Chapter 96

Author: the chapter’s title feels a bit of a lie…..  


(3rd PoV) 

In a corner of the residence block at the town of Beginnings, there was an old fashioned one story house.
And right there was a certain adventurer who had it made decades ago. 

At that house that wasn’t used for several years, for a very long time, sounds of livelihood had resounded.

「For some reason, coming here calms me down」

Being the first one that Kohaku bought as an adventurer, and importantly cared for among the houses she had, she sips her tea as she mutters so.  

During a bit more peaceful period in the town of beginnings, it’s a house where she had barely just only bought the plot of land and built it by herself.
She had such strong attachment to it that, even though she was busy enough, Kohaku still had the house maintained. 

Sincer her current quest gave her a reason to stay in the Town of Beginning,  for such a long time she was able to come to this place.

For a while since the appearance of the Travelers from the another, and at the end, she was also able to discover Sukuna who was the beloved child of Kishin-sama. 

And not only that, she was able to meet again the travelers who have grown up when she went home once.  They also once again, probably a piece necessary to challenge one might call a huge wave.

She had already found the Key. 

No matter what might be beyond the door, she won’t stop. 

「Though it’s still going to take time」

From what she heard from Sukuna who will become the key, the designated level that Kishin-sama gave to her is at least around level 50.  If it’s only up until that then she had probably already reached that. 

Just that, it’s said that for a Douji to raise to its next rank it needs a level over 90. 

No matter how much level she gains during the defense of the invasion this time, if it’s 90 then it’s still going to take some time. 

Either way, until Kohaku reaches her goal, it’s still going to take a long time. 

「Are you worrying or something?」


She shuddered. 

A voice she knows, had reached Kohaku’s ears. 

It’s certain that she had lowered her guard. 

However, is that even possible when the existence she didn’t notice was right before the side of the table across her.

「………It’s bad for the heart you know… Melty」

「Fufu, I am sorry for surprising you.
Just that whenever I meet a strong girl like you, it makes me want to tease you」

Melty Bloodheart.
Meeting again the hero she once met just met recently, Kohaku couldn’t hide her surprise. 

Was it since her prank succeeded,  Melty smiled looking really happy. 

To the point that it might have been wrong to be surprised.
Right before an existence outside of the norms, she was totally in awe.

「Today I also brought this girl along with me」


Melty slid her fingers in the air, and before you know it there was a crack in the air and from the crevice of it, a woman fell . 

Was it because she fell head first, there was an unpleasant breaking sound that resounded. 

While looking at the girl who raised a scream that makes you wonder if a lady should be screaming like that,  Kohaku had a questionable gaze of pity towards her.

「Hey Melty! If you’re gonna let me out, do it normally you know! Just why are you purposely dropping me on my head, are you stupid!?」

「Not as stupid as Ryin though 」

「Aah! You’re making fun of me again! I believe that people don’t drop people on their head you know! In the first place you’re always-……ah, who is this girl? Kijin? oh how pretty, your name is? Ah, my name is Ryin 」

「…..It’s Kohaku.
Nice to meet you Ryin」

That attitude to mercilessly shout at that Melty.
Though she was easily dealt with but still its abnormal to be able to have such an attitude to begin with, and Melty’s state where she had a happy expression as she allowed it. 

And her storm-like way of extreme talkativeness, and that whimsical character. 

There is no mistake.
This girl is that 《Purifying Blood》.
The one who receives the affection of the《Heavenly Eye》, the last one of the blood clan.

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「Now now, it’s not like we don’t know each other.
Kohaku too, don’t just stand there, just sit down」 

「Melty, don’t act so arrogant in front of the house owner.
By the way, where is my seat?」

Certainly, Kohaku had only prepared two seats.
Since Kohaku hasn’t invited anyone to this house.
So Melty used one and Kohaku herself used the other one, which means that Ryin has nowhere to stea. 

Though regarding their attitude towards the house owner, aren’t the both of them have a similar impudent attitude…..? 

Kohaku was doubting it.

「Isn’t the floor fine for Ryin?」

「Eh? you’re joking right?」 

「What joke?」

「You’re joking right!? Hey, Kohaku, is there no seat for me!?」

「Aah…well, relax.
I’ll take it out from my inventory」

While thinking so, Kohaku took out something from her inventory that can be used as a chair and put beside Ryin. 

