Yes, the monster standing in front of basement entrance is me!

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You see it’s great that I found an entrance to the basement but unfortunately, it’s too small for me to get through.

(I guess I have to break it down)

And, without hesitation I made an immediate decision.
It seems that there’s no way of stopping this muscle-brain way of thinking that’s slowly infecting me.
Then again there’s really no other way aside from breaking the entrance down.

After enlarging the entrance by breaking it to the size enough for me to fit, I slowly descend through the steps.

I don’t see anything at the end of the steps, but I still am going to be careful since I’m worried that I might destroy something if I land there forcefully.

Finally, the treasure is in front of me! I looked around the dimly lit basement that was smaller than I expected with vigor.
There I found three cabinets, a table and a chair.
The only way for me to see what’s inside of the cabinet that is locked tightly is to open it.
I gently opened it’s door which is already rusted.


The cabinet is filled bottles tightly packed inside.
The labels on each bottle was beautifully preserved and still legible.

(Hey, this is a “Randir 1555” and a “Hossier 1619”)

Looks like this alcohol are of very old age, I guess this cabinet is meant for high-end liquors since a lot of it were aged.

I let out a sight and open another cabinet and again it’s filled with liquors and so is the last cabinet as well with an exception that the last cabinet also have a wine catalogue with it.

(Quite an alcoholic, aren’t you?)

I can’t believe they built a basement just to use the whole base to indulge in their hobbies, such disgusting abuse of authority.

I tried to investigate the people who built this basement but I can’t find any hint in the basement.
I guess I could find some clue above ground.

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I found out that the man behind the basement is a colonel from the [Sezarian Front General HQ].
I couldn’t read his name from the documents that I’ve found, but I did find out that this base’s purpose is to send tanks across the river.

(I heard that they are building a bridge to cross the river somewhere, but the operation was not going as planned because it collapsed over or something)

(If the river were narrower they wouldn’t have to build a bridge)

I think to myself, but I realized that the terrain might have changed so much in the past so there might be a reason why it could not be done.

Not feeling the desire to drink some alcohol I decided not to bring any and continue my search above ground.

In another basement I found, I keep finding skeletal remains.
I want to ask How many people have the goblins eat.
Goblins eats human flesh, the eat he men and rape the women.

I wish I can find a gun that I can use but sadly there was none.
My shoulder slumped in disappointment and then suddenly it hit me.

(If there are many adventurers that have been killed here, there should be a plethora of weapons and equipment lying around here, right?)

I thought to myself.

After a careful search, I found what appears to be a human weapon, armor and magical tools that seems to be hidden.

Here’s a basic breakdown of the things I found.


Sword x7

Spear x2

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Axe x2


Shield x5

Metal Armor x2

Leather x8


Torch x10

Mysterious item x3

Of all of these, the only thing I want are the tools.

It’s hard to discard this metalware, but they will just add bulk to my luggage.
Aside from the armors and weapon these mysterious tools whose use is still unknown which is the same with one I just acquired.

I have no Idea what it’s used for but considering that adventurers keep carrying this item I should be able to narrow down its use.

I concluded the search even though it was not as good as expected, but it’s better than nothing.
It’s strange that the only thing we got are adventurer’s item even though we’re exploring a military base.
But since we got information about my current geographical position, I decided to return from her for now.

I found a sturdy box put my loots and decided to return.
By the time I decided to go home It was already sunset so I decided to explore lightly while going back.

I reached home when the sun already sets.
It was good that nothing happened on our way home, but I feel like there’s was nothing really going on around here.
I guess changing the route is not enough.
There’s no change in the luggage and that I left except for some lizard resting on it.

I took a bite on a piece of bread with expiration I don’t know of, and complain about the saltiness of the dried meat while washing it down with water.
I ate only small amount of food as I don’t know the right amount was.

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I decided to check the items that I’ve found

(A stick made of wood that is about twenty-five centimeter in length and has thin tip inlaid with that looks like to be an ore that I have never seen before.
It also has nothing that looks like a switch…)

I tried shaking it but nothing happened.

