The ruins of the city – which looks like a landscape of an abandoned city eroded by nature and over grown with trees and plants, that is more familiarly seen from behind the monitor.
Only few building retained it shapes on the ruined city, no matter the size of it, they share one thing in common, Their covered by plants.

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(Let’s start finding things about this city first)

With no trace of the outer wall, makes it clear that I’m inside the inner part of the city.

Imperial City situated near the borders of the empire are mostly designed to have multiple layers of high outer wall that is heavily equipped with anti-air weaponry like anti-air guns.
This strategy allowed the empire to protect its citizen against invasions of flying monsters.

Because of this Anti-air strategy, the empire gained the largest territory and enjoys the massive support of its citizen because of their capabilities to do what no other was able to do.
They are able to eliminate the threat for the air.

Though dragons are still considered the greatest threat of that time and could not be eliminated.
There’s still no doubt that the Empire’s national power was strengthen by this achievement.
This led to the increase in immigration from the neighboring country and leading to diplomatic problems.
The other country started clamoring and starts blaming the Empire with baseless accusation such as [Your country is killing all those flying monster so now they’re flocking in to us! What are you going to do about it!].

Looking back, this may have been the impetus of the war.

Canaan has always been in the throat of the Empire, with their geographical location enclosed by the sea on the north and the impregnable elven forest on their west.
The only choice they have is to go south against the empire if they want to go gain more power.

After investigating , I confirmed that there’s no outer wall left on the city and that I’m inside the inner city.
Now I need to know the name of the city I’m currently in.
Looking closely I can tell that even if the building is not on their original form, it failed to hide the fact that this is once a highly urbanized city.

I do have a few candidates of which city is this.

I search the main road for road sign or something while slowly walking on the scuffed and cracked roads.
I maintained a slow pace in order to make sure that I don’t miss a thing.

I found my first sign, but unfortunately, even though it is intact, the words written are unreadable, and leaving no hint behind.
My second find reveled where I am.
Eikwel a city that is one of my guessed.
This city works a support to other city that is in the frontline in the northern east part of the Imperial territory.
Now If I head north-northwest I should reach Roukdir the city closest to Canaan and at the east is the fortress Old Fort Carnache.

Now that I know where I am currently.
I don’t have to worry about my future plans, since this will allow me to head to the Imperial Capital whenever I wish without getting lost.

Incidentally, I’,m a wealthy resident of the Imperial City and if I had the ability back then I could have went for the advance course.
Well it’s only a possibility.
Anyway, Since I now fulfilled my first objective, It’s time to explore!

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Because of my large size, the building I can enter is limited, but because their already worn down, there’s no problem if a break it a little bit more.

I began searching on abandoned building knowing that they would be here.
They really do appear everywhere, which is a problem.
I guess it would be possible that they would appear in every crook and cranny of the old Empire.
I honestly don’t want to think all about how many of them are there around.

With their incredible fertility, I could imagine the Imperial Scholars going “What heck are these guys?!”

So let’s treat this a “olfactory training” that also works as an extermination job.
Though we have to be careful to sniff out other living creature aside from the goblin smell.
This is why I started this training, try to differentiate the small is quite difficult.

Normally humans, can only pick few information from the smell unless you’re someone whose job uses such specialized skill and can be indifferent to various smell.
So even if my current sense of smell is improved largely If I can’t do it I wouldn’t be able to realized it’s full potential.

(Yeah, this is impossible.
It’ll take me quite a long time to get use to this)

I gave up training my sense of smell and decided to just focus on exterminating those goblins.
I went down the road in brisk pace, destroying building and hunting goblins.
As I do that I also look around to check for something interesting but unfortunately found nothing.
I often saw wild animal running away, but because of the over-powering goblin’s stench, I failed to notice them.
After killing 30 of them, I suddenly remembered something

(If I’m going to flee north, what city was in that direction anyway?)

I dug up my memory about this city Eikwel, but nothing come ups.
I’ll leave that thought for later since cleaning the city from this goblins infestation comes first if I want to explore this city deeper.

For sometimes now, While walking boldly across the street I noticed that the goblins who would see me starts running up north.
I wonder what’s in there.
Are they trying to lead me somewhere or are they confident that they can beat me? Since I thought it would be not much of a problem, I decided to follow them.
Along the way, I look around, but I haven’t seen a store nor a single house that is in pristine condition.
There are signs though of the building getting stripped of their material and collapsed.

Finally I reached the end of the street were a certain building lies, similar to a place I used to go.

(A school… a gymnasium or something)

The structure is still relatively in good condition now wonder those goblins holed up in here.
Now they’re huddling in front of the school, and it also looks like that the building is packed with them.

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There are sign of reenforced wall along the building making it certain that this is residence of this goblins.
It seems like that stadium that their protecting is where their boss is.

As expected they started blocking my way with their superior number.

[So what?] You ask? The stench keeps on getting stronger and stronger! Enough that I want to throw up! And, there’s a strange smell coming from my destination as well! I think that I would suffocate if I enter that.

I forcefully created an entranced with ventilation using kicks and punches and I finally broke down the wall.
There, the source of the smell, a bloated green monster, whose hulking body lies in mats and bedding welcomes me.

