Chapter 8

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From the Author: There will be a bbs on the seconds half.

A caution for those who don’t like it.


Equipping my equipment, we once again went to the south gate.

Though a lot of time has already passed since the beginning, and a lot more players have increased, the south gate being the hardest among the 4 gates is still so open compared to the others.

On the way, fighting wolves while Rin-chan was interacting with fans, I could feel the reality of the difference in equipment.

It seems like this game, the weight of this game increased the calculated damage to some degree, it’s like it has more attack power than what was written.

Obviously the wooden made club and a metal made iron club have totally different heaviness.

In the looks and the required strength too.


Blowing away the wolf that leaped on me as if passing by, the wolf’s HP instantly disappeared and turned to polygons as it disappeared.

At least the 2 times I needed to attack too, with just leveling and changing weapons, it was surprisingly powered up.


The weight of the equipment feels good.

Though thanks to that the SP easily decreases but, if I wait it would recover.

While thinking that is sure is detailed even the changing in speed also has a small decrease, I grabbed the upper jaw of the wolf that came for my head behind me and used it to hit the wolf attacking from my right.

I smashed up the two wolves that were stunned just like a whack-a-mole, I breathed out as I checked the result screen.

「Next is….I can see 5 wolves there」

In the deeper parts of the plains, going up until the point we could see the 《The Forest of the Edge》, there were no longer any spawns of just individual wolves.

One pack consists of 3 to 10 wolves.
The more they are the lower rate they spawn.

But they still sometimes come out, I got a bit excited when 10 of them attacked me.

looking at the wolves in my range, I was thinking of throwing a stone at them to call them but, I was suddenly called out by Rin-chan


「Are you having fun right now?」

「….yeah, it’s really fun!」

Replying the same time I threw stone I got from the ground, it hit one of the wolves that had gathered about 30 meters away.

Since I aggroed them, all that’s left is to crush them.

After a minute, I made sure the last 1 turned into polygons, and then Me and Rin-chan once again searched for the next prey.

(9: it’s star-san)

「Ah, now that I think about it Nana, have you taken the《Detection》 skill?」

Maybe it’s fine now to call myself a wolf slayer?

Thinking that when I had hunted so many pack of wolves, Rin-chan who was fighting against the comments in her stream, seemed to remembered something and called me out

「Eh? I don’t have it though」

「Remember when you go over level 10 a new skill slot will open up right? It should have been on the guide though」

「Ah, I haven’t opened status-chan since level 7」(9: status-chaaaaaaaan!!!)

Saying that Rin-chan had an astounded look on her eyes.

All I did was take a peek on my stats when we were getting equipment, but I still haven’t looked at my skills yet.


PN: Sukuna

Lv: 13

Race: 《Ogre Tribe》


Money: 17820 Iris


HP: 195

MP: 15

SP: 104

Strength: 51+15

Toughness: 44+20

Dexterity: 64+2

Agility: 57+2

Wisdom: 6

Magic Resistance: 6

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Luck: 34

Remaining Status points: 30


Weapon: Iron Club

Head: Iron plate Hachigane

Body: Chain mail

Arm: Iron plate gauntlets

Leg: Trousers with belt

Shoes: Iron plate Greaves


※ It is possible to choose a new skill

《Blunt Weapon》: Mastery 35

《Throwing》: Mastery 20


「Is it this one?」

“It is possible to choose a new skill”, tapping the blinking words, a screen showing way more skills compared to when I was doing the initial setting was shown.

「Is 《Detection》skill necessary?」

「Sukuna, according to plans, tomorrow you’re going to challenge the 《Forest of the Edge》right? In that forest, the visibility isn’t that good.
And moreover there are a lot of ambushes」

「Like insects?」

「Rather than that it’s snakes.
They attack from above the trees and give you poison.
That’s why you should get the 《Detection》 skill.
Even in the field, you can expose the monsters disguising or hiding themselves, so it’s a useful skill」

I see, I took 《Detection》 as I was told.

