Chapter 91

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(Rin POV)

「Drago, why are you at Fias? Shouldn’t you be focusing on getting past Zeronoa?」

I threw a question while drinking my morning coffee.

「I had a bit of business so I came here to Fias.
In this event, the difficulty does not change whether you start at Fias, Griffis or Zeronoa.
Since it would be a waste of time to move, I decided to stay here for the time being.」

「Hmmm….well, I would make the same decision if I had travelled back.
So, what’s your business coming along with Bloom?」

「I want to talk a bit with Miss Rinne.
The event this time, what are your thoughts about it?」

「……Well, I think there’s just not enough information for this event」

I don’t really care why Drago is in this town, but I’m somewhat able to understand the intent behind the broad question.

The information released to the public beforehand, and the information now known, there’s a big difference between the two.
To be frank, you can say that the devs are holding back a lot of knowledge regarding this event.

It’s the same regarding the agonizing screams at the threads caused by the Monster Houses.
Without any hints, it was suddenly added.

It’s not like none predicted that there’d be Monster Houses when it was announced as a dungeon event, but because there were no reports about Monster Houses on the first day, everyone judged that it does 「not」 exist, we certainly lowered our guards.

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The Monster Houses this time, depending on how you view it, can be linked to increasing efficiency, but for normal players I can only see it as crooked content.

After all, in this game you get a six hour status restriction death penalty.

Though it was reduced to two hours during this event, Once you get the death penalty, then it’s equal to not being able to dungeon dive for two hours.

If the Monster House was announced, then everyone would have been careful about it.

But this factor wasn’t announced at all, lots of players like us got caught in a Monster House trap.

In our case, Nana exterminated it solo, so it didn’t trouble us.
However the number of Monster House victims is not small.

This might be off topic, but the views on Nana’s Monster House playthrough has gone over 100k.

What kind of monsters come out, or how many monsters will spawn.
Players who aim for the rankings seem to gather information from the video.

Despite being a playthrough video, it’s too hard to refer to it.
After all, it’s just Nana’s monstrous player skill.

「It seems that our recognition of the event is similar.
I am relieved.
In my opinion, this dungeon will at least raise the difficulty two more times.」

「One is the 「tenth knight」 right? What about the other one?」

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「Among the Monster Houses we destroyed, we were able get our hands on a certain document」

“Take a look at this” she presented me with something, a piece of slate.
Since she said document, it probably has some sort of literature written on it.

What was written made me knit my brows.
One of my many predictions, though it was not the worse, it was one of the most troublesome.

「So basically…it’s adding some sort of trap」

With the addition of the Monster Houses, the contents of the slate might have already begun.
Afterall, that too, was a type of dungeon trap」

Thinking about it, the reason Drago’s words estimated at least two, appeared because she’s unsure of the number of times the dungeon structure would change.

As of right now, the traps in that dungeon are basic traps, abnormal status traps, and then the Monster House trap.

I could think of many possible traps to be added.
With the current dungeon, pitfall traps or ejecting floor traps, traps that can forcefully transport you through floors, those might work in the favor of the players.

To players who are bad with pathing and need to consult with the map, these traps might just be an effective trap towards them.

Since a cave type dungeon has few landmarks, suddenly being thrown into a different floor, they wouldn’t be able to tell where and what floor they’re at.

The others I could think of is-….while I was processing it, I noticed that Drago had a smile while looking at me.

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「What is it?」

「Fufu, the speed of how fast you can construct predictions, has always fascinated me」

「Predictions are in the end, just predictions.
Due to my naive judgement I made Nana go through something dangerous…..I still have a long way to go」

「So Miss Sukuna is it? I saw the video yesterday, but when she fights and when she’s in a peaceful state, the atmosphere around her is completely different」

Looking at Nana and Bloom eating parfait while talking at a different table, Drago muttered while wondering.

Actually, I too, am quite surprised at how her atmosphere changes when entering battle mode.

Because from what I know, Nana is originally someone who doesn’t let her emotions flare up.

To be accurate, she’s the type who’ll never let her emotions appear on the surface, I guess.

Before she started playing this game, I’ve never once seen her smile with such emotion.

Well… in the first place, it’s a legendary rare event for her to smile.
In the past only I could guess what emotion she was feeling, the past Nana was that emotionless.

「I would like to fight her someday but…..I have a bad affinity with her.
I am guessing only Miss Arthur or Mr Shuuya can fight on an equal level against her, in my clan… I guess only Nemi.
If they are not an agility type, do not even think about it.」

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「Rou seems to have given her a good battle」

「The 《Murder Princess》? Just when did they fight?」

「I think around two days after she defeated Aria.
C’mon, there was that black dragon rampaging at the wetlands right? It seems that it happened at the center of that」

「Fumu….you do not really run out of events with her, Miss Sukuna that is」

「Well…either way, with the attack of the black dragon, it seems like their battle was halted halfway, Now with the level difference lessened, I think it should be hard for Rou to beat Nana now.

《Murder Princess》, even right now, she randomly appears at farthest frontlines and repeatedly PKs.
It seems, recently she’s even more focused on leveling and increased the rate of her PKs.

She’s a troublesome opponent.
Other than having extremely high status, she also fights with precision and cunning.
Magic types can’t even lift a finger against her, and tanks get done in by abnormal status.

A level difference of being more than double that of Nana at the time, it’s already a crazy situation where Nana could fight against her.
Having a PK player come at you with pure killing intent, it should be difficult to remain calm..

「Is that the end of your business with me?」

「No, there is one more.
It is actually unconfirmed information, but I would like you to know about it.
I saw it in the playthrough thread, but actually――」

Being told with such a serious expression, the things I have to worry about increased.
I face palmed.

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