“tsk” Melty who smacked her lips loudly, and “paa~” Ryin’s bright expression , their reaction were contrasting.

Melty was obviously playing around with Ryin. 

Once, there was a legend of a country that planned to harm the《Purifying Blood》 and was destroyed.
Kohaku thought that the 《Heavenly Eye》 loved her favorite that much. 

Seeing it like this, Kohaku thought that they rather gave off a very different impression.

「So, what’s your business here today?」

「The God of Creation is delaying the breaking out of the gate.
With how it is, then it looks like it will hang on until 10 days」

「…..With that much number continuing to challenge it, are you saying that it’s not enough?」

「Hmmmm, I do not really get it either.
My eyes are not that omnipotent too, and the future easily changes.
but still, in the end I think it would be enough for Kohaku to deal with alone

What was told by Melty was more unclear than what Kohaku imagined. 

Though in the beginning it’s hard to say exactly on how many days it will take for the gate to break out, it’s always said to be around a day late or earlier. 

Extended for 3 days,  being able to say it clearly what day it is, it is certainly because of Melty’s power but, even so the reason is unknown. 

Seeing from how Melty said it, the current gate is not especially high difficulty or that it lacks the people to challenge it.

However, even if she said that Kohaku alone can somewhat deal with it in the end, the conversation considerably changes if that is where one has to lay their life on it or a rather easy fight. 

If possible she doesn’t want to use her  《Final Formation (Tsuishiki)》.
To Kohaku,  Tsuishiki is her genuine trump card, and moreover using it inside the town, its strength is too high. 

Fighting to protect the Town of Beginning just to destroy it, something like that is just like putting the cart before the horse.

「What I’m curious about is…..whether that Siren is going to take out her Imperial Knights」

Saying that with such a weary expression, she took out a sip of the black tea she took out who knows when. 

Kohaku’s mental state after heating that, it has already reached the area of conviction.

「…..well, um.
Are you acquaintance with 『that』 Siren or something?」

「Nn? Aah, since they frequently invades us so, just a bit」

Kohaku doesn’t know whichever she came here to show off their flirting or rant about things but, no matter what it is, Kohaku thinks that Melty was overestimating her.

Certainly, Kohaku understands how the world works to a certain degree, and knows much more about the 7 Heavenly kings than a normal person. 

However, she hasn’t actually fought against one of the 7  Heavenly kings,  and in the first place that is already a mythological level.
Obviously Kohaku can’t have a face that says she understands that kind of conversation, after all she hasn’t reached what the core of the world is. 

As for why, the last time the 7 Heavenly kings descended in this world was, around 700 years ago. 

And the great hero right before her, together with the monsters so called heroes of that time, they had an heroic epic of being able to defeat the 4th Heavenly king 《Angel of Beginning -Seraphroa-》.

「Hey hey! This Siren you’re talking about, is this about that fairy-tale of the Songstress Siren?」

「That’s right」

「《Everlasting Songstress and The Hero of the Star》! She’s the heroine in the 2nd Volume of The Hero of the Star series right? I really love that story you know」

Opposite of Kohaku who was in distress, Ryin was all excited like a kid. 

That Ryin slowly and gently brushed the table, and Dopun (sfx) along with such a sound, a puddle of blood appeared. 

Ryin happily plunged her hand inside it, and took one book out.

「Tadaa! One of my Treasured Collection, and you know what, this is the premium first edition you know!」

From the hardcover book that Ryin was happily embracing, there was a dreadful amount of  Divinity appearing out of it.(edited) 

If Melty hadn’t put out a barrier then, then there would have been severe earthquakes running through the Town of Beginning, that was how much the pressure of its existence is. 

And the amount of magic power inside it was even enough to make Kohaku shiver. 

Which means, it proves that the book was an 『Original』. 

「You’re joking right….?」

「The ones this girl has are real you know.
And more than that, she has the whole Volume」

The Hero of the Star series are, it had existed way before the period when the Kishin-sama had lived, The story of one Hero who defeated all of the 7 Heavenly Kings. 

A masterpiece with a total reaching 20 Volumes, other than having been enchanted with a powerful preservation magic, it had been inherited eternally without fail. 

In the current world, these things called the Originals are a type of forbidden books, what is appearing in the markets of the current world right now, all of them are nothing but copies or rewritten ones. 

Kohaku too, if it’s only a copy then she had already gone over all of them but, still having seen the Original with her own eyes was a first time experience. 