「It looks like I can still choose another one….ah, the《One-hand mace》skill is unlocked!」

「it’s fine if you fill them all you know.
If you don’t set the skill they won’t be activated but, once you leveled them up once they won’t go down, and you could also change the skill settings as many times as you want.
But, if you take too many skills you’ll neglect increasing their mastery, so you need to at least have an idea on what your style is gonna be」

「I see, In exchange for the few slots you could freely customize them.
Will this skill slots increase from now on?」

「It will increase by one every time you level up by 10.
It will only increase by 2 on the first time but from now on it’s only going be one by one」

So that means that if the level goes over 10 it would increase the skill slots from 2 to 4.
And next when it’s at 20, it would only increase by 1.

Honestly, just raising the mastery of 《Blunt Weapon》 and 《Throwing》 just makes me think how troublesome it is.

I think it’s true that if you keep increasing your skills, you would neglect raising their mastery.

[9:16 PM]

I’m sure that Rin-chan who is way higher level than me and has mastered more skills….I wonder what her skill set is…?

「Now that I think about it, Rin-chan, what level are you right now?」

「Me? it’s 47」


If it’s Sukuna then, I think it won’t take 2 weeks」

No matter how much of a top player she is, It was a bit over to what I imagined.

Maybe Rin-chan is, she is playing this game way more than I thought.

After all, if you’re talking about leveling up, the higher you go higher the harder it is to advance further.

The pace of raising it around 3 levels on average per day, just how in the world…..?

What’s this game highest level?」

「I don’t know? I think it was around 100.
Looking from the official PV, though」

Level 100 was the max from the games that I have played but, it seems this game is different.

Now then, to cover the difference from Rin-chan, I wonder how much I have to grind?

Even if I was able to finish grinding before two weeks, that also means that during that time she also got higher right?

The road to being a 「Top Player」that Rin-chan imposed on me might have been more harder than I imagined.

「Ah, My status points have piled up.
Though you could save them, it’s kinda annoying to distribute them every time you level up 」

「It’s fun to think about your status build too you know?」

「Is that so? For now I’ll put 10 in each of these」

「You’re not really wrong, but I’m not really convinced at all….」

I put 10 points in each strength, dexterity, and agility.

I could grasp how much I could move my body but, still compared to my real body, I could understand that it was still stiff.

To get through this stiffness, I have to keep raising my dexterity and agility.

At least, I’d like it so that there is no inconsistency with my real body.

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Rather than raising my strength to increase my dps, it’s more for the equipment’s weight, and equipment requirement since strength really affects those.

It’s not like I want to be heavily armored but, according to Rin-chan the blunt weapon type’s strong weapons require a lot of strength, it’s the same for melee type’s armor too.

The Ogre tribe’s strength can easily be increased.

And moreover, I believe that from now one if I were to equip a heavier and stronger weapon, I have to personally increase it by myself.

「As of right now, what does your status look like?」

「I’m somewhat uniformly distributing it to my strength, dexterity, and agility.
With the highest rate being the dexterity 」

「Does it still feel stiff?」

「I guess it’s a bit better」

Hearing my reply, Rin-chan whispered “Looks like it’s going to take a long time”

「We should go hunting again.
Since there is still 2 hours, even if the way back takes 1 hour , you should still be able to hunt a lot」

「I want to level up one more, is that fine?」

「Since the players have increased, the number of spawns it might be difficult」

Since the level gap had increased, wolf hunting just won’t really give that much exp anymore.

And so, we at least aimed for the huge packs that I am looking forward to enjoying, and since Rin-chan was bored she used a huge scale magic, we were somewhat enjoying it.


(9: damn, another star)

【Blunt weapon really is】 Rinne General thread 898 【Violence】

1: Nameless Rinne citizen

This is the pro gamer from 《HEROES》and a pro streamer, Rinne’s general thread.

Normally the topic is anything, Trash talking is not allowed.


442: Nameless Rinne citizen

So in the end, according to the citizens of the thread, it should be fine to assume that Ogre girl will belong to the HEROES right?

445: Nameless Rinne citizen


I think it’s fine.

I didn’t think that she would be able to move that much.

That was probably only done with her motor skills.

446: Nameless Rinne citizen

HEROES itself is a big group but aren’t they late in gathering people in VR?

They should be thankful that they could pick one up with Rinne’s connection.

448: Nameless Rinne citizen

VR category itself is extensive after all

Even with just having one connection to Nana-tayan, it’s still not enough I think.

Since she is like an all rounder type of player and a talent that could become an ace in the VR category.

