I’m confused.

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I know it sounds cliché, but that’s the only thing that I can say.

I’m confused because you know, such monster who looks like an amalgamation of a human and a spider that I haven’t even seen in a movie clearly isn’t something that can be born naturally, is speaking the Fleuretean Language.
There’s only one thing that came to my mind about the identity of this guy.

(I assume he’s a genetically enhance soldier just like me – or something equivalent)

I don’t know if this is right that the first fellow countryman I’ve met after waking up from a 200 years sleep is this guy, but I need to share and confirm the current situation and information.

[Gaah, gao gao gahng]

As usual the only thing that comes out is [gao gao]

By the way I was trying to say;

[I’m an Imperial too!]

Unfortunately, this guy had changed his class to monster and his job to a human trafficker.
I understand that getting a proper job while looking like a monster is near impossible but I wished he should have thought a little more about his choice of job as a former Imperial soldier.

[Argh dammit, they really gave me these useless doofuses!]

I failed to convey my intentions with words and he started berating his dead subordinates while being wary towards me.
My thoughts are to try to convey my intentions and then a good idea suddenly come to me.

(If I can’t use my voice, I can try to write)

Ehen I was about to try writing on the floor, my arm stops moving with a snap

[Don’t you dare move your big bastard.]

Carefully, I found out that my hand was entangled with invisible threads, there’s also threads on my body as well.

(Spider threads?! I didn’t feel anything touching me.
no more like…)

I knew he is a spider, but what surprise me is that he’s able to send those thread without a preliminary action.
I could guess that he was able to plant those in the room beforehand, and he has the ability to manipulate those at will.

It also looks like he had awakened earlier before me considering that he is a higher up in a criminal organization and then fact that he can throw those attack without showing any preliminary movements shows the level of mastery he had gained on his body.

[Haaa… Amateurs are useless! Can they even kidnap one person?]

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He bites his fingers and didn’t try to hide his irritation.
To a trained soldier, a bandit might as well be an amateur, but this guy seems to be the kind that only sees his subordinate as nothing but a mere pawn.

(Looking from his words and action he seems like a corrupt military personnel and a scoundrel.
I had hoped that I could at least have a cooperative relationship with him as a fellow Imperial citizen but now it looks like it would be impossible)

If I left this guy alone, I bet he would go on a rampage and becomes a threat to the surrounding area that serves as my cover, and the damage to nearby villages and cities would be immeasurable.

He is after all a genetically enhanced soldier of the Empire, and his abilities definitely exceed the Canaan Kingdom’s ability to handle him.
The what about taking care of him?

Firstly, I don’t know if I can win, same is true on the other side we both don’t know each other abilities though I can infer a few considering that he looks like an overgrown spider.
If it’s just thread like this that are currently wrapped around me then I can handle it easily, but if we’re talking about thick bundles then I might get into a pinch.
It just means that the risk is too great if we get into a fight with him.

Just as I decided to tear his threads off and write something in the Imperial language the spider human hybrid opens his mouth

[Ah, I should have come if I knew this would have happened, I was finally able to fish out a hooker to only end up getting intercepted by this big guy and followed me to my base]

The spider then kicked me in the face.
It didn’t even itch nor hurt, so I guess it wasn’t even at full force, but his next word caught me.

[I thought I was able to finally be able to f*ck the next chick, but you got in my way!]

The spider kicked me again

[And here I am, even when they are naked my partner didn’t even try to get up!, where on earth is my partner!]

His kicking speed increases and he tried to stab me with his legs but his poor legs failed to even pierce me.
He clicked his tongue when he failed and pulled out a dagger from the bandit corpse using his abilities to manipulate his thread.

[I let those idiot gang r*pe those girls and but it doesn’t even react at all! How the hell could I enjoy a woman? Where the hell could I find a woman that can satisfy me?!]

He then swung down the dagger that he got but naturally it didn’t do anything.

[You’re uselessly tough!]

He kicks me in the face again and I still feel no pain

[Ah right, let’s catch some kids and have them dance naked and -]

Before he can finish his words, I threw a punch at him but he was able to avoid buy jumping back.

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[You want to fight huh, monster!]

I’ve already confirmed that this guy won’t be able to hurt me, after taking those hits.
I can definitely win against him.

This piece of thrash shouldn’t have been an Imperial soldier, and above all –

(I don’t know how many women you will hurt if I leave you alive, I won’t let you take away the possibility of getting some sexy time away from me!)

I don’t need such grand cause.
This guy is just a mere distraction to me.
If I can keep my mindset that way, there’s no doubt that I can wield my power.

[Looks like these threads is not going to sop a big monster like you huh]

He seems convinced that he has grasped my limit but in reality, he has not.

I have the definite advantage in terms of attack and defense and the only uncertainty is if he’s capable of using venoms.
As long as he has been enhanced by military, we can assume that he can.

