sessed with Metal clubs

197: Anka


You’re talking about Sukuna-tan’s certain kill skill right?

198: Rankaidou

What do you mean by exploit?

199: Teppen Himiko

Sukuna-tan who happily gouges the eyes of goblins is cute…..

200: Mememe Mememe Mememeru


201: Faraway




The event weapon’s durability is the same as a beginners weapon


Has attack power enough for Tria

You can guess the rest right?

202: Teppen Himiko


It’s my first time being called something like Teppemi you know!?

203: Rankaidou


I got it

Hmmm but still, this is amazing.
Can Master do something like this too….?

204: Arashi

Seeing Sukuna-tan makes me feel like blunt weapons might be good too

It’s pretty hard to destroy parts with a sword afterall

205: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

Slashing weapons inflict bleeding easily, but in exchange it’s more difficult to destroy parts

206: Teppen Himiko

In the end, Sukuna-tan is a monster capable of constantly aiming at vitals or weak points, so you don’t really need to mind it at all

Though really, just what makes that girl mercilessly aim for their vitals

207: Tedd


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Well your Master too, quite stopped being human after all….

208: Faraway

So, in the end she finished it in twenty-five minutes

Calculating that, it’s four monsters per minute, isn’t that just impossible…?

209: Mememe Mememe Memeru

I also finished watching it

It’s quite impossible to call this a guide

210: Arashi

Stop talking about theories only possible as a theory

Watching Sukuna-tan, I can somehow see throwing skill as OP

I got chills when she defeated that hobgob archer

Just when did she notice that she was being targeted

212: Teppen Himiko

Naturally she got slower on the second half

Did she anticipate to that point after going on a breaking spree in the first half?

213: Anka


From what she said, it looks like she was cautious relatively early on

Though I can’t really tell just from watching.

Throwing skills are helpful on its own, won’t practicing be fine?

Though if you have magic, then it won’t be needed

214: Alloy

Hob with high jobs are strong, I hate them

Even though they are only just a goblin

215: Rankaido

Compared to how shitty the elites are, they are better you know

216: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

I’m bad with Elites.
It may only have one pattern, but if I get hit by an advance magic then its checkmate

217: Faraway

Are you talking about Zeronoa?

I haven’t seen those elites at all

218: Arashi

Sorry Anka, I made a mistake

>>218 is to >>208

219: Teppen Himiko


Being Douji sure is hard

If you focus on a magic defense build then you don’t need to worry about magic, though normal goblins hurt.

220: Raging Spirit Buster

By the way, did you guys know what was inside that treasure chest?

221: Final Disaster Ray

Is the discussion regarding the monster who soloed the monster house here?

222: Tornado Slash NEO

The Great I arrives!

223: Alloy

Chuunis please exit that way

224: Manowar

I was out for a bit

Aren’t those PN just bad…?

225: Teppen Himiko

These chuunis getting along well is cute

226: Mememe Mememe Mememeru


They are able to choose names they want after all


I watched the archive with Rin’s archive side by side, it seems that they were able to get rare skills and lots of Stardust Fragments

227: Manowar

It seems that for Drago-san it was like an event weapon exchange ticket

228: Final Disaster Ray

How many reports are there about clearing Monster Houses?

229: Arashi

The difference of reward from what Meguru-san and Mano-san said is way too big

Is it because of the number who cleared it?

230: Manowar

Rare skill, is that for real?

If that’s true then I will do my best with Monster House

231: Faraway

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Drago-san’s party of six hardcore members, a safe playthrough

Sukuna-tan’s Solo playthrough (rolling eyes)

That’s all! dismiss!

232: Rinne

Here here, I’ve come to throw down a topic~

233: Final Disaster Ray



234: Arashi


235: Teppen Himiko


236: Manowar


237: Rankaidou


238: Alloy


239: Faraway

We did it

240: Arashi

It’s rare for it to be completed

241: Rinne

The name of the Rare skill is 《Songstress’ Embrace》

It’s a passive skill focused on warriors rather than magic users

For the effects, check it out when you get your hands on it

Also, after that run, Sukuna and I cleared a Monster House.
There was no rare skill in the reward, but there was about 2000 Stardust Fragments and two rare materials of the monsters we defeated

If you can clear a Monster house then it might be efficient?

I will upload a playthrough video of us clearing it in my channel later, so subscribe okay

Well then, Sukuna and I will be eating a meal together

242: Arashi

The amount of info and that momentum, lol

243: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

She just nonchalantly throw a bomb where they duo cleared

244: Teppen Himiko

It depends on the time spent on the run, but it certainly is efficient

245: Alloy

The quality of the reward seems to depend on the number who cleared it

246: Drago

Fumu, I see

Miss Rinne, I thank you for the info

247: Faraway


Even so, it’s still impossible solo

It’s not mentioned much, but Sukuna-tan seems to have a SP enhance skil;

Without that, then you will run out of SP

248: Rankaidou

Drago-san thanks for the stream

249: Drago

I thought that I would be able to narrow it down to 3 person clear, but it appears that the two of them did it before me

However, Miss Sukuna, it may be ridiculous, but is it even possible to count her as just one…..

250: Mememe Mememe Mememeru

If it’s this game, then there might be other ways to get the rare skill.
It won’t be strange if they just added an option to trade fragments for it at the end.

251: Alloy



Rather, consider Rinne’s parallel chanting, counting them as only two is more of a joke already

252: Teppen Himiko

Drago’s proper plays is our hope

253: Arashi

It seems that the reward also depends on the number of monsters

I thought the event would be boring, but that doesn’t seem to be the case



and after that, discussion regarding on clearing the monster house continues

The main thread for the event is four times as fast as this one.
the main playthrough thread mostly consists of group of hardcore players

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