Moreover, If what Ryin said was true then, first edition. 

Which basically means that it is the oldest original. 

Thinking up until that point, Kohaku suddenly remembered something.

《Purifying blood》, was some sort of title that succeeded. 

The name that she was called before that was certainly……

「《Immortal Princess》is it….」

「What’s that?」

Seeing Ryin with a leaned over surprised face, Kohaku unintentionally looked towards Melty.

「So everyone knows but the person herself huh」

「It seems so」

This 《Immortal Princess》 was one of the “characters” that appeared in the 19th volume of The Hero of the stars. 

She was nothing but a sub character, but their entry scene  was one of the leading comedy scenes of the The Hero of the Stars series. 

Along with Melty, She was also an existence of the mythological world.

「Muu, you two look as if you understand something.
Even if you do that, I’m not going to let you read it okay」

Ryin hugged the book in dissatisfaction but Kohaku was more than grateful to that.

「Well, I’m sorry but, If I read that then I’m going to die.
It’s not like I’m showing off but, in the world, I’m the owner of the weakest magic resistance after all」

「With Kohaku’s magic resistance then, probably the moment she opens it she will explode.
I’ll revive you so, can you try exploding bit?」 

「Can you not say it like 『Hey let’s play?』 as you try to kill me」

As Melty tries to poke with her feet under the table as she teases Kohaku, Kohaku seriously replies back looking really displeased. 

Melty seeing that smiled with joy and Ryin’s face had turned pale white and started trembling.

「E-explode…..exploding hurts after all…..I will feel bad if Kohaku gets hurt so I’ll put it back for now」

「Ryin exploded a lot back then after all」

「Damn you Earth Dragon!」

Seeing Ryin sulk and started getting angry, “really her emotions sure are restless” Kohaku thought, understanding the reason why Melty kept teasing Ryin. 

And then the relationship of these 2, Kohaku ended up feeling really envious.(edited)

《Immortal Princess》is, to compensate for the crime her mother committed, her body received a curse of 『Eternity』. 

It was said to be the world’s worst, an absolute curse given by the gods. 

In a time of Thousands, a living existence that will never change just by herself. 

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Not being able to get stronger, not being able to get weaker, an existence that just lives in the time of eternity.

Normally one’s heart would end up broken when receiving such a curse but, Ryine had completely preserved such a healthy mental state. 

The existence that has the strongest heart. 

And that was 《Immortal Princess》 Ryin, even before the Hero of the stars challenged their last battle, they had called the radiance of her soul as the 『Sun』. 

Towards that Sun, having the last vampire that you could call the incarnation of the night being close to her, it was a mysterious contradicting scene. 

That appearance was, to Kohaku who had been always fighting in isolation, she was seeing it so brightly.

「What’s the matter? Kohaku you look really sad you know?」

Was it because Kohaku had gone silent, Ryin moved the topic to it like that. 

For whatever reason it may be for her to receive those words, Kohaku opened her mouth appearing a bit reluctant.

「No I-…’re right.
I might have been lonely」

Once Kishin-sama had a close friend she would call a fragment of her soul. 

Ever since Kohaku was born she wasn’t blessed by such an existence, being exiled from the village and getting used to being alone, right now she doesn’t really know how to connect with others. 

If you say it nicely then she has good manners.
Or in a bad way, someone who is easy to talk to. 

In the end, on the surface of Kohaku she appears to be friendly but it was just a display of caution so that no one would step inside her own heart.

「Fufun, If it’s like that then from now on we will be your friends okay!」

「Can’t you not get me involve by yourself」 

「Eh!? Melty is also Kohaku’s friend right? After all you impudently just entered someone else’s house」

「….You…sometimes~ you really just poke at the hurtful parts」

「Ow Ow! If you flick my forehead with Melty’s stupid strength then my head will turn stupid~!」

「In the first place its bad, so it’s already too late you know」

Before someone notices it, the side of Ryin’s own chair was taken by Melty, and then Ryin was restrained by a shadow and then “pepepepepepepen (sfx)” a combo of forehead finger flicks was used. 

Even though it was just a forehead finger flick, it was so fast that you could just see it slowly. 

And even so, to be able to hold back only to the point where only Ryin feels that it hurts, such is a high level technique.
This is probably what you could say to a technique that was pointlessly polished up.