If this respond to certain keywords, I won’t be able to use it.
If that’s the case then this is useless.
I though as I was tapping the stones with the stick while saying [Gah, Gah, Gah]

(If this is a magical item, it would become trash since it would require magical power or something.
I wonder what other cases should I think of?)

While I was thinking over it I noticed that the tip of the stick start glowing red.
When I gently tried to touched it, it felt hot, and when I pressed it against some dead leaves, it caught fire leading me to believe that this tool is designed to act as a fire starter.

No wonder adventurers often carry these tools.

I found out while testing these tools that you need to tap the tip of the wand three times and it would turn on and the temperature would gradually rise.

I’m happy that the problem of igniting flames in the near future is solved already.
Fire is the bastion of a civilization.
The beginning of a civilized monster life! Unfortunately, my voice only produces this [Gao Gao] sound and so the only thing I can do with eat is cook some meat on it.

A civilized life is still far away- so let’s just go to bed.
For some reason, I’m not sleepy and I can’t sleep so I would be staying up.

Should I just proceed to travel up north, which was planned for tomorrow just to get an idea of the situation at night here in the forest.

After pondering for a bit, I decided to go north now.
I packed all my stuff into a big box and started moving it with two hands.
I can carry it but it proves to be in the way more than I thought.
So, discarded the box, reorganized my stuff and put then on the two back packs I had.
Then I wrapped the magic sword with a cloth and tied it on the backpack with a string.
I secure the bag under my arm to make sure it would be secure when I run, now I wish that there would be someone who can make me a back pack that would fit me, but I wonder where would such thing can be made?

It’s no use asking on things that you don’t have.

(Looks like everything is set, I can run with this, A bottle of water and the bread I took out earlier so there shouldn’t be any problem)

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I took out the breads because it’s [packaging] is cumbersome so I remove it and stuff the breads on the back.
It’s scheduled to disappear to my stomach tomorrow anyway so there’s no problem.

Then I’m off, I bid my farewell to my once temporary base and begin my night time migration.
Putting aside the time we use inside the facility, this is the first time that I have done some night activities, but it was so uneventful.

I have a good night vision and sense of hearing and smell so we keep little caution and I’m able to move around nicely.
I did saw few nocturnal animals and insects which you cannot see during day time making the experience refreshing.

At first, I’m a bit afraid to enter deep into the forest but I soon came over it.
I was able to move north in a lightspeed pace while listening to the sound of nature though there are times that I had to change direction a few times because of the moon hiding behind the clouds.
I continued going north while observing my surrounding and before I knew it it’s already dawn.

(Even after running that long, I’m only out of breath by a little)

I took a deep breath and look at the sky.
The surrounding tree might be in the way but I knew that the sky is clear and the sun would soon rise.

I drop my luggage and prepare for an early breakfast.
I ate moderate amount of dried bread and meat and empty a drinking bottle.
I drank a lot of water from the river and it seems that it had no effect to my body, so I guess, it’s okay to drink it.
As I rest and wait for sunrise the forest gradually grew brighter and brighter.

Then I notice a large thing in front of my view.

(Huge! What tree is that?)

I found a tree that seems to be 20 meter in height, or maybe even bigger than that.
I only estimated it based on what I can see.
I decided to climb it to see my surrounding and walk toward the tree.

Climbing tree isn’t one of my forte, but with this spec and ability, I knew I can handle it, no problem.  It is thick enough for me not to worry of it breaking once I tried climbing it and as I got closer, I can confirm that it really is huge.

It’s thickness has the same measurement of both of my arms out stretched.
So, I checked if there’s anything weird or strange on the tree and climbed it after confirming that there wouldn’t be any problem.
It easily supported my weight.

When I reached the height where I can see past above the other tree, I finally saw what I want to find.
The place that is once a concrete forest and now is nothing but a ruin covered in green.
Yes, that’s definitely the ruin of the old imperial city.

I finally found the what I need to get my exact location.

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