(No wonder their number are too many, a queen is in here)

It’s a fact that goblin uses other species to breed on, but only the goblin queen gives “birth” to it.

(T/N the difference is that one dies and the other survive)

As long as the queen is well fed and healthy, these queens can give three to four goblins a day, it was so surprising that even the Imperial Scholars are surprised.
It can’t even be explained by science but by magic alone.
Also, some kind of phenomenon will occur if a high-class species called the leader-types such as a king or a queen appears.

(So the reason this guys didn’t bother scampering away is because of the existence of the goblin queen.)

A goblin herd that has a leader type would not immediately run away.
Normally, goblin herd scurry away when the situation they are in becomes unfavorable, but with an existence of a so-called leader they would not flee just because of the strength of the opponent or the difficulty of the situation.
These goblins will resist unless you crush their head.

When I showed myself, the queen let’s out a high-pitched scream and the goblin starts pouring out of the school building that collapsed here and there.

Even facing three hundred or four hundred goblins, I don’t feel like losing to them.
And, by looking at their weaponry we can assess the power of this herd.
But even if they are to possess heavy weapon it would be nothing but short of stone spear and arrows

Its just a simple extermination.
I charged against the goblin outside.
They arrow they fired does not pierce me, and the stone thrown at me shattered and does not even serve as an obstruction.
Even Those stone spear and axes broke.
In contrast, a swing from my fist kill several goblins, as well as a swing of my tail proves to be fatal.
Each step I take, I kicked a goblin and blows other away as collateral.

I’m definitely in Musou state!

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It’s obvious that these goblins can’t do anything against me, their strength is not enough for their attack to deal damage to me.
There’s no way that those stone weapon they posses can deal damage to my steel like hardness of my body.

If you put it in game terms, my defense stat are much higher than their measly strength stats making it so that attack does not deals damage on me.
That reminds me even magic that has been casted against me on the old military base by a goblin doesn’t even hurt let alone damage me.

The flames from them certainly is hot, but it disappeared quickly so I need not to worry about burns and I might have possibly have heat resistance too.
Therefore, the only way you can deal pain to me is by using a more powerful magic item.

Of course, there’s no way goblins here can possess such things far from any huma civilization.
More over this is a former Imperial territory were magical items are impossible to find.

This leaves out the most possible way they can use to deal damage against me – poison.
But even that may not be effective against me.
With a body this strong I won’t be surprised if it works less against me.
Secondly most of the poison that can be found naturally in the empire are hard to handle that I doubt creature such as goblin would be able to handle it.

There are still somethings that can kill me, but how could they get the poison would be the question.

Extract them? As if those goblins can.

Get them from an hospital or pharmacy? Maybe, I f they can administer it.

It would be too overly cautious to consider that poison from 200 years ago will still work.

If anything, their body odor is definitely in the class of a biological weapon.

(I can’t deny that this guys’ stench is a bio-weapon)

As I swear internally while kicking them away, the goblin queen screams again summoning another batch.
Honestly just call them all, It’ll make my life a lot easier!

Finally, after 3 or 4 hours of extermination, the wave of reinforcement had been cut-off.
No matter how much scream the queen does, nothing comes out.
Suddenly another group of goblin appeared with noticeable better equipment and pointed their spear at me.

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 What are you, the queen’s SS?

Their weapons are made in metal, but it was so crude that it looks the metals were found around town and then sharpen.
Some of them used magic against me, but when I punched a chick of stone at them, they got wiped out.
Looks like they got hit critically by the flying debris.
Now, the 15 SS goblin that came at me, are wiped out in less than 10 seconds,  leaving a bloated queen alone.

Now How should I kill this queen? I don’t want to get near her, because her smull is just so offensive.
SO here’s what we can use: a rubble, in short kill her using projectiles, after all she’s a huge target and it will be a good practice.

(How many throws would you think will kill you?)

The first throw- went a miss by a large margin, passing through the head of the lying queen.

For the second throw, I put a firm aim and hit her on the shoulder.

The third throw, while ignoring her wailing, I aimed at her stomach and she started coughing up.
I don’t think that she would make it but I don’t care, I released the fourth throw and it hit on her head and I felt satisfied with the result.

Now all that remained was to get rid of the queen’s offspring.
And the cleanup would be complete.
I found them inside the school building, I thought that they would be there because there are a lot of rooms there, really they haven’t thought out too well.
I broke down the wall to get an aim at them.
The goblin children who have now lost its path of escape because of the goblin carcasses that are blocking the door are now running around the classroom in circles.

I carefully shot them down with the rubble from the wall, one by one as if I’m just playing a game.
As a result Thirty-three goblin children were exterminated in 2 separated rooms.

I put my attention and listen if there’s other presence nearby, but found nothing is present in the nearest vicinity.

The city cleanup is now complete!

Dragons of this world:

It is considered the largest flying creature existed.
It boast a length if 12 to 35 meters and can be compared to Western dragons in appearance.
Their habitat could be found at the southern part of the continent.
The old empire and surrounding country have been plaqued by this dragonic attack that are considered a gruesome natural disaster

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