first time she’s being tested.

In this world where she can freely let her strength run wild, Nana for the first time was given the chance to grow.

「Are we not gonna go?」

「No, let’s go」

Being called out by Nana who looks the same as usual, I shook off the little worry I felt.

Was she being given the chance to grow or was it because she’s forced to do so….

Seeing Nana’s walking figure from behind, unchanged from yesterday, I can see that she’s still swaying.

『…..Kku, So this is it』

Kneeling on the ground, having an atmosphere of inadequate power, is one of the Knights of Siren《Rinett》.

Though actually we just beat this one up, it couldn’t do anything.
It was too pitiful to respond while this one was acting like a chuuni obsessed with knights.

Though its HP has already run out, it still continues to leave words behind.
Honoring the strong spirit, I allow it to continue.

『You did well defeating us Knights…however, don’t ever forget.
We’re just here to fill the numbers, we are nothing but false knights appointed by our comrades, the True Knights.』

「《Dead Wind》!」

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The Advanced Wind Magic 《Dead Wind》 released a “CHUDDON” as it hit.
Rinnett disappeared with that comedic sound.

「Rin-chan is that fine?」

「Ah, yeah.
It’s probably something about the difficulty increasing.
It seems like no matter which knight it is, they will say something like that after all」

「Ah, so this information has already appeared 」

「That’s right.
Rather it took too much time for us」

The moment you defeat the nine knights, the information about the 「True Knights」appears and players have been talking about this during the first day.

When we defeated the last of the nine Knights Rinnett, we’ve already defeated Mirage twelve times, and Hash three times, the knights that appeared easily piled up.
At the end of the second day we finally received information about the True Knights.

Rather Mirage appeared too much.
If they don’t try to balance it more, it’ll just become tiresome.

「Well, other than these true knights or something, the factors regarding the Monster Houses’ difficulty increasing have appeared, there should still be some event triggers left.
Well, thanks to Nana, our efficiency has increased through smashing Monster Houses, let’s end it for today.」

「Yes’ssu ma’am」

An unusual reply came from Nana, I unknowingly stopped.

「What’s with that?」

「Lots of my viewers use this reply」

「Hmmm…..well, its cute, so that might be fine too」

When you read the viewers comments, you can sometimes get pointless quirks.

I didn’t think that Nana would use that.
During the streams she’s been reading the viewers comments, she might unexpectedly enjoy the streaming life.

Since I’ve been the one streaming recently, Nana hasn’t streamed.
It might be good to have the stream show Nana’s PoV.

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My viewers and Nana’s viewers are close, yet far.
Since we’re close, we naturally have similar viewers, but even so there are some who only watch one side, an unexpected number.

For example a pro team in a team game, a specific ace player is the only one super popular, the remaining ones only being moderately popular.

To those remaining members there’s also a chance for them to have passionate fans.
Might be because they’re good with the same weapon at FPS, or they just like the weapon.

Examples for Nana, one fan likes her visual looks as a Kijin, another shares her preference with blunt weapons, there’re fans because she can fight beyond human limits, her innocence unused to streaming also attracts, etc.

Combining all those factors, and there’ll be fixed and regular viewers.

I’m a popular gamer myself, so I have plenty of viewers, but my playstyle is very different from Nana’s wild one.

For some viewers, they’d enjoy Nana’s PoV more..

「Haa~….I’m tired」

「Of course you are.
Should we have pizza today?」


「Okay okay」

Eitherway, compared to yesterday and this morning, seeing Nana returning to her usual atmosphere relieves me.
I’m thinking of ordering the best first class sushi to celebrate her solo Monster House clear.



Rinne is the type not to care much about meals

So she doesn’t really use that much expense on food.

Nana has a child’s taste that prefers high calorie.

Most of her expenses are on food.

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