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The first thing to do is follow that spider.
Fortunately, I remembered his smell.

I put down my luggage and started running while thinking what I need to do to find him even if I have to turn into a dog.
Just as I finally built my conviction, the trail of smell suddenly cut off.
It seems like the spider is using the trees to move hence no scent were left on the ground.

(I thought we weren’t a good matched but I never thought it will be this bad)

It’s no use whining so, I tried to sniff around the high places and finally caught a clue of his general direction.

I run along the path.
I went on a slow pace to make sure that I won’t lost his scent.
Then I found some thread in trees as well.

I suddenly heard men talking about him, giving me the option to move quicker since I knew he’s already nearby.
I don’t know how fast he is but it seems like he’s chasing some wagon.
I follow the wheel tracks left on the street and focus.

I then heard screaming as I was on the trail towards the spider.
I hope I’m not too late and they aren’t captured yet.

I check the lump that was once a prison bar.
I accidentally gripped it too hard and rounded off.
Now, this is closer to something I can use.

I’m starting to see the carriage after running continuously, and at the same time I already spot the spider hiding in the woods.

(Found him! I knew he’s going for the carriage)

The carriage is still moving along the road unaware of the spider aiming at them.
He was saying something.

[I can now shake a woman!]

He would probably catch them and would do them sadistically and brutally.

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I was about to get in enough distance when he noticed me.
I would like to have inch a bit closer but since I’m already spotted, It leaves me no choice


I howl then at the same time throw at the spider with all my might.

It flew straight at him but he managed to evade quickly and crashed to a nearby tree.

[What are you doing you dead man!]

Heh… you think I’m already dead?

Too bad I’m still alive as you can see.

He suddenly made a move with intent of chasing after the fleeing carriage, so I threw a stone at him again in which he tried to deflect by sending threads flying on it.
But since I throw in with so much power, he was left with only option to evade stopping him from his track and can only look at the fleeing carriage.

Honestly, I wanted to see his frustrated face.

(It seems like the thread range is 10 to 15 meters)

If he decided to chase after the carriage, he would be able to catch up with it, but with me closing in, would he really be able to do it?

Of course not.

The power of throw should tell him enough that it’s dangerous for him to turn his back on me.
This is why he went to opted to intercept me instead as I come towards him.
However, I have no intention of fighting him seriously.
I stopped at a distance that is out of range of his threads and undergoes the trouble of making a standoff.

I did it to buy time for the carriage to get away.

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The spider might be thinking that I’m just being cautious.
He still thinks that I’m just a monster who is wary and learned from our earlier squabble, but too bad punk, I’m an Imperial soldier just like you.

The staring contest go on until suddenly, the spider went on the offensive.
After noticing that the carriage is quite far away, he clicked his tongue and switch his attention to me.
I’m not going to say that since I knew I am at the disadvantage since at this distance I’m afraid that I may fall prey to his threads especially if I moved first.

I want to keep him at the distance but of course he knew that and when I put one of my put back, he shows a sign of moving forward.

(I need something that will provoke him)

I look closely at the spider thinking that I would find something that would provoke him and there it is.
I wonder why I didn’t notice

Now then how would I go and say it.
– Well, I believe I can do that base on my experience

I opened my mouth and point at the human part of the spider

[Hah! Gwah!]

The spider hybrid failed to understand what I tried to say but I still try my best to make my voice more audible.

[Ha, gee!]

I pointed my fingers at the skin head and act like I’m calling him [Bald! Bald!]

What about me? I just don’t have any body hair.
Now he will know that I’m an imperialist but since we’re already trying to kill each other and there’s no way to repair our relationship.

By now, he’s probably getting agitated by the fact that I kept calling him for a while now and he try to come towards me while yelling something.
Unfortunately for him, I’m not going to play his game and I quickly jumped back and kept calling him bald.

The chase begins, if they stop, I stop, he runs I run.
I don’t choose my means; I just maintain distance between us and just throw projectiles at him.
I won’t let you rest; this will interfere with your eating, drinking and sleeping.
This would be a fight for survival, and this would be no hold bars.
Let’s see who would be the first one to fuss.