「Nn? Melty, you know about Sukuna?」

「Yeah, a little bit at Fias」

Having Sukuna’s name come out of Melty, Kohaku was a bit surprised. 

Certainly the reason being the only existence that has defeated that red wolf, there was no mistake that it pulled the attention of Melty. 

However, Sukuna is still just an inexperienced chick.  So Kohaku had judged her to be someone to be called out by someone like Melty herself. 

And the reason for calling her out was something that went far over Kohaku’s judgement.

「That girl, she will fall shortly 」


Those words that continue to come out of Melty’s mouth, made Kohaku shudder. 

『Fall』.  To Kijins that means none other than come in contact to a taboo after all. 

「A traveler from another such as her, I don’t know why she was hiding such a huge emotion.
Well, I don’t know if she can continue to hide it, might be a better phrase for it.
Being able to continue living while carrying something like that, even though that itself should something extremely painful to be」

Which all living beings have, a trembling emotion.  Being able to see that are only limited to an extremely few who had the special skill. 

At least to Kohaku, from that cheerful and lovely Douji girl, she didn’t feel any particle of that emotion.

「There is something for certain.
Right now Sukuna is like a strained balloon.
Even if just a little hole was opened, then that girl will surely activate 『that』」

「《Dead Skill》……….The cursed that Kishin-sama created….is it….」

「The most possible condition for it to activate is, 『losing your most beloved』.
And as unfortunate as it is, that girl have something like that」

「….I see.
Their partings are only temporary, something false.
But even so, having them gone right in front of your eyes then, that girl in such a dangerous unbalanced state will crumble away….is what you’re saying?  」

「Yeah……Hopefully, I pray for a day that it won’t happen.
Or if I were to say something else then, right now where she still isn’t strong enough will be better.
Once the strongest Kishin who once drowned in the darkness of the dead skill.  It is not like you don’t what that achieve right?」


Destroying the 3 strongest races. 

Ended several countries. 

Physically redrawn the world map. 

The number of creatures that died by that rampage reached several millions. 

What kishin-sama achieved then, was a calamity equal to what the 7 Heavenly Kings’ invasion had brought.

「If it’s necessary then I will kill her.
If you don’t like that then, you should also resolve yourself to choose to make her come back.
That skill is that atrocious」 

「Aah, I know…..but still, I want to believe in that girl’s strength」 

「I agree with that as well.
Being able to smile while carrying such a thing, she is a girl that has such a strong heart after all.
I’m sure she would be able to breakthrough it」

To Kohaku, Sukuna right now was the most important existence. 

There was a value in using her but, more than anything she was something who had approved of Kohaku’s dream, because she was a friend. 

That’s right.
It’s the same as Melty or Ryin but. 

Even Sukuna is Kohaku’s important friend.

She won’t say that she will protect her. 

Just that, She will save her. 

And the power to do that, Kohaku has it after all.

「Uwu…..that hurts you know….aah, are you done talking?」




While having such a serious conversation, having an air-headed atmosphere such as Ryin stepping in, Melty might have something to say about that as she made Ryin take a bit stronger forehead flick. 

With a slapping sound from Ryin’s forehead, she fell to the floor and groaned in pain, seeing that Kohaku unintentionally burst laughing.

Noticing that the serious atmosphere had dispersed, Melty had loosened up her expression too.

「Well, You don’t have to worry about Sukuna that much.
Right now she is at Fias so, I’ll watch over her.
And you should just focus on protecting this town」

「Yeah, thanks.
Save that girl」

「That’s only if it’s necessary.
And maybe nothing will happen at all」

Saying so the both of them exchanged smiles, Melty pulled up the collar of Ryin’s clothes as she was rolling around the floor, picking her up.

「We’re going back」

「uwuuuu, Aah, we are? Then Kohaku, see ya!- ouch ow that hurts don’t drag me, I’ll walk okay!」

「Eh? did you say something?」

「Melty”s an idiot! stupid! Inhuman!」 

「Well yeah, I’m not human after all」

「Noooooooooo, Kohaku help MEEEEEEeeeee.e……..!」

While teasing Ryin, “ufufufufufu” while laughing as Melty left, seeing them off, She closed the entrance of the house.

「Those two sure are like a storm」

But still it was fun. 

It wasn’t really that long of a chat but, they had Kohaku laughed for real in such a long time. 

She thought that it was a time that had that much value.

While feeling so….Kohaku, towards the incoming 2 calamities, she pulled herself together much more. 

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