Chapter 97

「Today sure is much more crowded」

From the half happy and half sighing Rin-chan’s words, I nodded in agreement.
Though we had already arrived in Fias early in the morning, even though it’s around 6 AM, we were already standing before the gate which was 2 times more crowded.

8th day of the Event.
So this dungeon event is finally entering it’s added time, or you could probably say its climax.
The 3 days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday,  the town was much more crowded than ever.

Originally it begins on Friday and ends at the next Thursday which was quite a problematic schedule, according to Rin.
After all it would cut down the working adults and students which are most of the population of the players.
As a result it was extended to 3 days, to the group of players like us who is aiming for the rankings everyday by piling up runs, is now entering added time.
But to other players who enjoy the game, it might be something they would say as fever time.

By the way the notice didn’t arrive just recently but was announced on noon of the 3rd day.
It was the noon of the day when we played with Saku-chan.
To those who had plans on the weekend then, my condolence but, since it was announced before the week opened up, I think it was barely right on time for the admins to announce it.
Anyway from now on it is the peak for gathering Stardust fragments.
So today is also a day for doing runs, need to get motivated.

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「Nana are you alright?」

After logging in it cleared up」

I didn’t really remember it that much but, it seems that this morning, I was sleeping at the balcony it seems.
Was it sleep walking? I thought but, I remember wanting to feel the night wind and going out to the balcony.
Well, since it’s me it’s probably that the wind felt so good that I slept.
Even at the park’s bench, before I knew it was night, you could probably say that it happened rather frequently.

Though in the morning I was spacing out a bit so it looks like Rin-chan was a bit worried.

『Did something happen?』

『IF you feel bad then you should sleep』

「Nn~, well you see I fell asleep at the the balcony」

『You’re gonna get a cold you know』

『Having sickness theory』

『So it was not at the garden』

『The Rinne house’s balcony seems wide』

『There might even be a balcony pool』

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「Ahaha,  it’s not as a big as everyone imagines, I think」

In the beginning where it was only Rin-chan who was streaming, around when we got some room to relax, I also started streaming together with her.
It seems that my point of view is rather quite in demand.
It’s not even a quarter of Rin-chan but still, there are quite a bunch of people looking at my stream.
When the event began I was kinda sky-high and wasn’t in the right condition, and then since it had calmed down, I can finally stream, something like that.

「From Today on, the difficulty would increase one more level right?」

Though we don’t really know yet what the condition is for raising the difficulty」

Beyond the addition of the monster house, there wasn’t really any difficulty increase that stood out.
There was only a some addition of instant death trap, and that instant death trap is placed at a really easy to understand places so , it would be stupid to get caught on it.

Just that, the number of monster houses increased considerably.
Basically there are more than 2 monster houses per run, I think that the frequency has increased a lot.
If you destroy one in a small room then you could farm equal to one boss battle so we aggressively clear it but, ever since the first large room monster house, there weren’t any rare skill drops.

Rare skill《Songstress’s Embrace》.
In exchange for having quite a special condition needed to activate it, it’s effects are powerful enough that it wouldn’t put to shame of the name rare skill.
Not like 《Garou(Ravenous Wolf》that has a demerit, it’s the type where it needs a special condition to activate.
I still haven’t activated its effects but, regarding this skill, depending on the players it is something they might just store it away.
I have skill that might be able to activate this skill but, if I were to use this skill then, I thought that it would be in a battle where it would on a monster on the level of Aria.

Anyway, Originally being an event for only 7 days, the Stardust Labyrinth had kept silent.
From today on, it is natural to consider that something will happen, Me and Rin-chan too, since we have been loosening up recently, we put our guards up a little bit.

「Well then, shall we go?」

「You’re right.
Let’s do our best today too」

After looking at each other’s eye with Rin-chan, we went inside the gate.

It’s mostly instant to pass through the mystery space that you might say warp zone on the gate but, at the moment in time the space itself greatly shook.

The unending rain of thunder resounded throughout the dungeon.

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