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A day passed and the spider finally gave up after 8 hours on trying to shake me off and trying to intercept me with spider thread at some areas, however I have no intention of getting close to him and just continue of throwing things at him.

I noticed while fighting him, our difference in physical abilities made it clear that I can’t use any forceful means.
That’s why the spider thread he stretches out hardly stuck on my body because I was intercepting it with suitable branches secondly a few strands won’t be able to stop me.
He’ll need to weave a net if he wants to stop me.
He had gone in to offensive and when he does I runaway and keep my distance

Head-to-head confrontation? No way I’m going to do that especially with your poison attack.
He cursed at me a lot, but when I pretended that I do not understand he said [You! You know our language!] and I was surprised that he’s still unable to tell that I’m a genetically modified soldier just like him.
I guess it’s really hard since I can’t really talk and me just pointing out his baldness makes no sense.

The result of the first day concluded with the spider losing his aim and hitting the ground.
On the night of the second day he’s can just only click as I throw things at him in the middle of the night.
But since there’s no building that would protect anything, the whole place becomes a wreck.
He even tried talking to me hoping that I would understand him but of course I ignored him.

I played it well pretending I don’t understand and kept threatening him with a snarl.

Night fell and I still followed the spider and throws stones at him.
There are times that I threw other stuff at him and found that his evasive ability is starting to deteriorate.
However, I won’t stop.
I already lost count on how many times I interrupted his meal and it looks like he’s losing shape.
When he tried to eat a rabbit that was tangled in his threads, I threw a stone at it.
It fell from his hands and I then quickly kick it again making roll on the ground.
That’s the only time he got near me but I quickly keep distance.

We kept repeating this from day to the next night.

With different atmosphere wafting between us I decided to close in on him but he does nothing.
Though I say close, we still have eight meters apart from each other.
I kept being ready but decreases frequency of throwing stone.
I was aiming to mentally fatigue the spider by keeping him alert and guess when would I attack.
This makes him only capable of screaming.
It’s starting to dawn on him that he could no longer win in a physical match.

With his attack such as the poison attack and his threads, already been known he cannot attack badly in his conditions too.
even if he set up traps it would be hard to do since he’s being monitored by me and it has no enough power to turn the fight around.
And since he’s already knows that it’s not effective anymore he’s not attacking anymore and refraining to use poison or threads to minimize exhaustion.

So I kinked the ground to throw sand on him but he’s showing no response.
I have no choice but to grab a rock and toss it to my hand which I almost failed to catch.

When I was about to throw a rock on him, he opened his mouth


But I ignore him and threw it on his legs crushing it

[Why the hell are you doing this tome you bastard!]

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The spider doesn’t seem to understand my methods so I answered him


I let out a stupid voice – of course it was a provocation.

The spider shook and lung at me with desperate rage so I ran away.
After a short chase, I took a glance from the spider from 15 meters away.
The spider is yelling something but I ignore it.
Then I once again close in the distance to eight meters.
He looks like he was about to cry, but so what? Then he turned his back on me so I threw a branch at him and it got stuck on his butt but he didn’t seem to care.

[I’m starving… I don’t have anything anymore … I should have saved my energy]

Just by his regretful soliloquy, it seems that large amount of stamina were spent from him using all those poison and threads causing him to run out of breath quickly.
And the short thread that were halfway out of the spider buttocks were waving in in the air, proof that he really has no more to give.
His venom he spat at me is nothing short of a spit allowing me to avoid it easily and it even failed to do anything to the grasses when it fell to the ground.

In retaliation I sent two of his legs away and made him lose his balance then I took the opportunity to rip off another one.
The spider lost three legs on the left side leaving him only to crawl.
And when I plucked of all of his legs it started to use his arms to crawl.

[Why? Why? Why!]

I grabbed the spider by its human neck from behind and placed my legs on the place where the human part and the spider part joins and then stepped on it


I separated the human part from the spider part making blood dance on the air.
Then I pressed his shallowly breathing face to a tree.
Then I scratched the word [Death] using my finger nails.

Though the there’s moonlight it might not be possible for him to read it but it seems that he was able to reed the word written in Imperial language

[He-help me]

He tried to fawningly plead to me, as if he knew who I was but I ignore his plead and put my all on crushing his neck.

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