or maybe someone really skilled at games.
It’s a word used to praise people, and sometimes to make fun of someone.

Naturally I’m also being called hardcore, most pro-gamers are gaming hardcores.

It’s just that, even to someone like me, I’m also dumbfounded by Drago’s immeasurable passion towards this game.

「After breakfast, let’s log in」


She had stuffed all ten pastry breads into her stomach, she mumbled a reply as she stuffed her cheeks with the last one.

「……So? Why is Drago here?」

After logging in, we returned to Fias using a return scroll.
We travelled to the shop where we arranged to meet up with Saku, what awaited us was two people.

There was a grim muscled swordsman and a female warrior in full battle armor.

Nana was being Nana, she looked around restlessly comparing the two of them.
She looked at me with eyes asking “Why are there two of them here?”

「Sorry Rinne-san.
I was really looking forward to this, and when I was looking around I got discovered…」

I heard from Bloom that he once met pro-gamer Rinne somewhere.
Since I know he’s a huge fan of yours, an idea came to mind so I pressured him for answers.
I discovered that he has plans to meet up with you, so I asked him to bring me along」

「I don’t really mind… but the two are you are registered as friends, at least send a message about it」

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「I’m sorry, I’ll watch out next time」

The female warrior deeply bowed her head at my words.

After keeping that posture for a few seconds, the female warrior raised her head.

「Miss Sukuna, this is our first meeting.
Clan Leader of Clan 《Dragon Fang》, you can call me Drago」

「Hoa…I thought you were a guy…..」

It seems like Nana’s genuinely bewildered.
She responded with her eyes wide open in surprise.


An alias of the pro-gamer specialized in VR 《Dragon》.

Not a nekama but a genuine woman.
(9: Nekama is some a guy playing as a woman in game)

「Fumu, I am told that a lot, but why does everyone think I’m a man…..」

「Probably the name」

「I see…the name is it…」

Putting aside Drago who muttered in contemplation while rubbing her chin, I moved my attention to Saku who froze and stiffened up a bit.

「Sorry, someone weird got involved, was it troubling?」

「N-not at all! Clan leader treats me well…and I’m the one who needs to apologize.
Though it might be leader’s request, I couldn’t refuse and brought her along.」

「Uoo….Saku-chan maccho~」

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While Saku and I talked somewhat seriously, Nana poked Saku’s muscles in curiosity.

Saku originally wasn’t someone that tall, but in this game he went with the big macho style.

Nana curiously rubbed Saku’s muscles, is it that unusual?

「Ah, Senpai.
I’m Bloom here, so please call me that」

「Despite being a macho, your name is girly」


「Hey, don’t say that」

「Ah, sorry, it’s cute, I like it」

I don’t really think that follows through though.

Saku…Bloom, who in real life looks girlish.
He should’ve wanted to enjoy a different him, so he went with this character creation.

Though honestly, I also thought that the name’s cute…

「Sorry for cutting the conversation, but shall we go somewhere quiet? We really stand out」

Being called out by Drago, we entered the cafeteria in Fias.



Drago in the thread calls herself wagahai(9: another way of saying I) but actually she doesn’t really call herself that when talking directly.
just being playful as she uses it.

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