located northwest from here.
There used to be a silver mine and it was prosperous but the mine eventually dried up before I was even born and it became desolate, but since I was born there, I can’t leave it behind and abandon it.

I kept dragging myself till I reach this age

[Would you like to work at L’Ecole?]

I was very happy when I heard it, it’’s like a godsend to me.

We agreed on the conditions and a few of us went but that was a big mistake.

They weren’t stingy with the escort, but they were all wiped out

That was wrong.
There are some bandits in the escort details.

You we’re talking about oh, I didn’t know about that.

It’s a human-trafficking organization that suddenly grew in size 10 years ago.
In other words, we are about to be turned in to slave.

When I told then that we were ambushed the guard said that we might have been setup and it was true the fat merchant looking   man who offered us the job was in on it.

I’m sorry for having those girl experience such a scary story.

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So here’s the story about the new monster that you want

The guy comes out.
We were in the carriage that’;s why we didn’t see it but it’s definitely one sided.
The man who tricked me was immediately called out of the carriage and went out with a big cross bow but soon after, I couldn’t hear anything from him anymore.

They are wiped out.

I think the firs guys runaway, and those who were left died.
We tried to keep quiet and huddle together.

[Please ignore us!]

I desperately prayed and begged to god for help but it was of no use.

Hahaha… if I want to beg to god for help I should have been more pious than usual don’t I?

Then the monster started peering into the carriage.
And when I saw his hand grabbing the carriage, I went and step forward involuntarily… I was surprise myself on how quickly I move back then.
Then, he looked at me and then around the carriage.
The others said they saw him too and maybe he looks at human woman the same way as a goblin.
However, we are ignored at the end and me and the girls were overlooked.

Why did it attack us? I want to ask myself.
Well thanks to him we made it to L’ecole without turning into a slave.

Wait there’s still something into the story.
If I say he didn’t take anything, I don’t mean he didn’t take any.
He searched for the liquor on then wagon’s cargo and drank in on the spot.

He was a good drinker.
Well, a bottle wouldn’t be so difficult base on his size.
Then when he was satisfied, he went away… then comes back.
One of the girls screamed, but he ignored her as if he wasn’t interested at us then went behind the carriage once more.
When I peeked my head out of the carriage, I saw him passed by in front of me and this time it made me scream!

But then I saw it.
The monster was carrying a huge backpack.
I don’t know what’s inside, but there’s something that looks like a stick-like blue cloth.

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Oi stop shaking me!

It may not be as much as yours, but it’s still good.

I make a living from this trade so let me take care of my things.

Eh… I don’t know what it was because it only took a moment when I look and it looks like a stone to me.

E- please – stop shaking me.

Aside from the stick-like-blue-clothe that I mentioned earlier he was also carrying an iron grill and a shovel.

A magic sword? I don’t know even if you asked me.
Though I think there’s something in his hand, but I didn’t see what it is.

Oh wait.

I don’t know if this will help you but, when we were left behind with the carriage, we tried to drive the carriage but since not one of us is a coachman or has an experience on that, the horse didn’t want to move.

When the horse finally started to move and were running on a leisurely pace the monster returned and barked at us, as if telling us that we’re an inconvenience and telling us to hurry up.

Why did I think that, you ask?

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He just barked at us and stopped chasing us when we started running quickly, maybe because there’s something there.

And this story?

It’s something I didn’t tell to the guards.


Well, you can try checking the place it appeared if you don’t have information of the place you can try asking around.

The location…oh we already knew.

Then that’s all I can say.

Well, it has been a long time ago… it happened about 30 days ago.

Are you going already?

Don’t take it too had, even I think it’s a shame for a beautiful woman like you to die.
Also, if you want to quit the mercenary stuff you’re welcome to my place.
You can make a lot of money.

I guarantee it.

T/N this might be a subpar translation because I can’t get the heads or tail of this chapter.
Also Alcohol…

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