450: Nameless Rinne citizen


What the hell is tayan?(a simple question)

In reality VR itself is a fighting game, fps, mecha, rpg, it’s really extensive.

I could understand once again how much of a monster Rinne is from having great results on every one of them.

451: Nameless Rinne citizen


Isn’t she not used to VR?

Then the more of a monster she is

I wonder what will happen once she gets used to it .

453: Nameless Rinne citizen

RinNana so precious

454: Nameless Rinne citizen

It really is

458: Nameless Rinne citizen

Though leveling at a high difficulty area, Rinne is quite a spartan

460: Nameless Rinne citizen


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Well yeah

To be honest if a beginner gets grouped up by a number of wolves then it’s instant respawn.

Nana-taso is just weird being able to easily beat them up, a normal person would have died 10 times already.

462: Nameless Rinne citizen

Even if you throw her down a cliff to tougher her up, it would be just like she grows wings as she easily climbs over all the hardships

465: Nameless Rinne citizen

Well, right now Nana-tayan herself has a bit of a crazy side but other than that she is just enjoying talking with Rinne as they play the game so just look over them for now.

It seems that tomorrow, Nana-tayan will be having a solo live stream, so I’m looking forward to it.

469: Nameless Rinne citizen


Where’s the sauce?

471: Nameless Rinne citizen


On a certain video site

There is an official account

Rinne and the official 《HEROES》 are following it, so there is no mistake

475: Nameless Rinne citizen


I will be watching


(9: Star-sama!!!)

【Blunt Type】Nana/Sukuna general thread 1【Ogre Girl】

1: nameless fan

This is where the announced member of 《HEROES》, Finally the veil for Nana or rather Sukuna’s general thread.

As much as possible let’s have a peaceful discussion.

2: nameless fan

>>1 GJ

As I thought, there would be one

3: nameless fan

>>1 GJ

Since you can’t do it until the end of the stream after all.

4: nameless fan

>>1 GJ

Man, that was really amazing

That gallant figure rampaging with a club

7: nameless fan

In the end they have a 10 hour long stream….

9: nameless fan

The second half of the grind was fun

It felt like a wild beast released from their chains

11: nameless fan

>> 9

The wordings!!

Well she looked like she had a lot of fun after all

14: nameless fan

It was amazing how she could precisely crush their skulls from any posture

16: nameless fan


That was awesome

And moreover most of her equipment has metal

Iron equipment’s weight is really hard to deal with, that it would be normally used in the 2nd stage.

And that was covered up by the ogre tribe’s stats

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Really, specialized races like these are interesting

18: nameless fan


If I remember it right, their magic stats are totally hopeless

In exchange they are specialized physically

Using throwing to compensate for not being able to use Magic.

Chose clubs for ease of use

She doesn’t look that smart from how she looks but the way she thinks is rational

21: nameless fan

Lol at not that smart

That might be Rinne’s instructions

22: nameless fan

It was 5 years ago but, there was an info Rinne leaked during stream

According to Rinne, Nana was a middle school graduate and is a freeter

Well, in the knowledge department….yeah

24: nameless fan



The heck, 5 years, good job remembering that

A girl being a middle school graduate freeter, in the present day that’s amazing

28: nameless fan

Ah, I found Nana’s official looking Liverz account.
(9: in the raws it says Raibaz account, and if turn that to english it becomes livers account, it sounds weird so I went with Liverz)

29: nameless fan


HEROES sure work fast

31: nameless fan

You’re right, there is

Though lol at Rinne following her before the HEROES did

33: nameless fan

Since She is her one and only best best friends(truth) after all

She smiles during when she is with the other HEROES members but when she is beside Nana, she was incomparably so carefree

I can’t help but love it

36: nameless fan


Won’t it become a carnage soon in HEROES

A lot of members there likes Rinne

40: nameless fan

Looks like it would become a bloodbath

46: nameless fan

Tomorrow 6 in the morning, I will be live streaming as I explore the forest of the edge by Nana


48: nameless fan


Isn’t 6 way too early….even though it’s a day-off..

49: nameless fan


I will absolutely watch it

good night

51: nameless fan


She sure is giving it her all, even though it’s just her 2nd day

I’m looking forward to it


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