(Where would you administer those venoms, I don’t see any fangs so where would be the other candidate?)

The only type of spider venom I knew was mostly administered using their fans and this one doesn’t have one.

Since the place where the fang should be was replaced by a human torso so the only thing left is if he spit it.
Or maybe, he has a disposition to use stingers.

I regrated that I had made a mistake in timing and gathering information against him.
It isn’t that bad to take more time than rather than get hit by a poison that can work against me.
That would be the end of my story.

I cautiously shook off the spider thread and close in to him but he scurried away thanks to this uselessly large room and mockingly smirk at me.

Is this guy really an imperial soldier?

I picked up a bandit’s corpse and throw it against him but it was stopped by the threads scattered around.
He looked at me like taunting me and saying [I’m setting up traps and waiting for you]

I ignore the spider and throw another corpse but now, with more seriousness.

[I’m going to kill you!]

Looks like he got irritated from my behavior but is clearly different from the goofy thing that he’s saying.

He kept his posture low even when he’s attached to the ceiling, and I opened my arms in response.

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I have no intention of letting him go.
No matter what he does, as long as I can grab him.
I can win.

Neither of us moved and the staring contest continued.

Suddenly he launched an attack, I was quite surprised but it didn’t matter because I planned to abandon my initiative and focus on countering him even throwing in the possibilities of getting damage to the curb.

I matched his foot movement and intend to deliver a perfect counter.
But I couldn’t grab him.
What I had is a spider skin.

(This guy molted in the last second!)

I thought I had missed it because of the unexpected ability but the guy is already at the broken door I instantly tried to follow him but an intense pain suddenly stopped me from my track.


My right hand is sizzling and making smokes, it was caused by the molten skin’s mucous.

I tried to bit down the pain and tried to rush to the spider hybrid but I was blocked by the threads spread by that guy.

[Rest in peace, monster!]

With that said, he opened his mouth and spewed a yellow liquid, there’s no way and when I was hit the part of my body that was hit turned to purple.
Then the spider creeped away once he saw the changes in my body.

(The fact that he didn’t bother checking if I’m still alive means that this is a potent poison)

Thanks to my turning my face quickly, I didn’t have any damage on the head but the neck down was scalded.
It’s obvious that I leave it untreated, this would be a very bad thing.
SO first I need to do something with those thread.
If I made a wrong move my situation would turn worst as it is considering that it could entangle me and restrict my movement


With a howl, sent the walls where the threads are attached flying and I ran down the passage way ignoring everything even the debris in my body.
My goal is my luggage.
Fortunately, the spider is gone and all I can do now is to hope that I don’t run to him now.

I reached my luggage and rummage quickly through the stuff inside then pour two types of potions.
As I was going to use another potion, the pain I was feeling suddenly subsided.
I fearfully touched the discolored area, but I felt no pain and my body is back to normal.

I also tried to apply a potion to my right hand, which has melted away, and it was a surreal sight to see my exposed bones to get wrapped by flesh and skin and regenerate.

If I can only speak, I could have praised these magic potions,

Honestly though, I find it regeneration scene gruesome.

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[Gaaah ah]

(I’m quite lucky huh, if I didn’t have these magic potions.
I would have been in a serious trouble)

I tried thinking about the possibilities while thanking Oppai-san, unfortunately I can’t remember their faces now and all I can remember is their breast.
Thanks to those thoughts and boobs, I was able to regain my composure.

I declared with no hesitation my gratitude to them and their boobs even if I have no reason to be thankful of.

Anyway, the risk of fighting him is higher than expected, but I can’t just let him go free.
I’m sure that casualty would rise more than we can imagine if we let him be.
Truthfully, I don’t want to get involved with an opponent that could kill me and it not good to fight him recklessly.

(What should I do? We got the opponent to show a few of his card and I can say that he already showed a lot of his attacks)

I need to gather more information, if he’s a former imperial soldier, there’s a chance that he has an item from the imperial facility that he might have taken when he woke up.

If he comes back, I should focus on fighting in the distance.
There’s no shortage of metal as well since there’s a prison there too.

If we can properly take position to intercept him, he won’t have any probable attack except for the poison attack.

I returned to the cave after cleaning up the debris on my body.
I thought shallowly that if he’s an imperialist, he could have some item that I can use too.
I returned to the T-junction and turned right and found corpses

How many are there?

There’s at least 50 of them and most of them are women, their state was that of have been heavily melted.

[Ah right, let’s catch some kids and have them dance naked and -]]

His words come to my mind.
I looked at the naked body of what seems to be a father and son.
The overlapping of the bodies and the darkness of discoloration due to poison made it possible for you to imagine what he made them do to them.

(Just like a game, He made the kid kill their parents)

I could not bear to look anymore; I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth.

He’s a threat to me too, I won’t choose any means now

I will hunt him and I will kill him.

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